Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Have a SAFE happy New Year!

Today is not my traditional New Years Eve. I will be going to our house that we are IN THE MIDDLE of renovating.(Yes,-all thru X-mas and New Years,-good planning on our part,eh?) Our kitchen cabinets were delivered yesterday, and we have all lighting and fans up,....(this doesn't sound like a big deal to you, but to someone who is waiting with baited breath to move back in, every second and every thing that goes up and gets done is a huge victory for me.) My poor kitty is SO CONFUSED as to what is going on,-even tho I go there everyday, and spend time with him,-he just doesn't understand, and is very skitzy,...(my poor baby.)Today they will start to install the (wood) flooring,....let's just hope there are no 'issues' with that. (Believe me,-there is ALWAYS issues with these guys.) Carpenters, and contractors,electricians, all of them, always have 'issues' I've learned. (At least I've made them stop peeing in the yard and scaring the neighbors little girls.-NOT funny, I know.) They ARE trying tho. They might even have learned some manners by the time they are done with our house. (My husband is very 'old fashioned' when it comes to language in front of females.)So we sort of got that under control, and the bathroom situation is solved,(as far as I know,-no neighbors have called!),---so far so good, right? Let's hope. I'll keep you posted. Have a very SAFE and HAPPY New Years everyone. Be safe driving and with whatever you do. I know what I'll be doing and where I will be at.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Are you kidding me?!

Well,'s the day after Christmas which my husband and I didn't really celebrate with gifts at all. We went to his sister's for dinner, and had a GREAT time. Thankfully. Much thanks I might add. It's been an extremely rough year for us, mentally, emotionally, and legally. (No explanation will be forthcoming,-just take it how you may.) Anyways,...on a more annoying note,...I went to the grocery store today,...everyone showing off their new loot they got for X-mas,...(which is very appropo,...)...and I got in line to pay and kinda looked around,(I love to people watch, sometimes to my horror,...)and I see this young lady,(30-ish at the most,) and she has enough groceries in her cart for a hockey team,...and she is talking on the cellphone,(which you know I just LOVE that,...)and trying to pay with a debit card that is apparently not 'going thru',....and she stays talking on the cellphone,...while the line is a mile long,...and the cashier is trying to tell her whats going on with her card, and she just keeps yapping away on that damn cell, not realizing what is going on around her, or that she is holding up this long line,etc,etc,etc. I look and shake my head and laugh to myself, and think,'she's lucky I'm not in that line, or she would have gotten an ear-full after I took that damn cellphone and threw it across the store'. I finally go back to reading all the Star and Enquiring headlines, and pay for my things, and get ready to go, when this same young lady walks by talking VERY LOUD and VERY INDIGNANT on her cell, saying,(and there are tears even!...)'I can't believe he told me to get off the phone, and that I was holding up the line!',....*loud sniffle*, '...'he told me to get off the phone',....and she glanced at me with that 'tell-me-I'm-right-to-be-upset-look', and I gave her one of my are-you-kidding-me-I-want-to-use-you-and-your-cellphone-for-target-practice looks.!!! (She got all huffy,----pffft, you think I care?) But. Are. You. Kidding. Me?! I mean c'mon people,.....I DON'T CARE if you got a new cellphone for X-mas,...use them on YOUR PRIVATE TIME,...the outrage in her voice somehow galled me to no end,....and further aggravated me all the way home, ----till I saw my cat, and everything was alright again. (Big relaxing sigh.) Thank god for kitties,....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


To all the grumpy, cranky-pants people who are grumbling about last minute anything today, patient, and remember,'s Christmas, may not be the best for you, but that doesn't mean you have to ruin it for everyone else,....please be patient, somewhat smiley, and stay safe. Happy Holidays,...ENJOY! Joyeux Noel.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Please hold me back,before I beat someone!

So,....I drove out to the house today. It's total chaos there. The house is coming along,...but it's in shambles. What to do,-what to do. Driving there, I noticed some PRET-TAY BAD DRIVERS. Ya know what they ALL had in common?! ?! ***THEY ALL WERE TALKING ON THEIR CELLPHONES!*** I swear I'd like to beat someone silly,-(I can't say 'senseless' because they already ARE!) Can anyone be at a stoplight, and NOT dial, be talking, or texting on their cellphone? It is SO DAMN annoying, I'd like to take it away from them and throw it thru their windshield. I love when they swerve into your lane, and you beep, and get up next to them, and THEY GIVE YOU the dirty look. I just give them the finger, and hold my hand up like a phone and pretend I'm talking. (They get that confused look, and don't know what to do.) I smile my evil smile as I drive on. I hate these idiots. Not to mention when someone walks by you in say,...the grocery store, or Target, and they're talking away to what appears to be NO ONE, and they have that STUPID thing on their ear, and it looks like they are having a total conversation with NO ONE. (Yea, they need a straightjacket.) They talk so loud, that when they ask whoever they are talking to, a question, you are walking by, and think they are asking you, that. Then they give you a dirty look when you answer, not knowing they are on the phone, or you end up saying 'excuse me?' and that I-don't-know-what-you-are-talking-about-I-have-a-stick-up-my-ass look appears. (Oh, how I would love to have the strength of my husband, and hold them down and put that damn cellphone where that damn stick seems to be!!!) How have people,-once again,-become so rude, and annoying? Cellphones were one of the best things to be invented, and become available to all, but leave it to some, to make it BAD for everyone else. And I mean BAD-AWFUL.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Don't Make Me,....

Well, mom and I are home from the hospital, and she's feeling much better. My sister left today,-which left a big hole in our day. Ended up taking my mom back to her doctor anyways, and brought her back home, and she napped while I did some laundry for her. I'm sitting here writing while their cute little kitty gives me a death stare,(like something out of a Charles Bronson movie,) but I keep trying to make friends with her anyway. (The lil thing is adorable. I can't not think she's cute!-she's a KITTY! )........Meanwhile, back at the ranch,....I've been getting updates from my husband about the renovation of our house, which has gone nothing short of Home Makeover and The Jerry Springer show! I swear, if it's not one thing, it's another. Can anyone in the construction industry just do their job, WHEN they say they will, HOW they say they will, and for HOW MUCH they say they will, AND, consecutive days,.....AND NOT drink alcohol, pee outside in the yard, (in front of the neighbors,) scare my kitty, and NOT tell you their life story???!!!(Tell me? Am I asking for too much? ---JEESH!!!) JUST do the damn job, END OF STORY. I swear, I'm going to go there and go all Russell Crowe on them!!! Anyone that stresses out my husband, I swear,---you better watch out,--(let alone scare my kitty,)---I WILL throw a phone at your a#@!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Roomba riding Kitty

I saw this video on MSN the week of Thanksgiving, and laughed myself into an asthma attack/coughing fit for about an hour. Needless to say, I told my sister about it on Thanksgiving, and surprisingly, she hadn't seen it. So, I figured I'd post it, and let you guys get a chuckle. (I laugh at everything with cats, so don't mind me,......) all will probably just think it's 'cute'. And yep,-still at the Hospital Inn,.......

Holding my breath underwater

Yes, I am still here at the hospital. The good news is my mom got out of ICU today. The bad news is I'm still here after five days and nights! I learned tho that I don't miss the outside world as much as I thought I would. I mean, it's kinda really relaxing, the hum of the machines, the quietness is really loud. (?) And my mom sleeping right here, (they put a pull-out chair in the room.) Lucky for me (for the most part) I'm petite. It's kinda like being underwater at night here. Everything is still, dark, and beautifully quiet and peaceful. I feel safe and cocooned from the harsh realities of the world outside. (Ooh, that sounded so dramatic. Who am I kidding? The hardest thing for me to face is what to make for dinner, or what new shoes to buy!) I miss my husband ALOT, and of course, my little peanut,(my kitty,) Sugar. So I guess I'm just waitin' it out, and happy my mom is getting better by the day. I'm just holding my breath that it stays that way.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I found it! Yipeee!

Hi again. I found my article on if you're interested. Even if you aren't, go to the website, and read other stuff, it's all pretty interesting. See ya'll.

Where does it all go?

I just found the coolest website, I signed up, a bunch of stuff,....then wrote an article,....and THOUGHT I posted it,.....and I went back,....AND IT'S GONE!!! OMG! I thought I did it all the right way,...I took my time,...saved where it said 'save',.....but it's just gone! I poured my little heart out in that article. I really liked it, (for once!) Where does it go? What do I do to get it back? Hey,...that article was a part of me,.....and I NEED it back. I feel like Carrie in SATC, (don't I wish,)- when her computer goes down, and she loses everything she wrote. I don't understand what 'back up' means. Hey,...I'm lucky I figured out how to blog,....or I'd be all buggered-up! I'm just upset now. Anyways,.... husband and I went to a chain resturant last week to get a quick dinner,...and I watched as two little boys,(I'll say they were anywhere from 7 to 10 years old,) order food to go with their parents,.....the two boys each ordered filet mignon and lobster for dinner! THEN,...(oh, it gets better,)....then, the boys decide they want to eat dinner there, of course, they end up getting seated at a table across the aisle from us. (Ruined my whole dinner of grilled shrimp salad!) THEN,....they left before us, and I happened to look over when the busboy was cleaning their table, and those two kids didn't even touch their lobster!!! The parents didn't even have a bite, or attempt to take it home,...and I know lobster isn't a great leftover, I will let that slide, but COME ON! My parents would NEVER let (any five) of us get away with that,-EVER! It never ceases to amaze me what little kids and their parents do in this day and age. I actually feel bad for them, because for most of them, when they become an adult, it will be,'welcome to reality', (and I don't mean their own show.) They will become an adult who has alot of problems with coping,...and then what? Then, they grow-up to be parents of those two little boys, and would do anything to make themselves feel better, and look better to there kids. Thats where it all goes. Hmmm,......

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Me,myself, and winter

I am sitting at our house here in C.Springs, waiting for a 'mold guy' to come start working. Yaay. I don't mind the time to myself,(while my husband is at our condo out east watching 'The Sopranos' on DVR and calling me every five minutes!) I can't wait to move back in here. After living in a house and then moving back to a highrise,(even if it is on the beach,) is NOT FUN. I WILL NEVER LIVE IN A HIGHRISE AGAIN. NEVER, EVER, EVER!!! It is ALWAYS something.Who is hammering, or slamming their door, or putting in a new floor, etc. Like I said, after living here at our house, I CAN'T WAIT to move back, even if we will be living here thru renovations. I don't even care. I love having a yard, pool,...garage,'s so unbelievably quiet too. NO COMPARISON AT ALL. Anyways,...the weather, and coming here has put me in a good mood. It's like 65 and breezy,....absolutely beautiful. To think, in the next year (or two,) my husband(who I will call 'the Man',) will be moving to somewhere in Canada. Whoo-boy,...I have no idea how that will be for me. I have lived down here since I was two years old. I really don't know any other weather. (I was born in New York, but really have no idea of living in cold weather.) SOOOOOO,....days like this makes me wonder what it will be like there. I have already bought winter clothes. I mean I have some from the 'winters'(?) from down here, when it gets in the 50's. I know, I know, the Man says I will be a riot when we move,....did I say we were moving to Canada? Egads,...I dunno' how I will adapt. Lotsa kitties, and dogs to cuddle with, I know that much! And thermals,....and heated socks,......and earmuffs,......and.........

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What the Hell

I am starting to write again after taking down any blogs I wrote in the past here, (or at least I think thats what I've done.) Watching the news can be so depressing. The Black Friday things, kids, animals being abused,....etc. Doesn't it just make you want to never leave your house? People never cease to amaze me in bad ways. I know people are not all bad, but I just always get surprised,-ALWAYS. New ways to be rude, new ways to hurt and humiliate people and kids. AND KIDS these days,(yes, that's my mother talking,...), these KIDS are horrible with manners and language. Believe me, I'm no prude,---I bartended for 20 years in a high-volume, 5AM bar in South Florida, and I KNOW what people are like, but jeesh, the kids and teenagers today are a whole other animal!!! They seem so 'entitled', I don't even know, or understand how or why this happens!!! The gall of some, young and old makes me step back and look at them in amazement, and wonder how they got to be their age without someone killing them!-ya know? I will be in my house, writing, with my kitty, being the over-protective person I am, wondering how this world became what it is.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Love and,.......sickness?

This past weekend my girlfriends and I went to see SATC movie for the SECOND weekend in a row! We all loved it, and I think we live vicariously thru Carrie and Big. (At least I do, I suppose.) I loved the whole thing, the romance of it all, the clothes,shoes,bags,....all of it! Not that it's very realistic, but isn't that the point of movies, and entertainment? Everyone takes this stuff all so seriously, that I laugh. There is enough serious 'stuff' in this world right now. Please people, take it for what 'entertainment' is,......will ya? Anyways,....listening to the news today, as I get ready to run a bunch of errands (and its pouring out, all I want to do is nap with my kitty,) and all I do is get sick with how people treat babies,kids,animals,and each other. It's sickening. I can't fathom it. It's so horrifying, I can't even think straight. I have to go run my errands now. Get myself in a better mood.