Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coming and Going

Last week my friend Louise died,...I am still in shock,...along with Robin Williams passing away,...this has been a pretty horrible week. I havent been on here in sooo long now.  My husband and I are still sooooo DEPRESSED,....we cant get outta our own way. I had dreams last nite that we were packing up this house and moving,....I felt like a different person,...we were moving back to Atlantis. (don't I wish.,) and I felt like we had a life again. Like we were living.  Right now we are just going thru the motions, like we have been for the last 7 years. Wow,.....how depressing. On the bright side,....we have a new addition to our little kitteh family,....little Boo. He is adorable. I found him at work,....and I brought him to the vet and found out he has Feline Leukemia,....so I decided with my husband that we would try to give him the best little life we could,....and not put him down like a lot of ppl advised us too. I give him medicine/vitamins everyday,....and we give him as much love and attention as possible every single day,...and I set aside an hour or more every day just to play,...i want to keep his spirits up,....and happy. And he rewards us with the sweetest, funniest, cutest little personality and antics. We are so lucky to have him in our lives. He is amazing. I'm going to end on that happy note. Thanks for letting me just be here and write even the smallest tought,....it helps me.