Friday, July 31, 2009

Meme questions

I just gotta be honest,......there are some things I just can't do without everyday. Like hugging lil Monkey every morning, and looking out at the backyard and the pool, and thinking how lucky I am to live in a beautiful home. And then there are the days when I'm happy staying inside all day, in my jammies, with either kitty, and napping and watching movies all day. Yup,....pretty happy little camper I am, doing absolutely nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Does that make me really weird?-or just really lazy? (Just wondering.) So my last two days off I did nothing, and my husband was NOT HAPPY about it at all. I didn't cook, clean, or even get dressed. I ordered pizza for dinner,...and thats about all I did, except for moving from couch to couch, or bedroom to living room. In my defense I have really needed a day off, and I got two of them, so yeah, I did nothing. I don't care. Anyways,...I've been reading a bunch of other blogs, and everyone seems to be doing these meme things. Well, I will just do like 10 questions,(I'm sure thats more than enough anyways. You don't want to know me that well, do ya?...................................didn't think so.) So here we go,.....

1) What are your favorite hobbies?
Shopping, sleeping, and Ebaying. All in excess too.
2) What is your favorite resturant?
Well,...if we are talking like seafood, there is a resturant called Seawatch that is right down the street from our condo out east,(we could walk to it on the beach,)...and it's overlooking the beach,...they have great lobster sandwiches,...not lobster salad either,(blech!), real broiled Maine lobster sandwiches. To die for! Love,LOVE,LOVE them.
3) Favorite TV show(s),....
Mine is definitely a toss-up between Friends, The Nanny, Will&Grace, Sex and the City, Burn Notice, and Breaking Bad. All time fave tho is Friends. I can watch it over and over, and laugh just as hard, if not harder every damn time.
4) Favorite actor/actress and why.
Russell Crowe,....because I really love how smart he can be,...LOVE his movies,...and my husband looks just like him only alot bigger, and more muscular. (I know this because right after Gladiator came out, everywhere we went, people told us he looked just like him, so it's not only me saying this,---for your information.So there.) And as for actress',.....I'd have to say Barbara Streisand, parents tried twice to see her on Broadway in Funny Girl when my mom was pregnant with me,-but I wouldn't let it happen I was told, finally a third time they got to see it. I know I loved her from that,....I had to, with that voice, and her humor,....I adore her.
5) Where were you born and how much did you weigh?
I don't usually tell anyone this, but I was born in New York, but came to South Florida when I was barely 2 years old, so I couldn't really tell you much about the place (N.Y.) at all. And as for my weight,...I was 2lbs.2oz. when I was born,...(believe it or not, that is why my dad named me Angel. For real.) My mom had a miscarriage before me, and my dad said if I survived, I had to be an Angel. So here I am. Yep,...lil ole me.
6)Are you a day or night person?
I'm definitely a night person. I hate getting up out of bed no matter what time it is. I love bed, and sleeping, and napping, and snuggling. Love it all. I always say I could live my life outta my bed if I could.
7)Favorite clothing.
Shorts and polos,...but it used to always be short dresses and wedges. I love to get dressed up,....if I could have my way,...I would dress everyday like the girls on Mad Men. I love those outfits and looks. Very classy,...and it always looks good.
8)Worst teenage memory.
Oh, this is easy. Having a crush on this guy for three years, and two years after high school, I watched one of my closest friends date my crush for a year,-it about killled me, but I'm still friends with my first crush and his brother and family,...NOT with that friend. I still think about that tho.
9) What is the hardest thing you've had to deal with in your life to date?
Well, I could say the traumatic legal stuff my husband and I have been going thru, but to be honest,...losing my dad,....15 years later I still cry my eyes out for how much I miss him. I just will never be able to get over it. Never. It hurts me to the core.
10)Have you ever ridden a/on a motorcycle, horse, or ATV?
Who the hell made up these questions? Weird, and stupid, but OK,.....I've ridden on the back of motorcycle plenty of times,...even from South Florida, to Sturgis,...all on the back of a Harley. I made my than fiance rent a motorhome and had one of his friends drive me back, because I couldn't even think about getting on that damn motorcycle for another second. Never again. A horse,...yes,...many times, but I'm not an expert by any means, thats for sure!

And I think I will leave the next 10 for another time. Anymore meme questions I can pass on, let me know. Whoo-hoo.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's next?

I read the newspaper online at least once a day. The things that really scare me about people are reinforced every single time. Why is it like that? Weren't you raised to be kind, polite, and help people in need? I have helped ladies with groceries, I have helped guys in line with not enough money, I have certainly helped any animal I ever see on the road find their home, etc. Yet people look at me like I'm crazy when I'm doing this. Why? Do you not have a few seconds? Did I grow a third eye while you were looking at me? I mean what the hell. How frickkin' hard is it? Do you know how many times I smile at people and see them look at me befuddled? They have no clue. None. When we were kids, we were always polite, (maybe not to one another,) but to everyone else we were. If not, we were sent to our rooms to 'think about it' when we got home. And I did. I decided really young to always be polite, always think of others first, and always treat people how you want to be treated. Holy crap,, people have no idea about any of that. I can't believe how different people and kids are right now. It really scares me when I see these little girls walking around with Coach bags, tight jeans, and enough lip gloss to hang your entire house with wallpaper. And the clothes. My God! I was happy with a pair of Levi's and navy suede clogs. (I didn't even carry a purse until I was much, much older.) I even remember the very first time I put on make-up. My family went to some hotel,(I can't remember what the occassion was,) and they left little care-packages for everyone, and the one for the girls had make-up in it. All I did was use this tanned face powder as eye shadow and I thought I was the bomb! Oh, and pink creme blush for lipstick. I probably looked like a clown, but I walked on air that night at dinner, and no one said a word. Funny how little things like that stick in your mind. The other day I overheard some father saying how his 16-year-old daughter was outside taking a picture of the car she wants for her 18th birthday,....I walked outside to go to my car, and there she was with a camera, taking a picture of a brand new Mercedes no less! Where does this entitlement come from? I didn't even know(or care) what the heck a Mercedes was when I was 16!!! I was just happy to have a car with A/C, that got me around, and I was damn happy,-end of story. (Granted, I had a close girlfriend that for her 16th b-day she got a Maserati, but the car looked so unassuming, I never looked or thought twice about it. And another family I was close with all three kids got De Loreans for their 16th.) Shoot, I got a 1972, gold, Dodge Dart, in perfect condition, and I was happy as a clam! Believe me, I was on top of the world. But wanting a Mercedes? Who are these kids? And how do you raise them like that? That is why the world is the way it is right now. These next few generations will really only care about themselves, and what status symbol they can show off with. Can't wait to see what happens with them, and how the world will end up with them as adults.(sarcasm)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All about nothing

Well, I have the next two days off, and it's going to be spent cleaning the house,spending time with the Big Man and playing with the kitties. Sometimes I know I don't realize how good I have it until you see someone else struggling,...ya know? I know I harp on this,-but everyday ya gotta be thankful,-everyday. So many people I see everyday struggling, and you'd never know it. That's a real, hard thing to deal with. I get very bitter sometimes and hate the world,...and people. It never ceases to amaze me how ugly people can be. (And I want to say especially down here in South Florida.) To me, So.FL. has made an ugly name for itself with people being rude, careless, and just plain obnoxious. But my husband gets on me about being so bitter, and cold to people. I want to move somewhere where we can have some land, and all the animals we can afford, and let them have a good life, and not deal with people. I'd love to start a shelter for dogs and cats,....something really nice for them to have a happy life. One day. Anyways,....first I have to make sure my mom is healthy again, and then we have the legal stuff to contend with. (So much fun I can't stand it.) And I really do miss writing on here, and I WILL BLOG alot more.(You'll see.) Anyhow, there is this person at work I want to help, but I don't want to step on any toes. I am trying so hard to put this thing into action to help her, but I'm not sure it will be welcome. I will keep ya in the know as it happens. I love to help someone who really needs it and will really benefit from it, and I think the world of this person, we will see. So,.....just teaching Monkey how to not climb our blinds,...she broke them playing with them, and my husband was a little upset, but I'm teaching her. All she has to do is hear "No", and she stops and walks right away. (Thank God.) She is such a sweetie. She naps right next to my husband in the same chair,....too cute seeing this tiny little kitty with this 260 lb., tattoo'd man with this cute fuzzy little kitten napping together on our rocket launcher chairs. See? Little things make me happy. Thats all I need.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just happy to be here

Well, I've finally achieved some 2 followers on here, and I don't even stay current on blogging now. How retarded am I? I am working like a dog,....I'm working so many hours, I don't know what day it is, what time it is, and if I'm getting up to go to work, or feed the kitties. I don't know how some companies run like this, but this is just crazy. I hope we get some relief sometime soon,....anyways,.....just thought I'd let ya know I'm alive, and somewhat well. Kitties are all doing well, and so is the Big Man,.....but I did want to post some pictures of the Great Dane that took Gibson's place in the World Book of Records,....he is so beautiful,...gorgeous dog,...his name is Boulder, and he is so shy and timid, it's hard to believe he is 250 lbs.! The couple that own him are the nicest, most gracious people and they love this dog like he was their kid. I love how they love him, makes me know that there are good people left in this world. So here are the pics.(And I promise I won't leave posting like that again!)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's my birthday,GIVE ME CAKE!

It was my birthday on Friday, and somehow it's been dragged out all weekend, NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING! Friday I worked all day, and was so dead tired I did nothing but nap with Monkey from the second I got home. Now Saturday I went shopping at the Boca Towne Center, and had a great day,.....shopped, got a mani-pedi,.....shopped some more, favorite kinda day. Came home, and got ready for dinner,....went to my sister-in-laws for dinner,....(she really is more like my sister and best friend,) and she had her entire place lit with candles, and playing my favorite CD, ('Goodbye Yellow Brickroad'), and made the most fabulous dinner I could've ever asked for,......steak and chicken on the grill, littleneck steamers, and Maine lobster! And for dessert, some sorta chocolate ganache pudding cake that was so damn good, I could've ate the whole thing, got sick, and still would've been damn happy! She even got me an Andy Warhol print of Marilyn Monroe,....I had such a great night. I had three Coke Martinis even, and I don't drink, was had by all!!! Today my husband and I are driving to Key Largo and visiting my mom. I really wanted to see her this weekend, and I'm glad we're going for the day. I even have tomorrow off,....and I have alotta stuff planned for tomorrow even. So,....I will be enjoying my days off, and hope ya'll are having a great weekend. Also,....I will post some pictures of this Great Dane that is in the World Book of Records,(he beat out Gibson, that was on Oprah! He is beautiful, and I will post them as soon as I can.) Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

These are real ladies.

Today at work I saw one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. She wasn't perfect, she wasn't the blond, blue-eyed, model, or anything. Just the regular everyday women,....she had this stunning platinum gray hair, she was nicely tanned, and these beautiful light brown eyes. Very elegant,....dressed nice,....but not overly-in-your-face-expensive, designer purse or jewelry was worn or flashed at me. She was someone I would want to look like in about 10 years or even now, I wouldn't care. Very impressed I was. Some women just have that 'look' that is really attractive and eye-catching. I've always loved how Diane Keaton looks, and Diane Sawyer, and Ellen Barkin, Gina Gershon,....these women are no spring-chickens,...but I think they are all stunning. You don't have to look like Pamela Anderson, of Angeling Jolie to be beautiful. I think the quiet stunners are better. Like the women above, and Jenifer Aniston,or Natalie Portman. They don't have to scream beautiful,...they do it very subtle,....and they always keep it classy. Always. And thats why I'll always be a lady, like my mom raised me to be. And if I'm lucky, I'll be just like one of these women who look and act gorgeous no matter what. Inside and out.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth,......and can it all just stop?

OK,'s Fourth of July,....I worked late to catch up at work, my husband is at the Casino hopefully winning some money,....and now I turn on the computer when I get home to read the news, and are you kidding me? Someone else famous has died. Can it all just stop please?! Steve McNair was found shot twice in his condo in Tennessee. How god-awful can it be? I mean first Ed McMahon, then Farrah, Mr. Jackson, Billy Mayes, and now Steve McNair. It's just getting worse and worse. Please stop all this senseless stuff. Makes me wonder about people,(and how much I dislike and distrust them.) I am so lucky to come home to a beautiful home, with two great kitties, and my wonderful husband, and everything can be nice and peaceful. So lucky,~I know.So I hope ya'll's Fourth was happy and carefree, and fun,......unlike Steve McNair's. R.I.P. It just makes me so sad.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Some people are just not raised right.

I am really, really, sick of people bad-mouthing President Obama. Ya ever hear the saying, " if you can't say anything nice than don't say anything at all" ? Or did ya'll's (yes I wrote that) mama's not bring ya'll up right? P.Obama spending too much for public health insurance, P.Obama going away to too many countries, P. Obama spending too much on helping banks,the auto industry, and home foreclosures. Are you frekkin' kidding me? Look what he inherited. Look who he has to clean up after. The most thoughtless, totally ignorant in more ways than I can count, can't-even-speak-correctly, selfish, and dumber than a rock President I have ever seen in my lifetime, AND,....we voted him in for two elections.(I DIDN'T.) What kinda people are you assholes? What does it take to get some common sense into ya'll? We finally have someone who has common sense, can make rational, informative decisions, and all we can do is sit back and judge. All ya'll need to come down off your high-horse, and think straight, because it WILL get worse before it gets better, and if you don't like it,-MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. George 'ASSHOLE' Bush did this all to us, and his dumb-as-a-rock smile of his, protected his family and all their money, and only cared about himself, not the good of this country. So kiss my ass all you complainers. I'm sick of hearing it. Grow a spine, suck it up, and shut up.