Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Okay so I couldn't upload all the pictures,....only the ones of the view from the two balconies. The east view is the ocean, and the west view is the city view,...I fell in love with it the first time I saw it, and knew we had to have this place. As of today it's officially up for sale. Happy camper I am.

One step closer

My husband is at our condo, getting rid of all the furniture there as I write this. I hope it looks as good as I remember it, being all freshly painted and new carpet put in. I remember the first time we walked into that place, and I said,'this is it,' I knew immediately that was what we were looking for. I thought that would be the last place we'd ever live. I really did. Boy-was I ever wrong! Not even close, and here we are 14 years later, putting our dream place,(supposedly) up for sale. We will get another place on the beach. Just NOT in a high rise building. I can't take it. Too stuffy, and I hate not being able to walk outside whenever I want to without going down the long hall, get in the elevator, go out numerous doors, and down to the garage, or out back where the pool is and beach,....it's just not what we want anymore, we outgrew it I guess. (Or realized we will sacrifice other things for a yard, etc.) Anyways~ not trying to sound like a brat, but unless you've lived in a highrise, it's kinda hard to understand I guess. It takes 20 mins. alone just to go out and get down to your car practically. That drives me crazy. I loved the house we were in until everything happened here. Now it's just full of nightmare memories, and horrible feelings that have changed us both for the worst. (And I know I'll never be the same again,-ever, from the mishap of this nightmare of a place. NEVER. My doctor has told me that I'm a changed person whether I want to face it or not,...I am. Not for the better either.) I startle so easily now, I'm a nervous wreck all of the time, I hate walking out of our house always, thinking cops will be out there surrounding us again,....even in our backyard I feel like we are under a microscope. I'm just not comfortable here, and I'm aloud to be like that from our experience, and she says it's very understandable and expected. Both my husband and I show every symptom from post traumatic disorders. It's horrible and this is 4 years after the fact. The best thing we will ever do in our lives is to move from here, and today, getting our condo in order, and ready to be put on the market TODAY is one step closer. I'm smiling big today, (it also helps that I'm off from work too.) Happy me.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heavy sigh

Yesterday was the day from hell. I went to work all fine and dandy, and went to get something to eat like I always do,(a McDonalds salad,) and I got there and there was a drive-thru line around the building. Then-I go in and order, and come out, get in my car and realize my gas light is on, so I need to get gas,...so on the way back to work, I checked my food as I pull in to get gas, and my food was totally wrong, so I got mad and instead of going back I got pissed and threw it out while I was getting gas. Then - this asshole on the other side of the pump was getting gas too, and he was,(what else?) on his cellphone oblivious to the world around him. He comes across the island WITH THE GAS STILL PUMPING OUT OF THE HOSE, and STILL talking on his damn cellphone and goes to throw something out (the garbage can was on my side,) and he poured gas down one of my legs, into my sock, and all over my sneaker! I was livid. I yelled at him that he was an asshole, and maybe if he wasn't on his damn cellphone and use his brain just a little bit,.....he wouldn't put other people in danger!!! He's lucky I didn't TAKE his cellphone and throw it across the street. I'm not kidding either. FUR-I-OUS. THEN- I get back to work, and my (good) eyeglasses fall off my head, and break. By the time I got back INTO work, I was in tears, and asked everyone if they minded if I went home early,....(they didn't,) and I cleaned up my area, finished what I was doing before I left, and went home early. And that was that. Yesterday couldn't be over quick enough. (Thank goodness no one was hurt,...especially that idiot at the gas station.) So yeah,.....I'm glad it's over.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Can't give it away

Today I'm taking a couple of people to go look at the furniture that's in our beach condo, because, -believe it or not, -you can't give away free furniture apparently. I have called everyone and every place under the sun, (and in the phone book,) and NO ONE but NO ONE wants good, used, furniture if; A-it's in a high-rise, B-they don't know what it is, C-they need pictures and lists, etc. Forget that! I finally found a place that will pick it up sight unseen, and empty the entire contents of the condo, but it's not until Jan.31st. It's beautiful free furniture,....someone could make some money off of it, but we just need it out of the condo so we can put it up for sale and show it. I mean, we have no kids, and no pets were there,...so believe me the furniture is beautiful. I never realized how hard it was to give it away. Geesh. I mean really, what a pain in the ass. It's free, just come pick it up. Damn. So yeah, that's going to be my day, having these people follow me, come look at it, and take it hopefully all. Other than that, no plans, just relaxing,....eBaying, and playing with the kittehs. We'll be so happy when we finally do sell that place,.....and we just found out that we have an extra beach locker there, and can you believe?! People are buying beach lockers in our building for $1000!!!! Holy mackerel! That's crazy. So that basically will pay for the new carpet we just put in. Can't wait to get out of here. Every little step we get closer, I realize how much this place hurts us, and how much it holds us down. It's depressing. (You have no idea.) And some pretty hard decisions will have to be made concerning Sugar, but I can't think about that yet. My little baby. Okay, I have to go do cardio, so I'm off.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Okay-so I'm blogging from my new IPhone 4 now. (Just trying it out.) I don't like to peck-type, and I didn't teach myself to type to peck at keys like this. Anyways-work is still kicking my butt big-time. Catching up still from the holidays. Things are still moving along with our condo on the beach. Tomorrow the new carpet will be put in and it's already been totally painted, so a lot going on there. And a lotta stress. At one point we had painters,carpet people, and a real estate agent there all waiting for us at once. Too much stress. (For us at least.) We usually don't get that much done in six months let alone one day. Okay. Enough is enough, and we are so close to actually getting it done and I'm soooo excited. It's a big step for us. FINALLY getting this done. And THEN we get the house started! Can't wait,can't wait, can't wait! (Did I say I can't wait?!!) Also I'm still shopping eBay and getting AWESOME DEALS. I just got a Kenneth Cole No Slouch bag for only $51!!! And today someone actually got a Michael Kors Skorpios bag for $199! (That's just sic. It's an $800 bag for Gods sake.) So yeah, the deals are there if you have the time, money, and patience. (Trust me, it pays off.) I know I sound like a broken record, but the deals are there to be had. Wish I had more money, ( I would've bid on that MK bag.) that will be my next deal I tell ya. It will be. So I'm off to 'wash that gray right outta my hair!' (I'm too lazy to go to a salon right now. I even got frustrated last night and just chopped off about three inches of hair and you can't even tell I cut it!!!) Oh well. Saturday is our 22 year anniversary from our first date and we've been together ever since, so I wanna look nice, hence the hair coloring, so off I go!

Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm on my new IPad and I love this thing! It's great for reading, playing games, watching movies, etc. but to write emails, and blogging,- NOT. Not impressed with that part. I still love it. Things are uneventful here, work is making me crazy still. I officially asked to have my hours cut,- so I will see if that happens. I have Sunday and Monday off so hopefully some fun will be had soon. And I still haven't put anything up on eBay yet. I don't know why I'm procrastinating. Just laziness I guess. I'm doing cardio everyday,...it's helping, but I know I still eventually have to get back in the gym. I have to. Lifting weights made me feel like nothing else ever could. It made me feel empowered, like I could accomplish anything, and just now it's starting to really set in how much I really do miss it, (and need it mentally, AND physically.) Its just so hard to get back into it again, and to be honest a little of it is vanity. It's hard for me to have people who used to see me in shape all the time see me like I am now, and I'm embarrassed. I mean I really am. I want to even go to a different gym but my husband doesn't like the idea of me going where he doesn't know anyone, and I understand that, but I feel like I have to start fresh, I dont want to feel already down before I even get there,....knowing I have to see people that are going to think 'whow,-what happened to her? She really got outta shape!' and that will be going thru my head the whole time I'm getting ready to go, on my drive to go, and the whole time I'm there, so why go? And that's why and how I'm not going to the gym still. I can't face it. I just can't. Not yet at least. I know eventually I will, but not just yet. Alright, I do have to get some cardio in before work, see ya!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day after day

I was off today and worked a gruelling day at work yesterday. I worked from 2pm to 2:30 am. Inventory. And it really sucks when your manager doesn't have faith in his assistant mgr. and delegates things that the asst. mgr. should be doing to a few trustworthy, caring employees. Not happy. I'm friends with my mgr. at work, and would do just about anything for him. I respect him, and he works harder than anyone I've ever worked with, but there is a line. And it's getting closer and closer. I mean, I'm what they call a shift mgr. but that's it. I don't want to be asst. mgr. even tho I've been asked numerous times to officially fill the position. They finally hire one, and this guy is totally, totally useless. He does none of the responsibilities that he should be doing and is required of him, and delegates anything that he is suppose to do, to everyone else. So basically he's doing NOTHING and getting paid for it. I could spit nails, I'm so aggravated. Fed up and aggravated. My co-worker and I have had numerous talks with our mgr. about all this, and nothing changes. There's two of us that he leans on heavily, and we end up doing all the little extra stuff that mgr.s and asst. mgr.s are paid to do, and WE end up doing it. We don't get paid like management, so why should I do all this stuff? This is exactly why I DONT WANT any of those positions. I want to do my job and go home. That's it. Okay,.....I'm done ranting,...and venting,.......I guess I just had to get it off my chest. I promise I'm done. (I've even requested to have my hours cut from 40+ down to 30hrs. a week.) I just don't want all the headaches that's been piled on me. I don't want it. D O N E. So anyways,..........still waiting for my Ipad to arrive. I think I should get it today sometime. I can't wait. I'm sooooooo excited. All the stuff you can do,....it'll be great. (I know I'm behind the times, but I'm catching up slow but sure. That's me,....slow and steady,.....) The only other things I've been doing is going with my hubby to our beach condo and getting it ready to show. Carpet put in will be next, and then move all the furniture out, and we are ready. Can't wait to officially put it up for sale. I'll post pics when it's all done. Can't wait,...can't wait,...can't wait.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bidding and biting my nails

So today I've been on eBay on and off all day, and looking at Ipads, and deciding, trying, figuring, etc. I've been weighing options, and I've come to the conclusion that I only want wifi,...and it really doesn't matter what color it is, altho I like the white better, but eventually I narrowed it down and caved,....I bought it now, a Ipad 1, wifi only, black, 16gb, for $285. Not bad, huh? I can't wait to get it. It said it was like new,...so I'll see if I even like it. For that kinda money, I don't feel so bad if it ends up being not what I wanted,....and/or, unhappy with what it's capable of doing and not doing. (Compared to paying $600 new, -or more.) THAT, I just can't justify. I also got this week,...something I've been hawking for at least a year,.....a Tiffany & Co. Portfolio, medium sized watch,...I got it for like $250,....beautiful watch,....I'm telling ya,...there are deals to be had on there. So many deals, and so little time. I should start a business with finding great designer stuff on eBay, because it's there to be had, and if you know what to look for. It really is. I still want a Kenneth Cole No Slouch bag in black,...and a Pamela Love rock ring,.....and a Gucci sterling horsebit bracelet,...and I could go on and on. All there. Just waiting to be bidded on, and lovingly bought by someone, who will wear it happily, and show it off. Anyways~ my mother is recovering nicely,...my brother has been staying there this week, and this weekend my sister and niece are staying with her.(I've been calling her every single day. I wish I could stay there to take care of her. Makes me sad, and I feel horribly guilty that I'm not.) She has a back brace on that she has to wear for almost SIX MONTHS. Six months. Good Lord,.....and the closing on her condo is going to be Jan. 26th. I'm glad about that, because the condo she's buying is on the FIRST floor, and the condo she's renting now and living in, is on the second floor. Not what she needs right now. My aunt and uncle from N.Y. are coming down to check on my mom and visit. (My mom's sister and her husband, who we all adore. They are SO FUN to be around. I think they got scared when my sister called them to tell them about her fall.) So they are coming the last week of January. (I can't wait to see them.) The weather here is nice and cool,....and I've been loving it. Going outside with Munky every night, and enjoying it. Beautiful. I love when it gets in the 40's. Love, love, love. (Who knows, maybe I will love the winters in Canada,....) I'll keep ya posted on the Ipad. We'll see about all the hoopla. If I'm loving the Ipad like I love my Iphone, I'll be one happy girl.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hate the holidays, and thank god they are over

Happy (late) New Year. Started off uneventful, (just how I like,) but didn't stay that way. On New Year's Day we drove to Fort Pierce, to my sister's, and had a big turkey dinner, my brother, cousins, sister and brother-in-law, niece were all there. Had a nice relaxing, fun time. Everyone talking, laughing, taking pictures, picking at food, cleaning the kitchen, etc. At about 8:30pm, my mom decides she wants to go, she's getting too tired, so she's ready,(and believe me, when she's like that, there is no stopping her.) My sister's house is on stilts, and the front door has a porch outside, and some very steep stairs. Well, my mother gets ready to go, with all of us scrambling to walk her out,....and she starts down the stairs,...and well, you can guess. She got to the bottom last three stairs, and thought she was all the way down, and took a tumble. She hit grass, but she was in agony from her back, we had to call 911, and she went to the hospital, and that's how we all spent the rest of the three days we were there. With her in the hospital.(She fractured a vertebrae.) Happy New Year,...............yeah, - whatever. I hate the holidays. Hate 'em. Hope everyone else had a happy, fun, SAFE, New Year.