Saturday, October 25, 2014

I'm officially obsessed

Okay,.....I've never been obsessed with anything Coach in my life,....but I have to say that these new Ranger bags just changed my mind. At $450 a pop,....they are at least doable. I think I might have to get both colours!!! I HAVE TO!!! OMG! (and that's all I'm have to say. Thank you very much. *sigh*)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

More treasures found!

Well here are some more great finds on Ebay that I have acquired. I got the Chanel sunglasses for $37!!! (To be honest tho,...the lenses are REALLY SCRATCHED UP,....) and I was buying them for the frames anyways. I'm going to put my prescription lenses in them,....and it doesn't come with a Chanel case either. Just want to be clear on what kinda deal it really is. It works for me. Next ~ the Michael Kors watch. It's a store display,...comes with original box and papers, and I got it for $92. Not bad. I priced them at the mall two weeks ago, and they were going for $260. And last but not least,- the Skecher Shape-Up sneakers. I have a pair that I bought about 2 years ago in black and white at Macys, and I paid $125 for them. These,...which I'm buying for work,..(I need black sneakers,) ended up being only $18. So not too bad,-eh? I'm still eyeing a Chanel Sautoir necklace on there,...but I'm a little hesitant to spend that kinda money right now. I'll keep ya posted on my finds.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Chanel sautoir necklace- call me maybe?

                            Okay, this is my next purchase on Ebay. I can't wait to get it. I've been saving up for YEARS to get a real Chanel necklace. The  auction isn't over,...but I'm going to be on this like you wouldn't believe!!! I don't know where I will wear this,...or if even I ever get a chance to wear it at all, but just having it will make me happy,....this is like a little piece of art to me. Just taking it and being able to look at it will be enough. Oh it will be. I'll keep ya posted if I win!!! Yayyyyy!!! I'm excited to even try to win it. We'll see I guess.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

More "stuff"

Okay,....I finally got the picture of the Chanel flats I just won on EBay for $90!!! I can't wait to get them,....such classics. I tell ya if I ever win the lottery,...first store I go to is going to be Chanel, and I'm getting a BORDEAUX LEATHER, and a TURQUOISE LEATHER, AND some sorta TWEED 2.55 double flap jumbo reissue bag. One each,( NOT altogether.) Also the Chanel multi length pearl necklace,....and I'm set. Partly at least. LOL. I love classic stuff. The older I get,...the more classic things I like. My taste is really moving towards preppy classic simplistic styles. My husband HATES flat shoes, but you can't go wrong when you have these as backups when you need to take off heels after a long day or night. Right? And now that I'm doing cardio everyday,...(since I'm pre-diabetic,)~I HAVE to lose some weight,..and I have. All my clothes are looser, and I just feel better. I'm going to keep going. I can't imagine after a year of this, that I will still be heavy like this. I'd be happy fitting into a size 2 again, if possible. Anyways~ how boring am I? Weight loss talk? How ridiculous I'm becoming. The kittehs are good. Little Boo-boo is just the sweetest little boy,....and Munky is still the adorable lil girl she ever was. I ADORE them. I really, really do.Their daily antics is what keeps me smiling. I've become that woman who loves ALWAYS having a baby,..well I LOVE ALWAYS have a kitten in the house. It's a lot of work, but oh! the antics, and joy erases anything and everything else going on. Better than TV. (Not that I watch a ton of TV to begin with.) I rather be on the computer anyways. I have no patience if there is nothing on I want to watch. At least with the computer, you can control what you want to see all the time. SOOOOO,.......I'm just rambling now. *sorry* OK, hubby will be home from the doctor soon,  I guess I should go. I have a few other things I'm watching on EBay, so I will show them off if I win any of them. Signing off on a high note. Yay me!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More EBay purchases

Okay, here is my latest purchase from EBay. Elie Tahari red leather chain bag for $36!!! That's SIC. What a GORGEOUS bag too. I'm so lucky to have gotten it at all, let alone for that price. I've been waiting for just the right RED LEATHER BAG, and this had everything I wanted. Also, believe it or not, I got a pair of Chanel CC black leather and black patent quilted flats for $90 two days ago. I keep trying to upload a picture, but for some reason my laptop won't let me. They are GORGEOUS also. Like I always say,.....patience is a virtue, and doing your research,....and to keep looking always on there. Always keep your eyes open,, search, search. Okay,....I'm off to my little piddly world of EBay and Etsy,....and my kittehs,...and hubby, and keeping myself busy somehow. I'm just pitiful, - aren't I? GAWD.

Friday, September 19, 2014

My latest eBay purchase!!!

So I'm making the best of a bad situation, like crazy. It takes my mind off of "stuff",-ya know? Like I always say,...if you have the patience and you do the research,....there are AWESOME DEALS on eBay to be had. I just got an AUTHENTIC Marc Jacobs black leather Stam bag,(originally $1300!!!) for slightly less than $200. Nice,- eh? Yea,'s barely used,....I've been hawking the auctions for the last 3 weeks, and this deal just happened to be ending, and I caught it at the right time. I cannot wait to get it. My next purchase that I've been eyeing is an YSL bag,-(even tho I have two already.) And I really, really want something in a Bordeaux colour,...I'm dieing for that colour,....and it has to be leather,....I'm going to keep searching,...and watching,....and waiting,......I'll keep ya posted on my finds.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Silver Linings?

Well,...I know I haven't written in a while, but I'm going to try to start up again. Trying to look at the bright side of life. So I'm still on eBay and Etsy, and I've gotten some incredible deals on both. Some really nice sterling and turquoise bracelets that I'm obsessed with, and on eBay I got a vintage Chanel black leather lambskin leather clutch that is to die for!,Chanel pearls and bracelets, a Longchamp bag, Gucci bag and wallet, and some Manolo Blahnik pumps. Really great deals. All have been authenticated,...GREAT PRICES if you know what to look for, and do some research on what you are trying to buy. Make friends at the Neiman Marcus store with the associates, and you really can learn A LOT. Have patience for the right listings on eBay,...double check the seller, items, years it was made, pictures, etc. Look at other listings that are at the higher end of pricing, and look at those pictures checking small details, me, this can go a long way. I've only mastered it with Louis Vuitton, NOT any other high end name. (I'm working on it tho.) You get the picture, yeah, I've been shopping my ass off, because I'm just too unhappy. Still at the house in South Florida, and just so damn trapped it feels like. Still working, still hating life in general. I have two awesome kittehs that keep me happy, and my husband and I get along for the most part. Right now, from all the stress for the last 6 years, our health has taken its toll on us. My husband has had two cancer surgeries, a double hernia surgery,and is anemic, and he still hasn't done anything with his shoulder. I am pre-diabetic, have high cholesterol, and my my Epstein-Barr is in full force right now. We are like the blind leading the blind. This house is a nightmare, and it gets worse and worse by the day. So yeah,...I'm trying,....I'm hanging on by a thread.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coming and Going

Last week my friend Louise died,...I am still in shock,...along with Robin Williams passing away,...this has been a pretty horrible week. I havent been on here in sooo long now.  My husband and I are still sooooo DEPRESSED,....we cant get outta our own way. I had dreams last nite that we were packing up this house and moving,....I felt like a different person,...we were moving back to Atlantis. (don't I wish.,) and I felt like we had a life again. Like we were living.  Right now we are just going thru the motions, like we have been for the last 7 years. Wow, depressing. On the bright side,....we have a new addition to our little kitteh family,....little Boo. He is adorable. I found him at work,....and I brought him to the vet and found out he has Feline Leukemia, I decided with my husband that we would try to give him the best little life we could,....and not put him down like a lot of ppl advised us too. I give him medicine/vitamins everyday,....and we give him as much love and attention as possible every single day,...and I set aside an hour or more every day just to play,...i want to keep his spirits up,....and happy. And he rewards us with the sweetest, funniest, cutest little personality and antics. We are so lucky to have him in our lives. He is amazing. I'm going to end on that happy note. Thanks for letting me just be here and write even the smallest tought, helps me.

Monday, May 12, 2014

I have nothing,.....

I know it's been a long time,......and my life has just gotten worse and worse,....I'm so unhappy nothing helps anymore,...not shopping, not my kittehs, NOTHING. I'm just pitiful. I don't have anything to help,...and I've lost all my friends, just sucks. I feel trapped, unwanted,...and very, very disillusioned. I always thought love would always win out,....but it doesn't and it's NOT enough. Anyone who thinks that,- is just fooling themselves,- like I am,- and have been for the last year or more. My husband has gotten so mean-spirited towards me, and I can't do anything right,......believe me,.....if I could leave I would. I never thought he would be like this to me,...NEVER in a million years. I have no where to go, friends,....obviously no money saved up. I have family, but they aren't close by. I just totally feel like a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. I hate everything. We go nowhere, our home is in shambles, he won't move,'s just one big ugly vicious cycle, and I'm the cause and stuck in the middle of it. Sometimes I'm at my wits end. I have no escape. NONE. And I hate it.  I just needed to vent I guess, what?,......

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Still shopping and eBaying

Okay, I just got these Chanel black leather moto boots on eBay for only $300!!! THAT'S A STEAL! I can't believe my luck. I can't wait to get them. I got last month a gorgeous Chanel CC emblem gold bracelet for $230! Such deals, and bargains are to be had if you just do some research and be patient and wait, and know what to look for on there. Everything I've ever bought has been authentic, for the exception of the third LV I ever bought and I knew it the second I opened up the mail. The buyer was ultimately kicked off of eBay,....but I learned after that, and did my research. I'm eyeing something else on there right now that is a totally sic deal if it makes it my way,...I'll just have to wait and see, and pay off these boots first. Tah-tah.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Still here.

It's been about 9 months since I've been on here,.....time just going my life. So many decisions made, and nothing done. Still in this damn house,....sold all our properties,....and everything is still the same. Not any closer to moving. I blame myself as much as anyone,.....we should be long outta this house,...and moved already. I give up tho. Nothing at all being done. I'm still working at that damn job. Still having anger issues,...NOTHING. HAS. CHANGED.  How ridiculous is my life?