Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy belated Holidays

Post Merry Christmas,(or Happy Hanukkah.) Hope everyone had a great holiday. All's well with us here. Believe it or not it was like Thanksgiving all over again, and that was GREAT. Perfect for us. No pressure, no surprises,....just good food, laughing, and spending time together with my SIL. Perfect. All my drama with my cellphone is over, and it's working perfect and I love it. I really understand how people become addicted to these darn phones. I find something new on it everyday,-it's fun. Nothing planned for New Year's Eve,(I call it amateur night,) and I refuse to go anywhere, or drive at all, (unless I'm working, -which I am, until 11pm.) Soooo~New Year's day we are driving to my mom's, and staying overnight, it will be the first time my hubby will see her new condo, and she's very excited. I can' t wait to see her, and spend some time with her and my brother, sister, niece, and cousins who will all be there. I so LOVE family time, and the older I get, the more important it is to me. Too bad we will be moving so far away eventually, time will be even less, and that part I'm NOT looking forward to. I will have to make our own time together than even more special when we are up in Canada. We spent yesterday,(my hubby's birthday,) at our beach condo with painters, contractors, and real estate agents, trying to figure out how to make the most of it, to get it ready to put it up for sale. Not what I planned really, but we had to do it, and it got done,- and plans have been made, which is a very big step for us to all agree on, so in reality, a lot got done. A L O T. Kind of a big relief even. We spent hours into the night even, packing up what we did have left there, and bringing it all to the house here. (Munky was NOT happy. Poor little thing hid in our bedroom for hours no matter how I tried to coax her out.) All the new boxes became too much and she finally came out and had to investigate. So cute. She goes thru her little emotions, first she's scared, then curiosity gets the better of her, and she smells everything, than she will actually climb on stuff, and really get into it,-she's very cute the way she goes about it. New spots to explore, sleep and hide. (Just the thought of actually traveling with her up to Canada scares the ba-jesus outta me. She is too high-strung, and I'm scared I might have to give her something to keep her calm, and I HATE that. I can't think of that now and make myself sick over it, I have too many other things to do that to myself right now.) Any-who, that's the round up of all the news here,...nothing new or exciting,....just life. My boring life,.....that I love,....with my hubby, and kittehs,....yup,.......nothing new, just like I like it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just dealing with life

I got my not-so-new-now-Iphone, and I LLLLOOOVVVEEE it. (I bought an Otterprotector for it now at my hubby's insistence.) I really love this phone. I didn't realize how much you can do, and all the apps, and the touchscreen. I'll never go back to a Blackberry again. The screen is just so much bigger and better, and brighter. (Am I going overboard here?) I might not even buy a tablet now, 'cause when I'm bed and I can't sleep, I get on my Iphone. Love it. Okay,-enough. I'm done. So,....I'm trying to not go crazy on eBay, I've found so many great deals for designer stuff, it's overwhelming. I'm going to just settle on a great pair of leopard platform pumps that I've been hawking for awhile. There is also a gorgeous Furla bag, and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, and some vintage Chanel earrings, and,....I could go on and on. And you know the sad thing? We don't go out anymore for me to wear any of this stuff. Ever. Not like we used to. I mean we used to go out to great places, and dinners, when we lived in Coconut Grove,...but now,...we're lucky we go to Outback or anything. Just not into in anymore. Is that part of getting older? I'm trying to figure out myself. I thought I'd always be 'in shape', and stay 30 yrs. old. Forever and ever, and now,...I just feel like my best years are behind me, and I'm having a hard time dealing with that. I mean I'm the 'older lady' now,...or 'ma'am', or who knows,....that's hard to deal with. Any ideas, and comments, any thoughts? Anything? Help,......

Monday, December 19, 2011

The three Bobbi Brown's

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I really wish someone would've told me I'm going to get older no matter what. Even when I was 35 I didn't think of 45 or 5o. (And actually from 35 to 40 I looked the best I ever looked believe it or not. I was 96 lbs. with abs, and weightlifting/cardio-ing like crazy. Hey-I'm barely 5".) So yeah, here I am close to 50, about 30 lbs. overweight, and not even caring like I should. Oh~ and still wanting to do, say, act, dress, and be the same way I was when I was in my 20's. What is wrong with me? The one thing I have learned and I'm very aware of and sensitive about is, I don't want to dress like I'm 20-something like you see so many older women try to do,....I shop now at different stores for clothing, and I'm very aware of outfits I wear. I don't care how good some 40 or 50 yr. old woman looks, she SHOULDN'T be dressing like a 20 yr. old. The other thing that bothers me, and I'm guilty of it right now ONLY because my husband said I'd have to sleep in my car the rest of my life is if I cut my hair short. I hate when older woman have long hair, it just doesn't look right. (I mean long hair like down to your waist.) I want to cut my hair off, but he keeps telling me not to. I look ridiculous with long hair in my late 40s, and I know it! It's embarrassing. I wear it up or in a ponytail almost all the time anyways,...but gawd, I wanna nice, chic haircut that is age-appropriate,....he keeps telling me when I get back in shape that my long hair will look 'right' again. Fat chance. I really don't agree with that, but I do listen to my husband, and I do want him to be happy with me, so I don't cut my hair off for a while, but I will cut it shorter and shorter to get him used to it, and that's my plan. So yeah,...aging,....very hard to do gracefully, at least for me. So here is basically me in a nutshell about getting older, the Bobbi Brown's of my time. The Bobbi Brown of my 20's was my idol, I wanted to be her, look like her, and be in videos,...yeah, -whatever,-...then there was Bobby Brown in my 30's that was married to Whitney Houston, and I just wanted to wrap my hands around his neck and shake some sense into him. And last but not least,...there is Bobbi Brown of today,(in my 40's,) of makeup fame and how to look age appropriate and more importantly, how to look younger wearing the right makeup. So yup,...that's me.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Should've stayed home all day

Okay,-so this is how my day went yesterday,....(and it just goes to show I shouldn't leave the house,) husband calls me and asks me to meet him at Sam's Club,(we both had some errands to run, and I left before he did, so we took two cars,....I'm impatient, what can I tell ya,...)......soooo,...I meet my husband at Sam's Club, and he gave me an early X-mas present,....he got me an Iphone, and I was so excited I was like a kid on X-mas!!! All the stuff it does,...and the gadgets, apps, etc. It's GREAT,...make a long story short,...not even three hours later at home, the Iphone slides off the counter and falls face down and cracks the whole screen. NOT EVEN THREE FREAKIN' HOURS. Is that a record or something? I mean,...I can't be left alone with anything. I'm my husband's bad little cousin who broke all his toys. My Gawd. Needless to say, I cried my eyes out, and now I'm out a phone for the next few days. I'm just sooooooo mad at myself. I watched it fall as if it was in slow motion. I couldn't believe it. I stood there for like 15 seconds in disbelief telling myself that that really didn't just happen,....but it did. I went to bed soon after that, and had bad dreams all night about my alarm not going off, and not making it into work because I had no cellphone. Weird how your mind works. This is the first time I've had no cellphone since they came out. No. Cell. Phone. I feel unsafe. I really do. I know it's only for a few days, and I work literally 1 minute from home, but still. Unsafe. Yeah,....I'm going to stick with buying Munky and Sugar stuff for X-mas,...that will be safe.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Just tired from working but I LOVE her

It's been almost a week since I've posted, and work is kicking my butt. I have today off but that's it. I am soooo tired, and I'm going to just lay low with my hubby and the kittehs. Maybe I'll actually put some X-mas decorations up. (Bah-Humbug.) We'll see how lazy I am. I might put some stuff on eBay to sell,....I have the bug again to start eBaying. (I become obsessed with eBay and the stuff I find on there. It's a very slippery slope!) I wish I was more exciting and had something major planned, or that I could tell. Nothing. (Really, boring am I?) Let's see, 'bout a 'wish list' if someone could pick anything they want for the holidays? Okay,'s what I'd wish for:
*For all animals to have a healthy happy life, - that's first and foremost to me.
*For people to get jobs that they need,
Now for the real stuff!
*A Loree Rodkin shopping spree,
*One of those $$$ custom-made cat trees for Munky and Sugar,
*A mid-century modern complete bedroom set,
*An endless supply of Pureology hair products,
*A computer tablet,which I am going to get very soon,...
.........and that's it really. (OK, I AM really boring right now,'s just 'cause I'm tired.)
I'm going to go eBay now, and hawk some more stuff. I'll be back when I'm interesting!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just stuff

Okay, so the last time I was here, I was gettin' ready to watch some football, to which the Raiders lost horribly. (NOT happy.) Still had a great day that day. Yesterday I had off, and I went shopping at Sawgrass Mills Mall. It's soooo big that I didn't get to more than half of it. I planned on shopping for my niece, mom, hubby, and SIL. Instead I bought two pairs of shoes and a gorgeous turquoise and sterling necklace from the David Yurman outlet. Yup. I'm horrible. I did get two little cellphone holders from the Coach outlet for the two girls next door for X-mas. So I'm pretty good now with getting X-mas stuff for the exception of my hubby.(The hardest person in the world to buy for.) I spent the day there at the mall,....and I don't think I'd go back til after X-mas. I love how X-mas season officially starts literally the day after Halloween. (Enough to make anyone crazy by the time December finally rolls around, and you wanna scream with hearing the music come Dec.25th!!!) Nothing else really going on, doctor appt. was cancelled at the last minute, so I have to wait for my blood test results two more weeks, and my hubby's surgery was cancelled due to his high blood pressure which is more of a result from stress about this surgery than him actually having high blood pressure. Sucks. Limbo again. So,...having fun with the kittehs and their antics. When the weather gets cool, for some reason the cats get frisky-er. They wanna run and play, and run some more, which is adorable. Munky and Sugar are just so cute together when they play it kills me.(I have no idea if we will be able to take Sugar with us when we move,...he is so adjusted to this area, but I will cry my eyes out, and forever worry about him if we don't. We will just have to see.) So again, that's all the boring stuff going on here in our little lives. Can't wait for Jan. 1st. Just want X-mas thing over with,...BAH-HUMBUG.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Football Sunday

Getting ready to watch the Dolphins-Raider game. (GO Raiders!) Tomorrow we are planning on doing some work to our condo,(putting in new carpet,) and my husband started putting in new screens here at the house.(We'll be putting a for sale sign up sooner and sooner!) Also this week my husband will be having a cancer spot removed from his back. It's really pretty big, but supposedly it's pretty contained we are told and there will be no need for anything further. I've been pretty hesitant to even talk about it, as you say cancer, and I immediately start to shake and cry. My father, my nana, both in-laws, and my husband's sister all gone. So, obviously I hear the big C, and don't react well. So I'm very hesitant to talk about it, (I haven't even told my family, only his sister knows about it,) and that's all I'm gonna say. So I'm off to cook some breakfast for us, and watch some football. I'll write more later probably. GO OAKLAND!