Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thank goodness it's not me

My two days off were fun. My husband and I and my sis-in-law went and saw "Alice in Wonderland", and I loved it. 3-D. Very cool. I'm still waiting for my Russell Crowe movie 'Robin Hood' to come out. I think it's in May. (I have it written on my calender,-believe me.) Can't wait for that. The way I think is,-Russell Crowe always puts out a movie worth seeing. He doesn't do crappy movies.(For the exception of Mystery Alaska, and I still loved it.) There are very few actors that I would go to a movie for, no-matter-what,...and Mr. Crowe is definitely one. Anyways,---this week we have to pay our property taxes, and it's a big ouch. It's over 5 grand for the house we live in. Jeez. How do people come up w/ that in this day and age? It's scary. Also,...all this teen violence going on. It's horrible. I can't imagine having a child going to school now-a-days. There would be no way in the world that I would let my child outta my sight for one second to go to school down here. No way. It makes me ill just to think about it. (Thank God I never had kids. I really couldn't handle it. I just couldn't.) It's an ongoing issue my husband and I discuss alot. The more stories he hears, the more he's actually starting to agree w/ me. We used to disagree adamantly about homeschooling, but now he is starting to come around. I would homeschool my child in a second,.....I am dead serious. That kid would honestly not leave my sight until they were 18, and I am NOT joking. Just watch the news one night and I'm sure you will start to come around. Even my kitties I'm SUPER protective of,...maybe I'm just obsessive. What do I know. (And I'm glad I don't have kids. I'd be insane.)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Short and Sweet

I love Sundays. I read the newspaper, lounge around, play w/ the kitties, and just usually have off from work. It's relaxing, and peaceful. It helps my head. We usually go out for breakfast at the local diner, and everyone knows us there. Then we come home, take naps or watch a good movie, or a hockey game if there's one on,....that's a perfect day to me. Make a nice dinner, or grill some chicken, and then it's time to watch one of our favorite, favorite shows, "Breaking Bad." I really take that show to heart,....I get so emotional,....the characters are so familiar to me,....and we still have to wait three more months for "Burn Notice" to start again. All our favorite shows. How boring are we? But that's how I like it. Uneventful. That's when life is good,...when everything is just going. How 'bout that? I sound a little happy. I shouldn't even say that,....I might jinx it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sorry ya'll

Well,...I'm watching "American Idol", and boy do I take back my opinion of Andrew Garcia. He has progressively gone downhill from when I first heard him sing "Straight Up". Crystal Bowersox is the runaway winner to me,(but that's just my opinion.) She makes me want to hear every single song she sings.Not to mention Siobahn Magnus and Lee DeWyze. So,...yeah, how boring am I? I really want to get my taxes done this week, but I can't get myself in gear to do anything. Not even around the house. I keep trying to get myself motivated, but nothing works. NOTHING. Do I sound like a broken record? I feel so outta sorts. The weather just turned overly warm here, and I've been really dreading it. It doesn't motivate me like it does everyone else down here in South Florida. I will be so happy the day we end up moving north somewhere,.....anywhere. We looked at the same place again that is for sale in northeast Boca, and I still LOVE the place. I just don't see it happening no matter how bad I'd like it to. My husband is NOT on board of buying another place until we sell at least one of the two places we have for sale. And of course I understand that. But it doesn't make things here at this house any easier, or more comfortable,(and I don't mean between us,) I mean literally living here. I'm also going through all these thoughts in my head about my job, and how unhappy I am. I hate my job, and I'm not making hardly any money, so why not make no money working at the mall, where I would be somewhat happier and alot more interested,-that's for sure. So why not? That's what I want to do. I'd be happier working in the mall then where I'm at right now. Sounds ridiculous I know. If everyone had my problems,(I know,) everything would be great. So I guess I'm being a big baby. I'm sorry to complain,I guess I'm feeling sorry for myself. So I'll be signing off now. I'm sure you're sick of hearing my babble.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Breathe

Came home from work to an empty house 'cept for my little Munky. My husband went to play some poker at the Casino, and I couldn't be happier. I treasure my alone time,...I really do. Somehow it helps me,....Munky and I played, did laundry, cleaned her little room up, got the garbage ready for pick-up,(so my husband didn't have to do it when he came home.) He's been doing ALL the shopping, ALL the laundry, everything. I had to do some stuff tonight, or I just wouldn't have felt right. So we did all this while running around the house playing tag, and peek-a-boo, and her running with my hair ties that she loves to shoot across the floor, and throw in the air and jump off all fours and catch. Needless to say,...we had fun, and I'm ready to put the clean sheets on the bed, and have Munky and I jump in and go to sleep. Altho 'Sex and the City' just came on, so maybe I'll stay up a little longer and watch this the next hour. Munky is already napping on her comforter we keep on the living room floor with two boxes under it (to be her "fort".) Remember when you were a kid?, and you made "forts" in the living room?, or front yard? I always did that w/ folding chairs and two big blankets. I would lie in there for hours on end playing house,(in our front yard.) Weird, huh? So we always make sure her little "fort" is made-up on the living room floor, so she feels like she has her own little place, but still be near us when we are watching TV, or I'm on the computer. She loves it. Whether she's in the fort, on the fort, on the comforter that's on the fort,...she loves the whole thing. And that's where she curls up and naps sometimes. Aren't ya glad I told you all that? And did ya'll wear green today for St.Patrick's Day? I did. You know, the tradition is that if you don't wear green on St.Pattys, you get a pinch. When I use to bartend, all the girls wore green,...believe me, they didn't need another excuse for someone to man-handle them. I was always behind the bar, so no one could get near me,(-and I always had the biggest boyfriend/now hubby.) So anyways,....Happy St. Patty's Day,...be safe.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another day another memory

Gorgeous weather out today for here. It was about 65 degrees, sunny and very breezy. Gorgeous. We went up to a little area called The Walk, and went to an opening of a new little place to eat. It's all organic, and it was very good. We sat outside and had burgers and fries, people watched,....I could've sat there all day, but my husband wanted to come home. (We live so close we coulda walked there and back.) We left Munky and Sugar in the house alone, and didn't want to push our luck for too long. We might go to the movies and see Alice in Wonderland, or Wolfman. Any suggestions? It feels good to get outta the house,...wish we did it more often. Our lives have changed so much. Things are okay here,....but things could be better to tell you the truth. I just want things to be over, so we can just move on with our lives. I want to move SO BAD. Just get outta here, ya know? No more here. Sometimes at night I re-live everything, and when I take Munky out for her nightime walks, I start looking around and I get paranoid all over again, and think we are being watched. I do get so paranoid. I just can't help it. I really can't. I have these little conversations in my head about how ridiculous I'm being,....I go back-n-forth about how we still could be being watched. I always thought I was so on my toes. That's one of the things that really has bothered me about some of that happened. We were under survillance(sp?) for at least a few months from what our lawyer (and some neighbors have told us.) Can you imagine? Do you know how bad that has messed w/ my head? I go over and over it in my head, and try to figure out what I coulda done different to make those damn idiots realize that they were oh-so-wrong about us. It so doesn't matter right now. I'm sorry,...it's what makes me crazy tho. I re-live it all over and over and think I can change something, and it will never happen. Oh well. I just have to rise above it. And I will one day. Just not now.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Off on a tangent

I need to ask ya'll something. I was standing in line after work tonight,....and there was a long line, and people started getting restless,...reading magazine covers, commenting, etc. Someone says that all the celebrities get what they deserve, and that how hard could it be to be famous, and have your picture taken all the time? that kinda thing, etc. Well, of course, I had to pipe up finally and say my piece. Are you kidding me? Can you imagine what it all entails to be a famous person nowadays? The right outfits, the right makeup, the right hair, the right weight, the right this, the right that. Please! You honestly could NOT pay me ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD to be famous right now. NO WAY Jose! (Not that I will ever have to worry about it, but just the thought sends shivers down my spine.) I'd love to be the money-making unknown in the background who writes the great stuff, or what-have-you,....IN THE BACKGROUND. Could you imagine having the idiot paparazzi people even going near your children? Is nothing sacred to people anymore? I know this isn't a big problem,....certainly nothing to dwell on,...but I'm just so offended by how people think, and what they expect, and how they are nowadays. It's disgusting. No one takes pride in being a nice person, with manners, and speaking without using foul language. It irks the living daylights outta me! I want to scream sometimes when I have to deal w/ some dirty-joke-telling, he-man, who thinks he's entitled , and I have to be nice and polite, and try to act like I mean it. Yeah, I rather stick hot burning spears into my eyes and ears just to make it all go away. So now that I've gone off on my tangent,.....thanks for listening,....let me know what you think,....oh what the heck!-who cares right now,who am I kidding?....I'm just glad anyone is reading this. Thank YOU.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Reason's why

Got off early from work today thinking I was going to get my taxes done, and they couldn't do them because of my rental unit condo,(that somehow can't be sold or rented to save my life it seems!) It's a special program that they do if you live in the area that I'm at, AND IT'S FREE. I knew it was too good to be true. So I got off an hour early, waited an hour and a half, and got NOTHING done. Oh well. I came home and immediately took Munky out for our daily time in the yard. We were out almost two hours, and Sugar came and hung-out w/ us. It was lotsa fun. I'm unwinding now, trying to figure out when and where to get my taxes done. Also trying to download my pictures from my Blackberry, and I can't seem to get it to get going. I've tried everything. I'll figure it out eventually,-it's just aggravating when it won't just do what you want. Period. I've really become obsessed w/ this new bag out by B.Makowsky,.....and for some reason, the second I laid eyes on it,....I had to have it in every color. I haven't gotten it yet, but it's on my list,...I can tell ya that much. How I become obsessed w/ these things, I don't know. I guess it's like a compulsion. I read these fashion magazines, and I want some things I see in there. The problem is, our life is nowhere near like it used to be,...we don't go out AT ALL anymore. I still love dresses, high heels, nice bags, faux-furs, and NICE jewelry. It was great when we lived in Coconut Grove, but not here, and certainly not anymore. That's why I feel so depressed I think,-or at least part of it. I KNOW the other reason why.

From good to missing everything

Another week over, and another one starting. Yep. Not even the Oscars can excite me. (Well maybe seeing "Babs" present for best director.) Yea, that excited me. EVERYTIME I see her on anything,...I get emotional. She was my parents favorite, and my father's favorite. I remember when I was very young, I would sit and cuddle with my dad and we would listen to the"My Name is Barbara" album, and we'd sing along to every song. Those were such great, happy memories. My parents missed TWO Broadway performances of "Funny Girl" because of me! (my mom had many problems when she was pregnant w/ me. Sorry mom!) I think when they finally got to go and see it, I was very happy in my mom's stomach. I had to come out early to learn who this Barbara Streisand was!~and I've loved her since! She sings, and I get emotional, she talks, -I get emotional, she just stands there,-I'm emotional! I guess you get it. So,....to say the least,...nothing else new. Munky and I have been going on some great walks out in the yard. She LOVES to "go outside". She even knows what I mean when I say it. She meows as soon as I ask her. (My little sweetie.) I think I depend on her, more than she ever will on me. She is my lil girl, she curls up next to me when I go to bed,...she sits up on the bathroom counter when I take a shower, she naps at my feet when I sit w/ the computer,....and believe me,....first thing when I wake up, and last thing before I go to bed, I look at her and fall in love w/ her even more if it's possible. Even Sugar has been visiting more and more, which REALLY makes me happy. He's still grumpy w/ me, but at least he comes by. I will ALWAYS adore him. I finally got the hang of using the video camera on my Blackberry, and got some of the cutest moments of Sugar and Munky together. She was trying to flirt w/ him. So cute. Yeah, I'm in a corny mood as you can tell. It all started w/ seeing "Babs" tonight. I get so wistful, and I'll never stop missing everyone,......

Friday, March 5, 2010

What's next

I wrote a nice long blog on Wednesday I think it was, and somehow my computer wouldn't let me save it and get it on here. I was very upset. When I write, it really helps me, and when I lose something I write, I become desperate.(Like Carrie on SATC when she didn't "back up"!) Yep,...so I just had to take a step back, and not write for a few days, and hope this time it will make it on the blog.Watching the news everyday,.....can this world become anymore dreadful, and scary? The earthquakes, the tsunamis, the floods? Could Nostradomus predictions be coming true? I read about him when I was in high school, and ever since, have been very interested in him. It's a little scary to think and read about tho. I mean,....what happened in New Orleans, I thought would never have been capable in the U.S. Those poor people still haven't gotten it all together, and they are totally forgotten already. Haiti, Portugal, China,....where next? I feel like I should get outta dodge right now. But to go to where?Right? I think I'd like to live in a Mall. I could forget about all the ugliness, and stick my little head in the sand, and just shop. Sometimes that's really how I feel, because I feel so overwhelmed with the world right now. (All I can say is thank God for Obama. The only bright spot in this otherwise dismal place.) I know everyone doesn't agree, and I don't really care, (we all have our opinions,right?), but he can only do so much after 8 grueling years of putting IDIOT Bush in there, with his cross-eyed, devious smile,blank stares, and putting us in this economy we have right now. All Obama can do is try his best to clean up Bush's mess. How he will do it, I couldn't even fathom,...but he's doing what he thinks is best, and I'm with him 100%. SO,.....on that note,....I am going to go take a nap with my husband and kittys. Maybe catch a movie later on. I'll report back.