Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What is this world coming to?

What is this world coming to? Please tell me. I went to the store today, and some homeless man was two people in front of me, and this lady was (trying) to buy cigarettes,....and (supposedly) she didn't have enough money,....yup,......the homeless man gave her $2.00 so she could get them,....and of course I tried to give HIM the $2.00 back, because if you ask me,...he's the last person that needs to be giving anyone money,....poor thing (obviously) can't even take care of himself. I wanted to cry,....he was so sweet,.....he wouldn't even take my money, and then I tried to pay for his one item, and he wouldn't let me do that! I felt so bad,...that stupid girl shouldn't have taken his money,...how bad did she really need them, I ask you. Then he proceeded to tell me that he just got a jaywalking ticket when he was in the street selling newspapers. Are you fricking kidding me!!?? What the hell kinda asshole cop would give this guy, who very obviously is down on his luck, a jaywalking ticket? How does this guy go home and look at himself in the mirror everyday?! What a piece of garbage cop. It never ends with me hating them. (You really have no idea.) I know that they all aren't bad, but the majority of them suck, and from what I have seen,...and I've seen alot of stuff with them,...(from when I worked at the bar in Coconut Grove.) We had off-duty uniformed cops working every night, and they never ceased to amaze me with their stupidity. The things they tried to get away with and DID get away with makes me sick. (I know this for a fact,) because my husband had to work side-by-side with them, and I guess had some sort of comraderie with them,(much to my horror.) It caused ALOT of fights between us in the beginning of our relationship. To this day, there is one cop that I hear anything about, and my hateful side comes out. I really don't like being like that, but if you knew what I know about him, you'd be apalled, trust me. My husband actually had to side with them on a lawsuit that was brought against them, because of their hideous actions, and the owner of the bar we worked at told him to do whatever it took to make things right with them,(the cops.) So,.......anyways,...back to the poor homeless man,....I just wish somehow that cop could be paid back for giving a homeless man who sells newspapers in the street a jaywalking ticket,.....and I DON'T MEAN IN A GOOD WAY EITHER. Cops suck.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My little world and zoo.

I haven't been doing much of anything but working and sleeping. (Not even eating like I used to. Maybe I'll lose weight!) But I have been steeling myself for April. (See my last blog.) On that day, and everyday leading up to it, I act like it's no big deal, but inside, I feel like I'm dieing a slow death. I honestly thought I would get a little better every year as time went on, but my one sister and I, (she used to say my parents had me for her, so she would have someone to hang out with, and the other three of our brothers and sisters would stop picking on her. Isn't that cute? I felt special, and we always had an extra connection together.) Now, our lives are so caught up in work, in-laws, kids and animals, we hardly get to see each other. Thankfully we live only an hours drive from each other, so we do see each other when time and schedules permit. She is probably the one of very few people in my life that I can talk to about ANYTHING. My sister is smart, funny, fun, and beautiful. Looks wise, we are exact opposites,....she is tall, dark straight hair, blue eyes, long limbed with big boobs, and I am short,(5 foot tall on a good, hair day,....teasing does wonders with height challenged people like myself.) For most of my life I've been petite, as in 100 lbs. soaking wet,.....(now, not so much, but I'm working on it.) Thick, dark, naturally wavy,curly hair, brown eyes, and extremely introverted. Painfully shy I should say. We looked like Laurel and Hardy together. My sister always knew what to say, how to say it, and make everyone laugh,....she is extremely smart, school-wise, and common sense-wise, (as in life decisions, altho I know my brothers would argue otherwise.) She did great in school, went on to college, and even went to the Sorbonne in Paris for a few semesters. (I missed her horribly when she was gone, and counted down the days til she came home.) Then when she did, she met one of my brothers friends, and eventually they got married, and she moved out. That killed me. I was so lonely and lost. I didn't fair too well either on my own. When I was young, I had two, not-so-great, teenage, relationships that did not go too well,....the first one was horrible, unbeknowst to anyone really.I was 16, and he was 26. My parents didn't like him, and HIS friends even warned me about him. (That right there should've made me run, but I was stubborn, and a teenager determined to make my own decisions, and stayed with him for almost three years.) He was lazy, verbally abusive, and ended-up being physically abusive twice to me, and that was it for me. A few months later, I was already 'dating' someone, that I ended-up with for 7 years. He was controlling, and very self-absorbed. Same thing with age also. By then I had just turned 18 and he was 28. For my 18th birthday, he threw a huge b-day party for me at my parents house, paid for everything, and proceeded to NOT show-up, and I found out he was arrested, and spent the night in jail. How nice. My parents still accepted him. They didn't want to judge, and they didn't,.....until I moved-in with him, and NEVER spent ANY TIME with MY FAMILY AT ALL. ALWAYS with his family who lived in the same neighborhood. My parents lived only 10 mins. away tho,---not far at all. I still hardly ever spent holidays, birthdays, or anytime at all with them. (To this day, that eats away at me,...that I didn't stand-up for myself and family and spend time with them like I should have.) Seven years. Yeah, my brothers, and sisters, weren't too fond of him either. Altho the one good thing he did have, was that he did love animals. I don't know tho if he liked saying he had them, or genuinely liked them,---there is a difference. I was the one who took care of them; feeding, bathing, vet visits, and most importantly, spending quality time with them. We had two dogs, two blue-n-gold macaws, a blue-front amazon, a squirrel we saved, and then another time, a racoon that we saved. We had one black shepard, that was the sweetest thing, but needed alot of attention.Beautiful shiny black, with the saddest brown eyes you ever saw.(Noir.)And I worked so hard with that dog,...until one day I came home from work and he was just gone. I was so heartbroken. I don't know if someone took him, or he ran away,....and I'll never know, I just hope he got a loving home. The other dog was really smart.(Trucker.) Extremely smart. He was part wolf I know that, and he looked it too, alot of people were very wary of him.He looked part wolf and part shepard,( he was built like a small shepard,).....smart, quick learning, and very lovable. He was like my best friend.(He WAS my best friend.) He went every where with me, except work. If he couldn't go, I wasn't going. He sat in the front seat of my truck like he was a person. (I even seat-belted him in, and it was like he knew he had to have it on.) He was such a good boy,....and SO SMART, it amazed me. Then we had our blue-front amazon, and her name was Annie. She was such a sweet little girl,....she LOVED my voice and my laugh. She could imitate me so well, that if you were outside or just listening, you couldn't tell if it was me or the bird talking. She would get so excited when I came into the room. We kept her on an open perch with toys, and I spent alot of time with her too. She loved peanut butter, and mashed potatoes. She would whistle for the dogs like I would, and they would come running, looking confused when they couldn't find me. She loved to drop things on the floor, and she would laugh wildly, while you picked it up, and then scream/giggle like an infant when you tried to reprimand her. She loved to sidle up to you and whisper loudly, 'hi' in your ear. She coughed and sneezed when she felt like she wasn't getting enough attention. I always scratched her head, which she loved. She would put her head down, and sigh loudly, like she was saying,'I'm waiting!' The cutest little thing, how I adored her. Then we adopted two blue-n-gold macaws. I think they were abused; and that caused many trips to the vet. One would pull his feathers out, and the other would just rock back-n-forth. One was Fred, and the other was Reena. The were inseparable, and we NEVER separated them. I finally worked with them enough so that I could take them out of the cage and talk to them without them panicking, and cowering. (That killed me. I would cry and cry to the vet everytime I took them.) Finally I taught Fred to roll over and play dead, and what I would call,...'make like an eagle', and he would put his wings out, and bring his head up and out, like he was at attention, and he would stay like that until I said 'okay'. So sweet. Melted my heart. At one point our dog Trucker found, (and almost ate) a tiny pink soft little squirmy thing I found on the ground. I kept him in a shoebox, with a heat lamp on him and a soft little towel that it snuggled up to,...and found out eventually that it was a squirrel. I named him Spunky, and he grew up to be a cute, little guy that loved to run up and down our curtains in the living room playing tag. I would keep him in my shirt pocket, and like Trucker, he went everywhere with me,-poking his little head out to cause a major scene everytime and everywhere! But I eventually had to let him go. My (then) boyfriend built a cage around a huge tree limb around where I found him,(the squirrel,-not my boyfriend.) We kept him in the cage for a little while, and watched as he played, teased and frolicked with other squirrels that would come visit him in the cage. Then we would leave the cage open and kept feeding him, and he would come and go as he pleased, and one day he just never came back. Almost the same exact thing with our racoon,(Rocky,)....I found him on the ground, he was so small, and squirmy,.......and he grew-up to be the cutest little guy,.....until I came home from work one day, and he had taken absolutely every single thing out of our kitchen cabinets, and it was all over the kitchen floor,....and he was running in and out of the cabinets like he was showing off, and saying,'look how much fun I'm having!' I cried and cried when we put him in the already built cage for Spunky, and the same thing happened, and one day he just didn't come back. Broke my heart every time. I should've been a veterinarian. I just hated school so much, it never crossed my mind. (You go to school in South Florida in the early 80's, and see how well you were taught. It sucked. Couldn't have been worse.) So needless to say, I ended up barely getting my GED. Thanks to my parents I did tho. (Thank goodness.) Well, ....enough of memory lane. Just thought it might be interesting.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not looking foward to Spring

Well what a great surprise tonight. I came home from work and my husband had a delicious pasta dinner cooking and laundry in the washer and dryer. I was so happily surprised. Too bad my husband wasn't in such a great mood to match the happy face I had walking in on all this. Tomorrow we are going to try to go and get some barstools that I found at Faith Farm,....we'll see if we can get three good ones for some sort of good deal. I hope we can. Maybe we can get to Boynton Beach Faith Farms sometime in the next few days. They probably have BETTER stuff there too. Anyways,....the anniversary of my fathers death is coming up in April. It will be 15 years since my father has been gone,....and I still cry my eyes out if I start thinking about him too much,....or a song comes on that he used to love,........he was such an awesome person to be around. I miss the great times I had with him. I was always a 'daddy's girl',....always. This may sound really weird to some people, but even when I was little, me (and my one sister,) were always extremely jealous of ANY female around our father. We would be very standoff-ish, very mad, and sullen,....we wanted ALL his attention. He was 'our daddy', and no one would come between us and him if we had anything to do with it. My sister and I would try every chance we could to go to work with him whenever he would take us. We would secretly check out any woman that would so much as walk by him. We were SO POSESSIVE. Can you imagine? I think back and wonder if we were as obvious as I think we were. How everyone must've laughed and thought that we were so cute, (or ridiculously funny, or just plain weird,-pick one.) We would be so happy to go to work with him, (at the hospitals.) We thought he had pizza parties with the nurses everyday. (It killed us when we were waiting for him to come home from work.) We would sit there and whisper about all the fun he must be having without us. You have no idea the little things we came up with. The older we got, the more little things we appreciated,.....the music he listened to; Jim Croce, Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, Kingston Trio, Glenn Cambell,....the food he'd make for us; the best scrambled eggs ever, pastina whenever we were sick, all sorts of homeade breads, and always made the BEST Brandy Alexanders on X-mas Eve, -God they were SOOOO GOOD! He used to let us cuddle him on the couch, put our feet under him to keep us warm, season our food (because his ALWAYS tasted better,) sit with us till we fell asleep, and never,ever, forgot to bring us presents or candy whenever he went away for more than one day. 'Our daddy' was our knight-in-shining armor, our hero, the perfect man all rolled into one. No one could be better than him to us. Taught me how to ride a bike, swim, play jacks, and make homemade bread. So many moments I'd give to redo with him. I feel horrible about a few things I did when I was a teenager to both my parents. I feel SO HORRIBLE to this day,....it eats me alive. It really does when I think of what I put my parents thru. How could I have done these things to them? I mean I was a teenager, but what a horrible brat I was. I needed a beating. For real. Maybe some sense would've been beaten into me. It's also why I probably never wanted kids. I never wanted a 'me'. I honestly don't know what I would do if I had a kid that did all the things I did. Especially now-a-days. Well,........in my defense, I was a kid, but still,........

So,....yeah, I have an extremely hard time every April just missing my father like crazy. I go to where he is buried and leave flowers, and a little minature bottle of scotch,....thats what he loved to drink,(scotch and sodas.) Always
loved to meet and get to know new people, loved to travel, both my parents were extremely NON-judgemental,-almost to a fault. Never,ever judged anyone for anything,....welcomed just about anyone with open arms. Loved to have big holiday parties, giant family get-togethers, and loved family trips. My parents took me to Tokyo, Japan when I was 15 yrs.old, for a week, and we had a ball. So many great memories. On about (literally) 11 cruises to every island imaginable, Mexico,Haiti, Jamaica, St.Martin,Puerto Rico, Cayman, and been to England, Canada, Japan, Italy,and my other siblings have gotten to go to Germany, Russia, Austraila, New Zealand,Spain,France, and Portugal. (My parents went around the world twice. Some people say that it was at our, -the kids,- expense, but I don't agree.) All five of us kids wouldn't be who we are if it weren't for our parents and the people they are, (and were.) My parents were awesome, and disgustingly in love until the day my father died. We would come out of our rooms from doing homework, or from taking a nap after school,(or work,) and my mom would be sitting on my dad's lap, and they would be kissing and laughing,....my mom was so devoted, and lovingly waited on my father hand and foot. She also worked full-time, went to nightschool to get her degree in Aviation and Administration, she still came home and cooked dinner just about every night. But when my father retired, and my mom was still working, he cooked and cleaned everyday,....he did laundry, and that's when he really got into all the different breads he started to bake. He could cook french cuisine like no one's business. I wish so much,....I wish so much. I just miss it all,.....him all. My whole family,....all our togetherness. 15 years,....yep,....it's gonna be a rough month, April.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time in a Bottle

My usual schedule at work is 40 to 50 hours a week in 5 days, which for me is ALOT. I mean for most people it's probably nothing, but for someone who hasn't worked in 3 years, and even when I did, as hard as bartending was,...I was extremely spoiled (bartending.) I made ALOT of money in a short amount of time. I could work 3 to 4 nights and make twice as much as what most people (or me now) in a week. I was so spoiled I realize now. I never worked Sundays,......and I basically got my pick of what shifts I wanted,.....S.P.O.I.L.E.D. That's all I can say. I had a manager that was my roomate, and whenever we would go out on a shopping spree, I would be aloud to call in 'sick' and not go in, or go in late for my shift. Very nice, -but SPOILED. The owner even let me and my (now) husband, take off for a long weekend unexpectedly, (and at the very last minute) to go to Walker's Cay with him for free, while everyone else had to work. They were not happy with us, but we were SPOILED. I had no idea what I had then,-let me tell ya. I worked for that place for 17 years, and then I just couldn't take it anymore. I started to hate the place and the people, and just the whole thing. I ended up bartending at another nearby popular bar, and that lasted for 1 year almost to the day, and never looked back. I left, (on very good terms I might add,) and didn't work for the next three years. How spoiled could I get you ask? Well,.....let me put it nicely,....I stopped working, and got MORE SPOILED by having TIME. Time to do whatever it is you want,....however you want,....whenever you want. That alone can be SO INTOXICATING. Let me tell you. I LOVED having time to spend with my husband, and quality time with my kitty, being at my mom's disposal, and being able to do whatever I want whenever I wanted. Yep,.....I feel like I slammed right into a wall right now. I can't do anything but sleep, eat, and go to work. Am I crazy or is this how it is? I guess I just need more time,....it's only been about 4 weeks now. I'm really enjoying it, but sometimes I just want to sleep late, or stay with my kitty and nap, or go for a long walk with my husband (and kitty.) I think I just once again need time to get adjusted,....thats all.Just more time.

Friday, March 20, 2009

See a pattern here?

It's so funny,.....at work someone brought up what their 'type' of guy was,....you know,......like the qualities and looks that they usually 'go for',......of course everyone basically said the same thing 'n stuff,.....UNTIL they got to me,.....and of course I said that I like someone who is confident, almost to the point of being cocky, NOT A JERK, but very confident, someone who can back that up, and someone who can take control of any situation, no matter what,......and looks-wise, I said, someone who 'looks mean,'.....I mean that is definitely my look. Someone a little dangerous. I love goatees on guys, usually dark short hair, blue eyes,....dangerous looking,...tatoos, scars,that sorta thing,...the more they look like that, the more attractive they are to me,.....I guess the singers, actors and atheletes that are my favorites should pretty much explain what I like. First of all there is Patrick Roy, the retired Canadian goalie from the Le Habitants,and the Avalanche,...very confident, can trash-talk with the best of them, AND can back it up,(he's got 4 Stanley Cups,...yep, and the winningest goalie of all time, yep, that was once my future husband.) He has the bluest eyes, the cutest Canadian accent, and he's one of few goalies who will drop the gloves,.......and back that up,........next is Howie Long, played his entire career for the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders,...mean as they come when it came to football, earned the name 'Mighty-Whitey' in the NFL locker rooms, and was feared by alotta quarterbacks when he played.And don't forget, he went to Villanova, he's very intelligent as you can tell on Fox's NFL Sunday show. (Not to mention his looks are so beautiful it makes woman melt at his feet.) Next,.....Russell Crowe,-NO EXPLANATION NEEDED. Too hot. "Gladiator",....'nuff said. How about the late Ken Caminiti,......so gorgeous, so messed-up tho. What a physically beautiful man, and could play third base like no one's business. Who knows what he could've done if he had the chance,...he just never thought he was good enough. Our loss.For real. Then there is Toby Keith, and my Jamey Johnson,....big oak of a man Toby Keith is just plain in your face, says what he thinks, and is smart enough to back it up if confronted, not to mention, if he doesn't like something, he will fight it every step of the way. He doesn't take things lieing down,-thats for sure, and will show you wrong til the very end. And then now,my next man,........the divorced, drinking, womanizing,wildman, country singer who started to make it big, and partied too much, had one-too-many barfights,one-too-many women, and lost control,....lost everything;his wife, little girl, home, record contract, his life, and became a recluse, and came back to write one of this years best country albums. He is so gorgeous to me, I can't stand it. Jamey Johnson has a voice that can make you sigh, and writes lyrics that can make you cry at the drop of a hat, he hurts so much,...he's lost alot, and knows it. Very Sad, but he learned the hard way. He's finding his way back, one step at a time.Yep, those are who I think are the cats "ME-OW". And then some. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE---OOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

Well, today and Monday, I got my husband out of the house and we went all over the place and looked for some furniture for the house. Let me tell you,.....do I live in a cave? or is everything really expensive? I mean, I just can't begin to fathom paying $500 for a king headboard, and two nightstands at some place called American Standard Furniture. Puh-leez. No way Jose. No can do. Maybe I'm overreacting, (again,)- but how do people live now-a-days? I mean financially we are more than okay,(we are very lucky,-I know,) but I just can't seem to agree with that much money being spent on three measley things. We even went to Goodwill and Salvation Army, and we found some nice stuff, but just nothing that we were looking for. Do people put everything on credit cards? is that how they do it? I just don't understand it. We will just wait until we find exactly what we want. We need a dining room set, some rugs, a king headboard, two nightstands,and three cherrywood and black leather swivel barstools. Are we asking for too much? Well I think not. I refuse to go Rooms To Go,(my husband and I call them Rooms That Blow,) because we had a major fight with them in the late 90's about a living room set we bought, and literally less than a month later, the entire couch had practical fallen apart and the fabric pilled. We were so ticked-off that we ended-up having to return the set only to promise we had to buy something the same price or more,.......yep, I ended-up writing a big letter to the Better Business Bureau, and complained. Never again,....never again,........NEVER AGAIN. I seriously dislike them. Anyways,....so really, we found nothing today. I'm so disappointed. I mean do you buy something you sorta like, but it's not exactly what you're looking for?, or hold out for what you think you'll be able to find? We went to American Standard, City Furniture, Old Time Pottery, Pier One, Target, Goodwill, and Salvation Army, and not one damn thing gotten. I feel like I got nothing accomplished on my two days off. It really sucks. I mean at least I got to nap with my kitty today, while it rained, (which I love to do,)-but I really wanted to get some stuff for the house,...we need it. Maybe we will bite the bullet and go back to Ikea and get some stuff there that we have to put together ourselves,....(but someone always gets mad,-or hurt,-whichever comes first.) I guess we will just have to wait it out, and see what comes up.

On a totally different subject,...my friend at work finally showed-up, after missing two straight days without even a phone call to let anyone know that she was okay, or alive. I wanted to kill her and hug her at the same time. I'm just glad she is okay,(-hey, you just never know now-a-days.) She is going to move out of her apartment and move back in with her mom. I just hope she does what she says. So tell me what any of you would have done if it were you, and someone you became quick friends with at work all of a sudden doesn't show-up, and doesn't call, or nothing, and you know she has been having problems with her husband, and they are maybe splitting-up, wouldn't ya'll have been a little alarmed? Maybe I'm overreacting again, I don't know. I'm starting to think I know absolutely NOTHING.

***P.S. Sorry about that second picture,-that was from a few years ago when my poor little guy came home with a broken leg,-needless to say, he didn't leave my sight for over five weeks. I don't know how to edit a picture OFF this blog, so I apologize for yet another thing I don't know. (I'm starting to get a complex!) I uploaded the wrong picture,...the FIRST ONE IS THE ONE I MEANT TO SHOW FROM THE BEGINNING. Hey,-I'm learning as I go, so everything I've learned on the computer has been self taught,-and I'm no kid, so please don't hold it against me. Thanks ya'll.***

Monday, March 16, 2009

Breaking Bad on trainwrecks

Just finished watching "Breaking Bad", and that show just blows me away EVERY SINGLE episode,....I swear, I'm like a junkie on crack,~I can't get enough.(They say,-and I quote,-"the best feel-good-show about feeling bad".) When it's over, I just want more, and hang-on to every single word of the upcoming scenes. They give you just enough to jones all week, up until the next episode. I have to say tho, if you haven't watched it from the beginning, you might be a little lost,....but damn, that show just has me SO DAMN HOOKED. (I have such a soft-spot for the character Jesse. He's such a sweet, well-intentioned kid, who just can't catch a break, and choses every wrong path he can take.But he really means well.)Anyways, for those of you who don't watch it, I'm sorry for going on and on, but I really love the show. (In case you couldn't tell.) My other obsession as of late, has been going to the mall on my days off, and buying MAC make-up, and trying new looks when I go to work. Not the best way to go to work,-I know,-but I really loves putting on make-up all of a sudden. (Don't ask me,-I don't know.) I'm friends with this girl who works at MAC at Bloomingdales, so it's kinda an excuse to go walk around. Besides, my husband has been going thru, (I'll say, 'a stage',) right now. He hates that I work, and he hated when I didn't, so I don't know what to think,.....I just try to stay out of his way when he gets in his moods,(like tonight.) Sometimes I just don't know what to do,.....I try, but I know what it really is,...and I know there is nothing I can do about it. (Our pending legal problems,)...... eats him alive,...he just can't seem to give himself a break, and/or climb his way out of feeling sorry for himself, and nothing and no one can help him. Thats exactly how he feels. I mean, we all have problems,....especially right now. I mean it's extremely bad for ALOT of people right now. I know it, he knows it,....but he just seems to feel like it's him against the world most of the time.I mean it's REALLY BAD for alot of down-and-out people who can't pay their bills, etc. For instance, this young girl I work with is 23, has a 2yr.old baby,(he's so beautiful,) and a husband who just told her after 4 years, that he doesn't want to be with her anymore, and she is starting to not show-up for work, and she always wondered why it seemed like she couldn't get ahead. Well, I understand now,~when you just don't show-up to work for 2 days, and don't answer your phone(s), and wonder why you don't get promoted, there's a problem with your thinking. And this is NOT the first time either,....from what I gather, and from hearing people talk, she has done this about 4 times already, and the boss feels sorry for her, but you can give someone only so many chances before they are just done, right? I just want her to be okay, she's such a bright,sweet, young girl, and she has her whole life ahead of her. To be her age, and know what I know now would be such a gift. I know and understand that people have to have their own experiences, and make their own decisions,...but I wish she could just step back and see herself, and know how great a person she is. When I was her age, I did the same exact thing, (minus the baby and the marriage,) but I thought every single thing was the end of the world, but I NEVER lost a job over any of it, or even missed work,...that was always the constant in my life, and nothing and no one could make me change my mind on that. (Thank god, and my parents for instilling me with a great work ethic.) I just feel bad for her,...and the way it's looking, I don't even know if I will get to see her again. Sad,...
............I've called her over and over, and left numerous messages to just let me know she is OK, that's all, --- but nothing. I'll keep you posted. And I'm not stalking her, I just hate to see someone go down in life like she is. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion, and there is nothing you can do to stop it,.......you just know someone is going to get hurt.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Now what?


Makes me sick

Had a fun day at work today,~surprisingly. For the most part at least. Until I saw something that really bothered me. I was on my way home from work, and I stopped at the store to pick-up some things, and this lady came in with a little dog in her purse,(and SO CUTE too.) Anyhow,...and she had her little girl with her. Kinda a bratty little girl,....(and I watched them, 'cause the dog was just TOO CUTE,and I was wishing the little guy was mine.) SOOOO~ummm,.......the little girl got mad at her mom and started tapping on her arm,-then her leg,....then her purse,(where the cute, little doggy was,) and she started hitting the lil dog,...and I started to get madder and madder,-and I kept my mouth shut for as long as I could. But as I watched that little girl start to bother and aggravate that poor,cute lil dog, my temperature boiled,...I had to say something. The poor,lil dog started to nip at the kid, and I walked-up to the woman, and told her not to let her little girl hit the dog, and that is why he will end up biting her pretty bad eventually, and then she'll end up thinking it's the poor lil dog's fault. She stood there and stared at me, not knowing what the heck to say, and as I stood there, the little girl started to smack on the dog to get her mother's attention AGAIN. She realized, and yelled at her, but how many other times has this happened, I thought? I actually followed her and got her tag number, thinking I should call someone about this. I know, I know,....I'm probably overreacting, but I wanted to take that sweet, cute little dog home with me, and just cuddle him to pieces. How many more times will it happen, 'cause the mom doesn't pay attention to her bratty little kid? I actually can't sleep right now just thinking about it. Shouldn't there be a class that every parent should take? and one of the levels should be what to NOT let your kid do to family pets. Don't tug on ears, put dirt on their heads, pull their tails, pinch their noses,etc. no matter how much they are "just playing". I mean I have seen on America's Funniest Videos some of the most appalling things little kids do to animals. It pisses me off to no end. And parents sit there and go, 'oh, look how cute little Joey is, playing with Snoopy', as he's sitting on his back, trying to play 'horsey'. Oh yeah, I'll get right on biting that little kids head off in a year or two,~that dog is thinking. I mean it really makes me sick to think about. (I could really make myself crazy thinking about this-REALLY.) I want EVERY parent to realize that animals don't act out for no reason,-believe me. Watch every little thing your kids do around animals, and eventually you'll see why your dog, cat, bird,(whatever it may be,) nips at your child, and then make sure they know NOT to do it anymore. Please, for the animals sake, for the kid's sake, just watch, and then teach. PLEASE.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Chocolate and bacon. Yum. Me.

I got up this morning to read all my favorite blogs on the computer,...and catch-up on my newspaper reading, and came across something that sounded really good, but couldn't imagine putting it together. One of my favorite blogs,(I Was Told There would Be Bacon,) showed a dark chocolate cupcake w/ bacon crumbles on top. I thought about it, and I love both, and thought, 'jees, that sounds weird,but good!'......so I went about my day getting my stuff done, and ended up going to Whole Foods to grocery shop, and found in the aisle while I was waiting to check out, a chocolate candy bar with,(NONE OTHER) than bacon!!!! Can you believe it?! It's made by Vosges, and it listed in it: applewood smoked bacon, alderwood smoked salt, and deep milk chocolate. I immediately grabbed a small one (it was still $2.49 for .5oz. and the bigger bar was $7.99,) so I grabbed the small one, not sure I would even like it, but wanting to try it. Let me tell you, I can't believe this hasn't hit across the boards! It was like heaven I tell you. OMG. I will be going back for the larger one. DEFINITELY. All I have to say is; YUM. ME.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daddys girl

The last thing I do is go to the mall and go shopping after work like I did yesterday. I did find some nice stuff. I got a green polo shirt to wear on St. Patricks Day. (I do NOT want to get pinched by some gross person who takes it upon themselves to use it as an excuse to be touching inappropriately!) I also found a Jamey Johnson ballcap,(which you know I am HAPPY about!) I also found some nice pants at the Gap, and some cute headbands made out of wood. All in all, I didn't hurt myself too bad. I even went and bought my husbands favorite take-out chicken to bring home for dinner. So at least it turned out to be a good night. My husband was in a good mood, my kitty was in-and-out all night, and we watched the first season of 'Breaking Bad', which is leading up to tonight's big season premiere. (Right on time, 'cause our other favorite show -'Burn Notice'- just had it's season finale this past Thursday.) So we are all geared-up to watch tonight. What an incredible show it is. So now our family night will be Sunday nights instead of Thursdays. My husband, sister-in-law, and I get together, bring take-out, and watch our show every week together,...and we have such a great time! I always look foward to our night's together. It really makes me miss all my family get-togethers that my family use to have. I LOVE family stuff. Always have, always will. When my father was alive, and we lived in South Miami, they used to have the best X-mas parties. My parents traveled around the world more than once, and my father would bring back all this exotic liquor,.....(he loved to try new things.)He would bring them out at the end of night, and sit at our dining room table, and anyone left standing at 3 or 4 in the morning would sit and try all these liquors with him, and he would tell them stories of where they got this liquor or that liquor, and all the travels,etc. It was fun. I would sit quietly next to my dad and just watch and listen to everyone talking. He was such an interesting man. I wish everyday that he was still alive. I miss him terribly. He loved to cook, make homemade bread, go out and try new restaurants and meet new people, (and he gave my sister and I our sweet tooths! Anything chocolate would be devoured upon entering our home!!!) Beyond all that, they would throw some outrageous parties that people LOVED! I really miss that. (My husband is the exact opposite,....doesn't like to travel, hates going to a restaurante he's unfamiliar with, not very chatty with new people, etc.) It's like coming to a dead stop growing-up like that, and then in your adult life, doing a complete turnaround. I do feel like I miss out on alot, but I LOVE my husband to no end, and you gotta take the good with the bad,~right? Right. Compromise. That's what it's all about. That's what makes the world go 'round! At least thats what my father always said.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

1st & 2nd pics are afters, 3rd is before!

I finally downloaded all my pictures from my camera,(found the cord here at the house, miraculously!) and my Blackberry. I'm really disappointed my Blackberry picture of Jamey Johnson and I came out so damn dark, you can't even tell who is in the picture. I wanna cry. Anyways,...work is good, and I'm still enjoying it,....it's a good challenge,...and I like doing tedious work on computers, and dealing with the public, and all the other managerial stuff I gotta learn, that people dislike. It's really a breeze surprisingly. I thought since I've been out of work for three years, (taking care of my mom and husband,and myself,and kitty,) that I would have a much harder time assimilating. I surprised myself for the better,(for ONCE.) Yea me. Anyways,...so I will be posting the pics here of the countertop that (now) my husband is unhappy with. The night we got it installed, he thought it was 'perfect' and now, a few days later, he's picking it apart, and has found two things wrong. (It is so minute, you can't even see what he is talking about!) I want to pull the hair outta my head,...don't get my wrong,---I LOVE my husband to death, but right now, he is going thru a very rough time. NOTHING makes him happy. Trust me, NOTHING. I don't know what to do half the time w/ him. Anyways guys,...here's some pictures,....tell me what ya think of the kitchen. (Don't forget it's still in the early stages,---I mean, we have a sink, but no water hooked-up in the kitchen yet.)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Life-how good it really is.

Now just to let ya'll know,...THIS LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE OUR KITCHEN,--- EXCEPT FOR THE BACKSPLASH-which we don't have yet,~AND WE HAVE A BREAKFAST BAR. JUST WANTED TO MAKE THAT CLEAR. But this picture could be our kitchen to the tee. You'll see when I finally post MY PICTURES.

The last few days have been hectic to say the least! I worked all day Sunday and afterwards went straight to my sister-in-laws for dinner and we all watched The Sopranos after dinner. (I fell asleep on her couch.) Monday I went and paid some bills, and went to the mall in Boca (to return my pants that I bought, but ended up not liking once I got home and tried them on again.) So at the mall, of course, I got sidetracked, and ran into someone I knew working at Bloomingdales, and we sat and she did my makeup, (she works for MAC,) and I had alotta fun. I went to go pay some more bills looking all made-up, and feeling pretty good about myself for the FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME, when my husband called and asked me to get home ASAP, because the guys would be there to install the granite! I was SO EXCITED!!! So, I raced home, and got there and started to clean the makeshift things we were using for counter-space, and they arrived within 10 minutes after I got there. My husband came home about 45 minutes after I got home, and the granite came out ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I can't post the pictures I took, because my camera cable is at our condo somewhere,---unawares. So hopefully in the next few days, I can get there and find it, and pictures will be posted. I promise. (Not that anyone really cares,....its only a countertop,---I know. Jeesh, how boring can I get?) On the flip side,......I work w/ a young girl who is only 23 yrs. old,-married,-and has a 2 yr. old,-and I just can't get how this girl manages her life. She isn't even old enough to know herself, let alone be married, and have a kid already. My heart hurts for her. She seems so buried in her life,...she fighting tooth and nail for EVERY little thing, and I'm so scared and feel sorry for her. I tried inviting her, when I went to the mall, I called her three times, left msgs. letting her know I would come pick her and the baby up, but to no avail. I missed her too,....she is so bubbly at work, and fun to be around,...she loves to laugh,....I just wanted her to get out and have some fun.(I ended up buying her a little Hello Kitty eye shadow compact from MAC for her. She just doesn't seem to have anything for herself.) I want to take her and hug her, and tell her everything will be okay, ---but I don't know if it will. From what she's been telling me, her husband had his brother move in, and now he's changed, and doesn't want to be w/ her anymore. I want her to be OK, and I just don't know if she will be,...and that scares me to death. That's what reminds me of how GREAT I have it. Believe me,~I say a prayer every day to thank god for everything in my life,-no matter how bad it seems. Like that saying; I once met a man with no shoes, than I met a man with no feet. Yeah, I have it more than great, and don't think I don't know it.