Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm trying

Well I've been getting up and doing cardio everyday now for almost a week, and I have to say,(even if it's in my head,) I've been in a much better mood. I've even gotten my husband in a better mood too. (He's noticed. Jeesh! It's only been a week people!) Anywho~ I still get mad as ever, so THAT hasn't gone away as much as I wish it would.SO~ I got on Amazon last week and ordered my Jen Lancaster books, and I've finished the first one in three days. Pree-tay good for someone who's working almost 12 hrs. a day. I can never put her stuff down. And I LMAO. My husband constantly runs in the bedroom when he hears me laughing (and coughing from laughing,) to ask if I'm okay, and then he realizes I'm reading "that book",(as he rolls his eyes at me.) At least SOMETHING is making me laugh. That and watching "Friends", or "The Nanny",.....I know it sounds mind-numbing, and silly, but those shows make me forget all the stupid, horrible, stuff that goes on in this world, and the stupid, ugly, legal stuff that's going on our lives. It's one big, long, nightmare that won't go away (for almost 4 yrs. now.) And believe it or not, my other favorite show is "Breaking Bad", and I get VERY emotional watching that. Very. It's very hard, and I take it all so personally. I really do. It doesn't start up til this July, but I can't wait. (Even tho it drains the hell outta me. It's probably the best show I've ever been addicted to. It's unbelievable .) Anyways,.....I have Sunday and Monday off and I'm very much looking forward to it,...even tho I can't leave the county to go see my mom for Mother's Day,-I'm not going to get all pissy. (I'm going to try I said! Try. I promise.) The other good thing is, I went to the bank today, and opened up a small business account to start selling on eBay again. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm going to start putting things up for sale on Monday. Totally looking forward to doing all that. So wish me some luck with that, and I'm going to keep myself in a good mood,....keep doing cardio, and just try to not get upset at stupid little things in life. (Just the big things I see on the news. OK?) I'll get back to ya, and let ya know how eBay is. (Yay me.)

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