Monday, August 10, 2009

Okay, maybe I need help

Okay, Sunday I went to do some errands, like go to the grocery store, pick-up some kitty stuff, and then to go get batteries put in two of our watches. So I ended up going to do the watch battery thing first 'cause it was (conviently) at the mall. I went to the mall just to get batteries put in two watches, and ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes (on sale) at Macys,one pair at Bakers,(on sale),one pair at Nine West,(regular price,) two Gap sweaters,(on sale,)Fancy Love perfume (by Jessica Simpson that smells SO GOOD,) and 1 bottle of Essie nail polish I had to have. This is all in less than an hour it took to wait to put the batteries in the watches!!!Then I went grocery shopping with a little skip in my step. Happy as a little clam, I went on to get the kitty stuff, and I was done. Came home and went thru all my loot once my husband left to go play Poker with his buddies down the street. Is there something wrong with me or what?

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Little Ms Blogger said...

How fun. Power shopping is sometimes the best.

Love the new look of the blog.