Saturday, August 15, 2009

A regular working day

Worked all day today and some overtime even, and I came home, and my husband was getting ready to go to the casino. He is trying so hard to really learn how to play poker in the big leagues. He wants to become a professional poker player so bad. He's actually picking it up quite fast,(as he has done with everything his entire life,) and he's becoming quite good. He's been winning alot of money. He keeps it all in a log too, which is actually quite smart. We will see how this all plays out. He's got the time and money, and if it makes him happy, I'm all for it. So I came home from work, and Sugar always greats me in the front yard,...I play, and run around the front yard with him,(actually until he's done with me, and gets up on my car to watch his turf for the rest of the night.) Then I get in the house, and Munky usually runs right to me showing how happy she is to see me. I pet and play with her for about 10 minutes, and then I usually change clothes, watch my husband get ready to go, and I clean Munky's room, and feed her, which makes her very happy. She runs around all excitedly, and loves to show off on the now defunct ab-roller,(believe it or not, my husband STILL has abs.) Munky does gymnastics on it, and I laugh out loud at her, which makes her show off even more! She is too cute. My husband usually leaves, I make a snack, watch some Sex and the City and then sit down in the dining room, and Munky lays on the table right next to my laptop, and I write this, or I get on Ebay. Either one. That's my night. I usually start getting ready for bed around 2 a.m. and go to sleep on the couch with Munky,(she's not aloud in our bedroom YET, until she can get along with Sugar. That's HIS only place in the house that is all his. ) So instead of shutting her out and going to bed in the bdrm. I sleep on the couch in our front living room, and she snuggles right up to my legs. What a sweet little thing she is. My husband usually comes home around 8 or 9 a.m. and tells me all the stories about the people he met, or played against, and/or beat, or beat him. Funny stories tho, some of them. I go back to bed, and then I'm up and ready for the day around noon, and go to work around 3 p.m. So there you go. A day in my little life. Whoop-de-doo. Aren't you glad you know all that?

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crazy4danes said...

First off I think it's sooo cute that you sleep on the couch for Munky! You're a good mom! Second...I think it's awesome your hubby is trying to get into pro poker. I LOVE Texas Hold'em and I'm pretty darn good too! It's so fun, and I love entering tournaments at the casinos in Nevada and playing. The more experience the better he will be! It sounds like a lovely life you should be grateful surrounded by animals and so much LOVE! :)