Friday, August 14, 2009

What made me who I am today somehow

Isn't it funny how certain movies really hit home? Have you ever watched a movie and have it change you forever? Alot of movies did that for me when I was a kid. I adored watching Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin movies, and Abbott and Costello. I laughed and laughed. I loved watching old Barbara Streisand movies, like "Funny Girl", "On a Clear Day", and "What's Up Doc?",....but the movie that really changed me as a kid was "The Wizard of Oz",.....believe it or not I fell in love with those red shoes, and to this day, have a very open wallet for shoes. I can't get enough. The next movie that really stands out with me was "The Sound of Music". Corny, I know, but I wanted to marry Christopher Plummer after seeing him as Capt.Von Trapp,- as a little kid. Then very easily I can remember in order the movies that made the biggest impression on me; "Rocky",(I saw it 13 times in the movie theatre! Hey,-that was alot of allowance money for an 11-year-old,) and for some odd reason, but I remember it to this day,...a movie I saw called "Aloha Bobby and Rose". I really remember the song 'Benny and the Jets' in it, and for some reason I think it didn't have a happy ending like all other movies I had seen, and that really shocked me. After that movie, I really realized at that young age that things don't always work out the way you hoped.(Obviously I had no concept as to what extent that could be in life.) I cried everytime I heard 'Benny and the Jets' after that for like a month. It just really shocked me. (I really was a very sheltered child,-what with being the youngest out of five, and a little girl, AND being very sickly,-in-and-out of hospitals all the time.) So yeah, I was very protected from alot of realities.Then came 'The Way We Were', and 'A Star Is Born', and both those movies made me think of how much it hurt to lose someone. It scared me to death. It made me so shaky that I became very dependent on having boyfriends, and being EXTREMELY NEEDY. The next movie that bowled me over was 'The Professional' with Jean Russo, and Natalie Portman,....who I dearly love them both to this day. The movie moved me like no other. I didn't go to alot of movies or watch alot of TV, I always listened to music, even as a little kid. I was kinda weird, I guess. Very much a loner, in my room I would lay on my pink, faux-fur rug, and play my 45's. My first big crush believe it or not was Elton John. After hearing 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' I was hooked on him forever. To this day even, he can do no wrong with me. (Not to mention I loved english accents.) Again to this day that is my all-time favorite album, very first, and I bought it all on my own with my allowance money once again.This is how unknowing I was as a kid,...I can remember being in the car with my friend Jackie, and my mom taking us to the grocery store with her, and we didn't want to go in, we wanted to stay in the car and listen to the radio, and they announced on the radio that Sonny and Cher were getting a divorce and I started to cry, because I thought it was like the end of the world! I couldn't fathom them NOT being together. My mom came back and asked me what was wrong, and I told her, and she had to explain alotta things to me that I didn't want to hear or know about in my little life. I really thought everyone was happy. No bad endings for anyone. SO,..........the next big movie for me after that was "Gladiator", and I swear, I don't know how I never had heard of it, or Russell Crowe at the time, but that came outta left field, and knocked me right over. No movie evoked the emotion in me like that one. (And I guess it didn't help that in that movie, R.Crowe looked exactly like my husband, and I didn't even put it together until way later.) The writing, and lines in that movie so connected with my husband and I, it is definitely my ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE. Watching the ending of that,(SPOILER ALERT, in case somehow you haven't seen it), but I just can't watch it over and over. That's the only thing,.....I cannot watch him die, it's honestly like watching my husband die a million deaths, and I get very emotional and choked up. I literally blubber, and sob. Hits me where it hurts the most. So yeah,....that somewhat shaped my little mind in my life. What about everyone else's?


Little Ms Blogger said...

I can honestly say I have no intention of seeing Rocky. Don't know why, but on my list of movies I never want to watch (maybe the hype).

Movies represent different periods of my life. For instance, when I got separated I watched Harry Met Sally a zillion times. I guess I needed a happy ending.

I love Shawshank Redemption, but really love Morgan Freeman's voice because it'll put me to sleep when nothing else will.

I guess my favorite movie is Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House with Cary Grant --- I also love all Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers (ones where she isn't dancing), Sandra Dee and Doris Day.

Although all were before my time, happy ending movies are my favorite. I have enough drama in my everyday life that I love to escape.

angelsroy33 said...

I'm going to have to watch some Cary Grant movies. (I feel like I'm missing something.) I feel exactly the same way you do about watching movies with happy endings. We all have enough drama and problesm in our lives,and it feels great to laugh. That's why all my favorite shows, (Friends,Will&Grace,The Nanny,etc.are all silly,mindless stuff.) I know just what ya mean!Oh, and I LOVE Shawshank Redemption,-AWESOME movie. Morgan Freeman's voice is very soothing. That reminds me,...when I first started driving alone, I would only listen to Hootie & the Blowfish because Darius Rucker's voice calmed me down when I would start feeling a panic attack come on. Funny how that works, isn't it?