Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome to my world

Well eBay and work have been keeping me VERY BUSY. I have 20 listings on eBay, and half of them have bids. I have such nervous, excitement, and nervous what-if-I-can't-do-this-thoughts. I hate being hemmed in, in any way, shape or form. It scares me when I have commitements like that. I can tell you the last times my husband and I traveled, we both were so excited, and then the night before, or the morning of, we both wished we never made the plans. We would go anyways,(except for once when I cancelled.) I LOVE being home with the kittehs, and the familiar, and my own bed, and car, and everything I know. Weird,-huh? I can't help it tho. I really get scared to death when I HAVE to do stuff,(like court, and PRBT.) It really sucks to be like this. There is no happy medium with me either. That is why all this legal crap going on in my life is like pure torture. It really is,-I can't tell you. Anyhow~ so everything right now is kicking my butt. Knowing I have to send out all that stuff (for Ebay) makes me worry, is making me crazy,...and I just want things to change, I just don't know how, except for me to be done with this legal nightmare. That's all. Just took Munky for her walk, and we had fun. Ya know it's been two years now that I've had her and been taking her for her walks around our yard and house, and I can tell she JUST NOW is getting bored with OUR yard. She wants to venture into other people's yards, and trees, and mailboxes, and smell absolutely everything. She's a very timid kitteh except for when she's hunting,(I've taught her to hunt the lizards, but let them go.) She will get them, and I say 'drop it', and she does. She is so smart and such a good girl. I adore her to no end. I couldn't imagine my little life without that little peanut in it. I look forward every night when I come home from work, (she is so happy to see me,) she runs around like a dog, and starts meowing right away. She runs and scratches all her posts, and she'll gallop around the bed, and run from room to room. It's quite cute. I usually change clothes, say 'hi' to my husband, and hook her up to her harness, and she runs to the back door and meows til I take her out. So like I said, she is just now getting bored with our yard, and I find myself walking her down the street. She is extremely scared of people except for my husband and I, and my sister-in-law,....she will hide under the bed for days when there is a stranger, (like a repairman, or one of my husband's friends stops by.) I hate seeing her like that, but she is that scared, so night time walking is basically a must, we walk up and down our street, and she's still trying and learning to climb trees. She loves this big tree in our neighbors yard, but I'm always so afraid someone will think I'm sneaking around trying to break into houses or something. I don't let her go up in someone's yard far at all. As long as I am still on the sidewalk holding her leash, she can walk as far up as she can, but then thats it. And I'm afraid she will get stuck in our neighbors tree,.....late at night,...and I' standing there looking like I'm up to no-good. Makes me worry, that's all. Maybe I worry too much,.........about everything. Welcome to my world. Oh well,.....things could be worse,(or at least I keep telling myself that.)

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