Friday, January 30, 2009

How boring can I get?

This is the first time in a long time, that I have nothing to 'bitch' about, or even something good to tell ya. The last few nights have been great, and very trying at the same time. I LOVE having my kitty around all the time,....and I LOVE this house,......but not having it set up gets old after awhile. We have been searching for a countertop, and therefore, we don't have a sink, it's kinda hard to cook, so we have been eating all our meals out,......and that makes my husband and I VERY GROUCHY. Once in awhile, it's great,.....but it's hard on our stomachs, and wallet. Today I have a job interview,....nothing major,...just a job finally. (It will take my mind off of our 'legal' problems,) and give me money to not feel guilty spending! We have an upcoming court date that is hanging over our heads,...the first of many,...and I don't know what to expect,....VERY WORRIED about that. Anywho, I said,.....yesterday we went and looked at countertops,...granite always wins hands down with me,'s just the matter of what color, and who will give us the best deal. BOR-ING, I know. Sorry,....this is my life right now. I can't crack on drivers w/ cellphones, 'cause I'm not driving back-n-forth now, boring can I get? (Altho,~if I get this job, I will have alot of fodder to work from.) Trust me on that. I'll let ya'll know. Maybe I'll go shopping and try on clothes that don't fit me anymore because I stopped working-out for the last six months due to said legal problems, which caused us to move back to our condo, which made me insane, and took up every waking thought as to how to get back at my neighbors for slamming doors, hammering, drilling, and bouncing off the hallway doors as the leave their apartments. (Yes, I secretly, and sometimes not so secretly plot my revenge.) Not to mention, once all that happened, my every waking thought was to put our house back together, and move back here to STAY. Which we have successfully done now, (seven months later.) But at what price? I have (literally) aged before my family's eyes, I have (literally) gained just about 30 pounds,(which looks like even more on someone who is only 5foot.) Cut 8 inches of hair off in a tizz about being tired all the time,....and has to make herself TRY to look presentable to the world when my husband and I go out anywhere. Now that I'm here in the house, I am going to start weight training again. (First time I haven't trained this long since I was 21.) Kinda scary. I've turned into one of those 43 year old women who looks like she doesn't give a crap. And I don't right now. But for my husband and kitty's sake, I will do better, (and my family.) I have to, my health will be taking a turn for the worse if I keep going like this. (My blood pressure is high, along w/ my cholesterol.) Never had that before. I don't see shopping today,...maybe just a long nap w/ my kitty, and some Girl Scout cookies from my next-door-neighbors,........

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Home again,~FINALLY.

After all this time, first night in the new house will be tonight. I cannot wait, husband FINALLY set up our bed, and the first thing our kitty did was lie down and cuddle up to me and take a nap. Now that's what I call a "Welcome Home" present!!! I napped for about two hours with him all cuddled up in a ball leaning right on me,.....happy,happy,happy. My husband can't decide whether he wants to stay here tonight or not. I told him, with or without him, I'm staying. It's just too comfortable and quiet here. (Makes me very calm, and soothes me to be here in the house.) This morning I was getting ready to come here, and I was putting make-up on, I could hear someone drilling away,...made me want to pull the ears off my head and jump up-and-down on them!!! It didn't stop for almost half an hour,....(it was 8:30 AM damn it!),...woke my husband up and put me in a rather cranky,crabby mood until I left, (and my husband went back to sleep. How, I don't know,because it started up again when I walked out the door.) Heard it all the way down the hall and in the elevator, and to my car!!! Tear. Ears. Off! It was worse when we both worked at night (untill 6AM,) and we'd come home, and drilling, hammering, banging, slamming would be going on, I just about wanted to kill EVERYONE. Then we got a noise machine(?), and ear plugs, and it helped, but I can't sleep with earplugs,....makes me feel too vulnerable. (The same with those eye thingy masks.) Can't do it.
Anyhow~so here I am,...getting ready to paint some trim,...getting the couches cleaned tomorrow,...putting the blinds up today,...and I'm back in business, and with my kitty,~most importantly! Yippee.

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's the Little Things

I swear,...the day is finally here that we are getting our new A/C installed, (which to my husband means we can start staying here now!) Thank the Lord!!! Ya'll have NO IDEA what this has been doing to me. I have been so depressed and sick-to-my-stomach just about everyday. The only thing that has helped is that one of my favorite TV shows started their new season last night,(Burn Notice) and I so LOVE that show. Anyone who has watched will know when I say that I want to be Fi (Fiona) when I (finally) grow-up! And if I had a GIRLFRIEND,(yes, like that) it would definitely be her, (or P!nk), because I think they are hot, and awesome! Anyways,......the other things going on is,...I've been trying to get myself some sort of PC that I can have with me without lugging my laptop around,...(I know, how spoiled can we all get?)......and I got a HP Jornada on Ebay,...can't get it to sync with my laptop,....I got an ITouch for X-mas from my best friend, it shuts down and the screen freezes when I try to download Navigation stuff,(yes, I went to the Apple store, and they 'supposedly' fixed it, I got home, and started to download that again, and the same thing happened!Frozen.) I mean it's just one thing after another,....does anyone else have these little mishaps or what? All this just SUCKS. I actually got so frustrated last night, I actually cried. Is that the most ridiculous thing you ever heard? I felt so stupid too, my husband didn't know what to do w/ me. On a brighter note,....this past Weds. was my husband and I's 18-year anniversary of our first date! Now that we are married, (only for 3 years,) we celebrate that one, but I couldn't resist, and got him a card and a little gift,...he was very surprised, and touched, which made it all worth it. (He is the best thing that ever happened to me,-besides my kitty.) In every day life sometimes I forget how good I have it, (no matter what is hanging over our heads legally,) and I take little things for granted that at the end of the day I kick myself for. So I'm trying to always appreciate everything we have, and do, (and don't have to do,) that has been the last few days. Yep,....exciting, ain't it? More on moving tomorrow,-whoo-hoo.(Can't wait for that.)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brisk business

Well,---my day has already been full. I finally got an OK from my husband as to which A/C people will be replacing ours,...they will be here on Friday morning, (and it can't be quick enough!!!) I also went this morning to the Apple store and got my Itouch unfrozen. I am so happy,...I finally got to the house around noon,(yes,that was all done BEFORE noon,)and my kitty was in the front yard waiting for me. This is him grabbing my arm trying to get me in the house!!! Could he be any cuter?! The temperature is a brisk 53 right now, which is unusually cold for South Florida,....but I LOVE this weather,'s very breezy, and the sun is out, and it's still cool,(cold.) I'm NOT complaining one bit,...but my kitty is curled up on his big pillow, and I moved it into the sun, and he's sound asleep. All is good in my world right now, (happy sigh.)

Oh and, as you can tell, I just taught myself how to put pictures on my blog. Yay me!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Am So Proud Today

Today was a great day. I woke-up like a kid on Christmas morning. I couldn't wait to see, and hear the Inauguration. I know I shouldn't even talk politics,....but all I will say is today was a GREAT day. I had tears in my eyes watching,...and for the first time in a long time, I felt proud,...PROUD to be American. There is hope for us yet. There are no words to describe what I felt today. I am humbled and in awe. Thanks for listening, and if you don't agree,....just move on then, that's all I gotta say. I said my piece, (peace.)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm not in Kansas anymore

Well,...I haven't left the condo since I last posted. I've been sick to my stomach since, my nerves are shot, and I am emotional at the drop of a hat. (You'd think I was PMS-ing, but I'm not.) My husband has gone to the house since I haven't left here, to see Sugar. He loves to spend time with him as much as I do. (Thank god.) He never had animals growing-up,(his sisters had bad allergies,) and this little kitty has completely stolen his heart, and turns him into mush with one little chirp! (It's really funny to see this big, muscular, tatooed guy talking cute to our little pastel peanut.) I finally stressed to my husband how badly we just need to move back there, so I can be around our little guy. I think he gets it now. (We'll see when it's time to get things done tomorrow.) Anyways,...he has been taking such good care of me,...making me soup,...getting me ginger-ale,....calling my mom,....etc. I just hope we can be in our house by this time next week. I sat on my butt all day, watching the Cardinals beat the Eagles,(thank you lordy.) We are watching the second game now,...and waiting for chinese food to be delivered,...(I love Wonton soup when I'm not feeling good.) Tomorrow I'm going to get up as if nothing is wrong, and go to the house, finish painting, and call some more A/C people. My hubby said as soon as the A/C gets fixed, THATS when we can start moving in. I'll be on that so fast tomorrow again,...I WILL get it fixed whether I'm tossing cookies or not,---so help me.

Friday, January 16, 2009

My little world collides.

Sitting here at our condo,....feeling VERY SHAKY. I got up early, and went to the house to do some more painting. Empty house, save for a few things,(like an office chair, a cute red foot hassock from Target-that my kitty likes to lounge on, and patio furniture.) So,...I'm there painting,....perfectly happy, kitty curled-up sleeping on one of the patio chairs after THREE bowls of tuna flakes!!!,....and I had all the windows open,....gorgeous,cool, comfortable,breezy day, radio blasting,....nice peace, and quiet,....and all of a sudden I hear, (and see out of the corner of my eye,) a car fly down our street, (we are on a U-street,).......and then two cop cars,...and two undercover cars, and a motorcycle cop, and a K-9 unit, and about THREE MORE undercover cars,...flying out of nowhere,-this happened all in about-literally-less than a minute. I immediately checked on my peanut,(kitty,) and called my next-door-neighbor to see if she was okay, and we met out in our front yards,-wondering what in the world was going on in our little neighborhood. (It really is a good neighborhood, and we kn0w all our neighbors,-even on the other side of the block!) Well,...we come to find out that a lady-neighbor came home, and walked into someone burglarizing her home, and she called 911, and ran out her back door to her next-door-neighbors,....who is four houses down from me,....and they thought the guy was still in the house,....we saw a whole SWAT team go in the front door with guns blazing. I was quite shaken, and to be honest, it brought back some not-so-good memories of 6 months ago, at our house. (The house and neighborhood I love.) All in all, this commotion going on, and finally after an hour goes by,...we all go back in our houses, and I go back in AND close the front door, and garage door,...and look in and see my kitty STILL sound asleep in a little fuzzy white ball, innocent and cute. He kinda sensed me sitting there looking at him, and woke up and looked at me as to say; ' is something wrong?', and gave me a big yawn, and stretch. I about laughed out loud, and cuddled him till he couldn't stand me anymore, and he went out to do his kitty-work of hunting, and marking all his spots,....disappearing into the back palms that he loves to lie and hunt in. Funny,....he is so unaffected. THATS what I love about animals. They are so honest, and true. Almost to a fault. I feel so torn, living at our condo, and being at the house doing the renovations. It's killing me to be like this, I'm almost making myself physically ill. So,...(my neighbor is fine by the way.) I'll be around tomorrow,-probably w/ more stories of my old self disliking rude,careless, arrogant people, and telling you about it, but right now I'm just too shaken to do anything more.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I want to be invisible

I've had a very rough day for reasons I can't explain. My life is SO MESSED UP right now,....both mine and my husband's. Sometimes I just need to be alone, and I haven't been for two days now, and I think I'm going to explode. (I'm not kidding.) I need some alone time with my kitty, and some quiet,....and I will be aligned again. Today, all we have gotten done, was going to Ikea. I swear, I just want to get moved into our house, and that will be half my battle with all the 'bad' going on in our life. I would be in our house, with our awesome neighbors,(they are really considered family at this point!-believe me.)AND,....I would be with my kitty 24/7. Now THAT would make me happy. (I mean all the stuff wouldn't be gone,...we still have 'stuff' hanging over our heads,-big time,)...but being w/ my little buddy would help me so much. I know it sounds really ridiculous,...but I have a very special relationship, and connection w/ this little guy. He keeps me sane, now, when I need it the most. (It helps my husband if I'm sane, so he can go flying off the handle!!!Believe me when I say this,....)....I wish I was kidding,.....I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Almost a kitty

Well,...sat at the house today, waiting for the second half of our kitchen cabinets to be delivered. Wouldn't you know it?! Saturday morning, right? They said they would be there between 10 and 10:30AM. Of course I was there by 9:45,...and waiting,...and waiting, and waiting. I called them by 11:45, and they said they would be there within an hour, and that their truck had broke down, and they were waiting for someone to come fix it. Well, let's just say about FOUR HOURS later, there they were!-bringing in cabinets,-FINALLY. If we hadn't already paid for them, and REALLY NEED THEM, I would have told them to get lost! Oh well. I was STILL happy. Ended up sitting in a empty house,(nice and peacefully quiet too,) with no A/C, and no TV on,no radio on,(which is more than fine with me,) and hung out with my best buddy,(my kitty Sugar Man.) We had a ball!!! Ate,napped,played, ate some more, napped some more,played some more...and that was just me!!!(I was just about as close to being a kitty as I could get today. It was great.) I got good quality time with my little guy. Much needed on both our parts. I came back (grumpily) to our highrise condo around 8pm. (Just in time for the second NFL game that my husband was glued to!!! )Wish I was still there with my little Man.

Monday, January 5, 2009

It Doesn't Get Any Better?

Well,-you know how it is when you get going with stuff?, a house with work being done? Well,---with all the aggravation,disagreements,and scheduling, all has been going fairly smooth,-since New Years Eve,-(yes, they even worked the day of New Years Eve.Surprise,surprise.)But that doesn't last for long in my world,(-as I have learned. Murphys Law,-right?)Today,....the wonderful F.P.& L. decided we weren't worthy of electricity,...and after two frantic phone calls,much yelling between my husband and I,(who's fault it was,)and me crying and raging, it was straightened out,...but getting it on in a 'timely manner' when you have contractors,plumbers,floor installers, and electricians working by the hour,just doesn't bode well with our bank account. Are you kidding me?! It was their fault,(they admitted it was a 'computer error', so no one could really be blamed,-right?) It ruined my entire day. I actually tossed-my-cookies as soon as I jumped out of the truck,-right in our front yard! My little kitty,(Sugar) was there anxiously waiting for us in the driveway. My poor little peanut could feel the vibes from a mile away! (He ran under the car immediately.) :( To make a long story short,.....we got to the house about 2:30-3 o'clock, and left there at 8pm, and the electric STILL hadn't been turned on. WTF! (sorry.) I'm just so aggravated, and hating life, I want to pound someone,(preferrably someone at FP&L.) I really understand how people just go off. I swear. And now-a-days, how do people even make it financially? How? I went to Home Depot, AND Lowes,-just for baseboards,and it was going to cost us $500!!! We are talking BASEBOARDS people, NOT gold fixtures. (The house is only 1600 SQ.FT. We are NOT talking a mansion here.) ?????? That is the only 'decorative' bonus I wanted for the house,....BASEBOARDS. Can SOMEONE PLEASE explain this all to me? PLEASE, because it really doesn't get any better than this.