Monday, May 23, 2011

My ramblings

I finally put ALOT of stuff on eBay,...I'm making headway. Work is making me a little crazy,(so what else is new?) And we got rid of some unwanted furniture which opened up some space in Munky's room, now I can store more stuff in there, and not in our 'exercise' room. Yea, sounds ridiculous I know. If you saw how much stuff there is to be sold on eBay, you would understand. So now it will be confined to just one room, and it won't make my husband so crazy.(THAT I understand.) Hey~ that's exciting for me. I like when things get a little more organized,-it makes me feel better. So today, I'm off from work, and I will be listing more and more stuff,~ which puts me in a good mood, and doing some other stuff around the house. Boy-I get more and more boring as everyday goes by. Watching the news,....what's up with Arnold S.? Why did he have to get married if he was going to fool around the whole time? I don't get that. I mean, why does anyone get married if they are not going to take it totally serious? It took me until I was 41 til I got married,...and like I've said from day one; 'there is no divorce in my vocabulary,' and I mean that 100%. I take it extremely serious,...I mean, my parents were so in love after 32 yrs. of marriage and that made a tremendous impact on me and how I looked at marriage. I love my husband, I like my husband, and my husband is my best friend. I trust no one like I trust my husband. There is no other man I have ever met like him. (Even when we first met, and we were just friends, and he was marrying someone else, I knew that I would never have another friend like him.) I actually got a tattoo on me for him that said 'I Remember You'. I knew what an upstanding, honorable guy he was. And he still is. THAT'S how much I believed in him tho. Whether he was going to be in my life or not, I got that tattoo. And look at us now, almost 21 years together, and still happy with each other. THAT'S what I'm talking about. I mean we have our problems and disagreements like everyone else, but we respect each other, we talk, we have fun, and really enjoy spending time together. We "get" the same things, and that counts for alot. Nothing is perfect, no one is perfect, but some people do mesh together better than others,-that much IS obvious. What Arnold is putting his family through, and those poor kids. All of them. It kills me to think about. THAT'S why people are growing-up so messed-up, and making poor decisions. I really believe that. I mean, I didn't have kids because I knew I wouldn't be able to bring them up to my own standards. So I didn't have them. EVERYTHING should be secondary when you have children. I mean I know some people don't have a choice; work, or spend time with their kids and not eat, or have a roof over their head, so I do understand that. But you can still teach them what's right and what's wrong, and I honestly don't believe people do that now. Things are SOOOO different than when I grew-up, and I don't think for the better. I really don't. Kids now just grow-up feeling so entitled, everything, and that's not how life works. I just don't know how these generations will handle everything in life that gets thrown at them. It's scares me to think about. But it's all just my opinion, that's all. No big deal. We are all aloud to have them,and we all don't have to agree,-right? I hate when I sound judgemental. That's NOT me, and I wasn't raised like that, and here I am sounding that way, and being all self-righteous. I don't mean it to sound that way at all, just expressing how I feel, that wrong? Am I being too judgemental? When does how I feel stop, and being judgemental begin? What is up with me? If I offended anyone sounding off, I am sorry, but I am just expressing my thoughts, worries, feelings,-honest. That's all really. Ok. I'm done. Thanks for listening.

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