Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm NOT good with change

Okay, I got offered a job at a pet resort/boarding/medical facility that is right down the street from us here. Do I go for it or what? It would be doing what I love, (being around animals,) and I'm not positive about the details, but I was told that the benefits there are excellent, but not the pay, which is exactly what I'm in now with this liquor company. The pay is horrendous, but the benefits are top notch, what do I do? I am so not good with any kinda change,.....good, bad, or otherwise. I'm so comfortable at where I am right now, but that other job just sounds so fun, and even the not-so-fun parts, I've already done, and know I can handle 'em. I have to go to a 'formal interview' but this mgr. already told me I'm as good as hired. (She even introduced me to everyone as the new employee, while I was there filling out the application.) I'm just torn,....I don't know what to do, but I guess at the formal interview I can ask questions, like about working holidays, or Sundays, or pay, or whatever and then way my pros, and cons. Gosh~ who would've thought? People are out there fighting for jobs they can't get, and I got this situation. I feel guilty too,...I don't know. I honestly don't. I guess I'll just wait-n-see. Any suggestions?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

How boring am I

Sooooo~ nothing new really with me. I have no life,...I work and come home, spend time with the kittehs, and hubby, and then I get on the computer and that's about it. How boring am I? I mean really. I haven't shopped, I haven't eBayed, or anything at all, - how good am I being? And boring like I said. Took Munky to the vet and she got all her shots updated, checked her ears, and clipped her nails, and she was good to go, but when we got home all she did was sleep. For over 24 hours, and she got up once to throw up poor baby. I called the vet and she told me to give her half a Pepcid and it should help her little tummy. We did and about 8 HOURS later she was good as new. Let me tell ya, I'm not doing those shots again for her unless I absolutely have to. I HATE seeing her like that. Hate it. She laid on my husbands pillow and slept the whole time, so we switched, and I laid on my husband's side, and she slept right next to my head. My husband stayed with her while I was at work, and got her to eat a little finally last night. This was very traumatic for me. She IS my child ya know. So, uh,.......that's about it really. Been going and reading some other interesting blogs too. Gawd, I AM BORING.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A little bit of everything

Okay, so I'm back again. Posts have been few and far between I know.(Sorry.) Work has been hogging all my time. All the orders, all the 'new' stuff like I mentioned in my last post. All the new flavors in vodka are coming out of the wood-work. Peanut butter, cookie dough, bacon,....all vodkas!!! (Scary, - isn't it?) And yes, believe this or not, I talked to another liquor company rep just yesterday, and he was telling me that they actually have a salmon flavored vodka coming out. Ewwwwwww,....can that be any MORE disgusting? I mean really now. Ewwww. What's next?-----anchovie?, sardine?, filet mignon? Enough is enough already. Good God. Soooo~ ummmm, yes, work is kicking my butt as it always does starting this time of year. People just get meaner, and meaner too. Like I always say, it NEVER ceases to amaze me. Tomorrow I'm taking Munky to her second vet appt. she has ever had, and I know it won't be easy. I hate seeing her scared, and cry, makes me cry. I think she has picked up ear mites, and I have to get that treated. As much as she loves going outside on her walks at night, I'm not so sure it's such a good thing anymore. I'm going to ask our vet to be sure tho. I don't want her walks to be doing her more harm than good. The last time I took her to the vet when she was 9 weeks old was to be spayed, and get her shots, and I cried my eyes out handing her over to someone else and leaving. I wanted to stay, but it just didn't make sense. I cried all the way home in the car, and even called into work the next two days because she was so out-of-it from the anaesthetic. I wouldn't and couldn't leave her side. I put her in bed with me and laid there with her comforting her, and tried to feed her and give her water. My sweet little girl, - how I love her. So to say the least, tomorrow is a big day for both Munky and I, and I already told them I'd be late coming in. What else is new? .............. getting ready to get a new cellphone, and I think I'm going to try out an Iphone. I dunno', they have to give me some sort of good deal before I even think about it tho, so we'll see. (I'll keep ya'll posted.) Wish me luck tomorrow, and I'll tell ya some great drink recipes to go with those new vodka flavors! Stay with me.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I will win

This is just some quick thoughts for today,...............Can you believe how that fateful day in April of 2008 changed our lives and us so dramatically? Tonight is the first time in I-don't-know-how-long that I haven't walked around with my cellphone in my hand, bra, sock, shoe, etc. Ever since that day, I have, case that ever happened again, and I needed to call our SIL, next-door-neighbor, or lawyer. Isn't that horrible? I actually opened our blinds on the sliding glass doors to look out at the pool all day, and watch the beautiful palms sway in the wind, and the rain in the pool. First time in years. I even took a shower with my cellphone in my purse far away from reach which is a FIRST for me. I guess I'm making some head-way. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's very true, and a very real fear for me. I sleep with my cellphone EVERY night (under my pillow.) Every night, and that's no lie.(I wish it were.) And my kittehs,......thank god for them, they are my savior. When I get real focused on something, (that has to deal with our 'legal experience',) my kittehs take my mind off of it all. I play, chase, and skwitch them to there hearts desire. I so love them. They help me thru my dark times,-BELIEVE ME. And, the middle right now of watching the 'Breaking Bad' finale for the second time, and it's as intense as ever. Made fresh mussels, chicken and vegetable pot stickers, and some fresh squash. Great dinner, great entertainment. Cleaned out one of our bedrooms finally this afternoon, and now we got lotsa room for our treadmill and exercise bike. Even have our weights in there, and put up one mirror, with more to come. Even tho I hate everything here, I have to survive here, and this helps. It helps ALOT,- trust me. I have to survive here for however long we end up here before we move. And I have to be somewhat healthy, or it will kill me. Us. I can't have that. I REFUSE to let that happen. REFUSE. NOT an option. Period. So here we are. I refuse to let them win. REFUSE. F&*%$ them. I win. Now and forever. Yay me.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just a start

I have a weekend off like a 'normal' person! Yay me! I've been so excited alllll week knowing I have the weekend off. So nice. I've already done cardio, and I'm watching a marathon of Dogs 101 on Animal Planet. I LOVE that show,....good info for when we do finally get a dog. (You know I can't wait.) I'm also planning on cleaning out one of the three bedrooms today, and make it our 'cardio room' so we will feel a little more enthusiastic about doing cardio. I gotta start somewhere to stay on top of exercising, right? Counting down the seconds til we start cooling off down here in South Florida. It's STILL in the 80's and 90's here,.....ICK. Nothing else new really going on in my life here. Same ole', same ole'. What else?..........Oh,....some new products that will be coming out on the liquor market, vodka flavors: marshmellow, peanut butter, and bacon. Also, pomegranate tequila. Yep. Scary isn't it? We already have frosting, cake, gummy bear, and whipped cream flavored vodkas that people are snapping up like crazy for holiday parties and baking. Big right now is pumpkin every which way, in beer, liquors, and simple syrup. I'll never get it, considering that I don't really drink, oh well, to each his own, right? So yea, just gettin' ready to do some cleaning, organizing, and throwing out, AND I'm actually lookin' forward to it.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Can't wait for that FOR SALE sign

I know I'm not posting as much. (Tis the season. Holiday stuff starts Sept.1st in the liquor business,...and we have started,-ICK.) So I've been working like a mad-person, and I woke-up today with all sortsa allergies, so I called in sick at work. I just needed it,-and they said no problem,-so that's that. I'm just tired too. The weather here is just starting to get nice, but still too warm. I'm trying to light a fire under my husband's behind to start any project on this house, but he's fighting a severe sinus infection. So oh well. Another year here in this miserable place won't kill us I guess. I just hate the memories here,'s just too hard. Next week we made a deal to go to the beach condo, and clean it up and install new carpet and get it rented out. One thing off our minds than. I just want to move outta here. I've been looking online again at places in Canada, and OMG!!! There are some GORGEOUS homes with property on the ocean with homes to die for for sale, and NOT a lot of money either. Nice. I keep showing it all to my husband, we will see when it comes down to it I guess. Gorgeous places,-I'd love it. Do we need to stay here? NO. Do we want to stay here? Maybe, but not here, maybe closer to his sister in NE Boca, or up in Fort Pierce somewhere close to most of my family now. Yeah, I'd rather that, but I dunno' what we will ultimately do when it comes down to it, and neither does my hubbie. It will be whatever happens and falls into place at that time. I know him. Get thru the holidays, and we will be better able to cope. The only thing I'm looking forward to is Thanksgiving, and I can't wait to have everyone together. Yea us. YUM. And the only thing I will miss here is the few friends I've made, (three sets of neighbors have been wonderful,) and I will miss them immensely. I've watched their kids grow-up, we banded together during a bad hurricane,....and we helped each other thru various ups-n-downs. In spite of the neighbors, I still want outta this area. It's going down-hill fast anyways. It's nowhere near what it was like when we first bought this house,....and I just can't seem to shake our bad feeling here. I'll never feel totally comfortable living here no matter how long we stay. That's all really. I guess you can say we are on a month to month basis. I just can't wait til we can put up that FOR SALE sign in the front yard.

Monday, October 3, 2011

However you wanna say it

I'm still here, and working, working, working. Had a quiet night when I got home from work yesterday. My husband had dinner in the oven, and we watched 'Breaking Bad'. (Unbelievable episode.) This whole year went by so fast, - I can't believe it's already October, and the big holidays are right around the corner. Thanksgiving I'm REALLY looking forward to, my brother and his wife are coming down from GA. and we are having it at my sisters, and everyone will be together for the first time in years,(minus one sister.) I'm VERY VERY excited. (Besides the fact that it's my FAVORITE holiday.) I cannot wait. I've been looking at real estate online up there in Fort Pierce/Vero Beach area and there are some great deals,...and I'm just trying to talk my husband into that,....we could sell this house and the condo on the beach and buy a place on the beach up there, and have the best of all worlds. (He hates change,) so trying to get him to even look at something is like pulling teeth. I will get him to come around when he sees some of the good deals out there right now,-especially on the ocean. (He thinks we'll never be able to get another place on the beach once we sell the one we have.) I'll keep trying because #1-I really want to live closer to my family, and now that they live in one area is the time to do it, #2-we NEED to get out of this house of horrors, and get on with our lives,-living here just makes us depressed and makes me ornery. Being around my family will mellow me out some,...because they make me happy, and last but not least #3- we need to sell sell sell, and JUST GET OUTTA HERE ONCE AND FOR ALL,- END OF STORY, and not look back ever. Take our kittehs, and just get moving,.....adios,.....adio,....a la prochaine,.....salut,.....ciao,....mandi,...however you wanna say it,'s just GOODBYE.