Thursday, August 30, 2012

Love my ducks and so HATE people

So we never made the movies last week, and it's not looking like it this week either. Just can't seem to get our butts outta the house. I am a homebody. I love being at home more-so than anywhere else,....even this house. We are cocooned in here,...never open the blinds or windows,(too hot anyways,) only go outside to walk/play with kittehs, or clean the pool,....never answer the door for anyone,...and we have no land line, so no phone,....just the way we want it. Even our backyard is so private between the 7 foot tall privacy fence and all the palms grown in, you can't see out anywhere, or no one can see in, yeah,......we are cocooned in. So last week I finally realized that my car tag was expired,(I never got one of those renewal things in the mail,) so I've been driving around for 6 weeks with an expired tag and didn't even realize it! I went last week to renew and it was almost $80!!! Cheese and rice! I was so mad that it cost that much, I steamed for the whole week. It just made me so mad that it was that expensive. I remember when it was like $30 for cris-sake. I'm just getting older I guess when I start saying that. I remember when,_______,(fill in the blank.) Oh well,...I got it, and that's the main thing. So now I have to start working on changing my passport to my married name,...(it's only been 6 years!!!) Gawd I'm lazy. What else going on here? I screamed at some junkie looking guy in front of my work for trying to pick up/chase the ducklings on Tuesday. Yep. I want all freaky deaky on him, and yelled and ran at him, and threatened him and told him to leave them alone,...and he got all mouthy with me, and soon as I said something about calling the cops to 'see what he was holding', he started walking away real quick. I got louder and meaner than,....but he walked away even faster. I'm like a mama bear when it comes to any of my ducks and/or ducklings,(ANY ducks/animals really.) NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE will bother them when I'm there,...those sweet little babies. I wanna kill people sometimes, especially those whose parents are so stupid they can't be bothered to teach their kids to respect animals. Drives me up the wall,...I have no tolerance or patience for that. You don't know how many times I've yelled at kids AND THEIR IGNORANT-ASS parents to keep their kids away from ducklings, and that the mother will attack,...but these DUMB-ASS people just sit there and watch and think it's all cute watching their kids trying to touch/pickup/catch a little baby duckling. REALLY?   REALLY?  I'll say it AGAIN,....people NEVER cease to amaze me at how STUPID they are,...every,.....single, Makes me hate the general population more and more. (and yes,-I'm seeing a therapist about this very thing, so don't go all judge-y on me!!!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Plain vanilla right now

So we HAD a contract on our condo, and the person changed their mind. It happens. My husband was NOT HAPPY. I took it in stride. It'll happen,...the place is too nice for someone not to snatch it up,'s a great deal. I mean I describe it to people and they can't believe it hasn't sold, but in this day and age,....I believe it. It just sucks. And this house will be far worse to sell. Far worse. I just want to be gone already,...I just need for us to get out,....and hopefully in the next year. We are barely hanging on to our sanity here. It's just too overwhelming for us. It is. The head stuff is what's bringing us down, and outta our lives. We are just literally wasting our time away here. I know about living in the moment, and making the most of every day, but I can't even get thru the day here without hoping for something better when we move. Believe me, when we get to where we are going,.....we will REALLY wonder how we ever got thru this. This is definitely the darkest days we've ever been thru, for maybe the exception of one other time. But this has lasted far longer. Five years long. So yeah, pretty much sucks totally. I have off the next two days after working fourteen days straight. Sic. I was hoping we would be celebrating the contract on our condo, but it's not meant to be. Not yet at least. I have a few things up for sale on eBay,....and hopefully we are going to see 'The Expendables' tonight. I love those guys. Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham,....Stallone, them. I can't wait to see it. (See,....I'm easily made happy,...I really don't need much, and I will need even less once we move.) I think my spending definitely coincides with my unhappiness of being here. My eBay-eness. I don't know. Time will tell. So, other news in our life. Family is good, friends are good,...most importantly my kittehs are good, I'm happy at the moment. I'm just plain vanilla right now. (Altho I could go for a hot fudge sundae anytime!)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Who wouldn't want these views from their penthouse condo?

Okay, nothing is selling on eBay, I've been doing cardio sporadically,...and I can't seem to get ahead at work no matter what I do. BLAH. My favorite shows are over,....(Burn Notice, Dallas,Blue Bloods,) and the worst of it all is tonight is 'Breaking Bad's fifth show. I wanna cry.Only three more to go til next year. I have NEVER been like I am with this show,....hanging on every word, every scene, every moment. And my sweet Jesse. I love him in this. When this show is finally over, I'll have to go buy the whole thing, and watch them all over and over and pick it all apart, seeing what I missed. My husband and SIL are all the same way. We have never agreed on a show but this one. It's for every one if you don't be too judgmental of the content.(Drug dealers.) Some of it hits so close to home its scary. (And I don't mean the drug dealers either. Just some of the characters in it.) That's why I feel so strongly about Jesse. ANYWAYS~ nothing else happening here tho. Still applying for jobs online like crazy, replies from anyone. Sad. I'm thinking about trying this online company that someone in our store has worked for,'s called Anyone heard of it? Any info on it? I mean I know it's legit, (cause the guy worked for them, but didn't keep the job because it had no benefits, and he has a family.) But it would be perfect for me to do at night when I'm off,(to get my foot in the door,) and keep it til we moved to Canada, and then do it full time there,-right? It's from home,....and I think I can do it. I KNOW I can, but I'm a little scared. We'll see. If anyone has any opinions about them or heard of them or even works for them, someone let me know. I'm curious about any information. Anything at all. I want to work from home. End of story. Sooooo~ that's all the news here. Boring stuff. A few bites on our condo, but nothing promising. Keeping my fingers crossed that we will sell it soon. (A view from one of two balconies. Ocean AND intracoastal views BOTH.)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just a few that I like

Been watching lotsa movies,...all kinds, 'The Quick and the Dead', 'The Town', 'Inglorious Bastards','Kill Bill',etc.,....a lot of different movies,...different tastes, but all good. I watch these movies,(and many others,) over and over, and over again. Every time they are on, I watch 'em like I've never seen them before. 'No Country for Old Men' is like that. It's a hard movie to watch, but I love the banter in it,....the dialogue is great, can't get any better. 'The Town'  is like that too,....all the movies I listed are like that. Nothing like really good dialogue. Keep me coming back EVERY TIME. In the midst of all these movies, I've really become fans of many actors that people would never have paid attention to. Some you definitely know like my favorite; Russell Crowe. (Gawd, he is just perfect to me.) But I've really fallen for others like; Til Schweiger, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Max Ryan, Jason Statham, Jeremy Renner,Michael Madsen, and Javier Bardem. It's those people that you never really know, or hear about, and are in the background sometimes that make the movie. If I had to pick some actresses like that, it would be Gina Gershon, Carla Gugino, Joan Cusack,  and Kelly Lynch. I love them. I'm waiting patiently for the 'Expendables 2' to come out next week. That,- I wanna go see at the movies. Today I'm hoping we'll go see The Bourne Legacy,...or Batman or something along those lines. I'll let you know what we see and how it was, if you're interested.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Job Rantings and eBay-ing

Soooo,....I just put some new stuff on eBay, and it's been stormy and rainy so I can't take Munky out for a walk,my hubby just went to lie down for awhile, I'm stuck in watching "Friends", and waiting til I have to go to bed being that I have to open tomorrow morning. A lot of coffee will be had. (If I were smart I'd still be putting things up on eBay to sell, but three is more than enough for me right now.) Anyways~I'm still looking all over for another job,....this applying, and waiting nonsense is like torture. You think you have a chance and when you turn your back and walk away, they probably all laugh, roll their eyes, say "yeah, right", and throw your application/resume in the garbage!!! This sucks. I hate it. I don't wanna work in the mall because well of course they are hiring left and right and come the holidays, I'll be working worse hours than I am right now at this stinky-ass job. It's all just making me crazy. All I want is a nice office job, with nice office hours, and weekends, and holidays off,....benefits, and crappy pay. Am I asking for too much? I can  do five things at once and not break a sweat, I can deal with public relations without batting an eye, I have no ego when it comes to getting things done, and I think my resume proves that, what with almost 20 years of bartending in a 5AM bar, part owner of a gym, and volunteering numerous times at No-Kill animal shelters, I've done it all. I mean really? What the hell do these jobs want from me!!! My right arm? My first born? My husbands bank account? I mean really,...WHAT? WHAT?! I have to keep getting on Indeed, Careerbuilders, and the many others I can't remember right now. I even learned how to write out my resume,....I mean really? How hard is that? Will anyone even look at me seriously for a job? Ever? AGAIN-wanna buy anything from me on eBay?