Saturday, August 8, 2009

My little man

I had a very unsettling day. My kitty Sugar came home with a big, ole, bloody hole in the back of his neck, and I about went into convulsions I was so damn upset. My husband was so good tho,....he went and got the Bactine and sprayed some on a paper towel, and pat it on Sugar's neck. I was so upset I started to cry. (Especially on a pure white kitty the blood looked so icky, and red.) We kinda figured out that its from him trying to go under our fence in the backyard to our neighbors house, (his original owner who left him,) and he's gotten so big now,(NOT fat tho,) that he can't slide under the fence like he used to when he was just a wee little thing. (He was so beautiful and perfect. How anyone in their right mind could ever leave this beautiful sweet kitty behind just baffles me to this day. I will NEVER understand.) So we baby-ed him, and we both sat with him, and he ended up going in our bedroom and going to sleep on our bed. (I don't think he was feeling well.) I even called into work late a couple hours because I wanted to sit with him. Broke my heart. I couldn't even think straight all day at work when I finally did get there. And to get even more kitty-ish, I took a little break at work and walked outside, and lo and behold, I saw a little Munky-twin run into the bushes. I tried to coax him/her out, but he/she were having none of it, and just disappeared. I was outside lookin' for almost 45 mins. before I realized I was at work and had to get back! That would have been so nice if Munky could've had a little brother or sister to grow-up with. I'll keep trying tho. Also,....just so you all don't think we are nutso, soon as Munky and Sugar can cohabitate peacefully and comfortably, we will make Sugar be an indoor kitty. No more outside stuff. I can't take it. Every single day I worry like a motherhen when I let him out. (Thank god all the neighbors here call us when they see him on a block too far away or something.) I freak out. You don't know how many times my husband and I have gotten in our cars and rode around looking for him,......the good thing tho, is he knows the sound of our cars, and he will run to us if he hears us calling him. But no more outside. (I know,-hey,-I didn't make him like this,....our former neighbor did. Can you imagine letting out a 10 month old kitten that looked like he does? Did she just think he knew how to be safe and take care of himself? And that no one would wanna grab him?! Are you kidding me?SORRY, ANY kitty for that matter!) I guess I kinda should be happy,.....we would've never met him if she hadn't let him out, right? He is one of the few loves of my life,....and thats no lie. No lie at all. (When we had to live at our condo, and Sugar was here, I came here EVERYDAY, and cried when I had to leave. I mean cried my eyes out,....I remember the first night I had to leave, and I cried so bad, I thought I was gonna die. I really did.) That six months aged my husband and I about 10 years, and I am not kidding at all one bit. So,...that's how my day started. How was ya'lls?


Little Ms Blogger said...

Your neighbor just left him - how mean!

I'm hoping they didn't get a new kitty wherever they moved to.

angelsroy33 said...

No they didn't. But believe it or not, she had another kitty that "acted" they way she wanted, so she took him in the move, and he ended up running away!