Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'm sorry again, I haven't written. Believe it or not, I have been so upset and beside myself with the passing of Ted Kennedy, I can't see straight. I grew-up in an Itallian/Portuguese Catholic family from New York, and let me tell you,....the Kennedys were royalty in our household. My mother could say no wrong about them. Growing up, I read and watched absolutely everything I could get my hands on about any of them. Yes I know, they were far from perfect, and had ALOT of indiscretions, but I still love them all down to their little toes. They can do no wrong, and everything they do and did was perfect and/or rationed away in my little head. The passing of Ted Kennedy is a huge era gone forever. I still haven't gotten over John-John being gone. It's just not possible one family can go thru so much. I've always wondered if for some unexplainable reason that the family was cursed. Was it because of the father running booze?, buying them into politics? or just stepping over and on everyone to get his kids where he wanted them? I mean, think about it,.....wouldn't any parent really do anything for their kids? Am I rationalizing? or when you really think about it, and you're honest with yourself, wouldn't you do just about anything for your children? So what made the father so bad then? So many questions forever unanswered. So much we will never really know. How I would still love to be apart of such a historied family. Could you imagine being "a Kennedy"? Am I being stupid and immature? I just really wonder what it would be like to be a part of that dynasty,.....cursed,flawed and all. I'd take it. I'm just so heartbroken, I can't tell you. Heartbroken,.......forever.

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