Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Things are looking up

Going through other blogs and reading them. I'm always interested in other people's way of thinking and life. But what I really wanna know is how do they get so many 'followers'? Are their lives and postings so much more interesting than mine? Am I that boring? Or bad? Just wondering. Yesterday did nothing much, but I DID DO CARDIO. It's a start. Tried to take Munky for a walk afterwards but it kept raining, AND,....I kept seeing roaches,....and that scares me more than just about anything,......I'm phobic about them. I HATE those damn, disgusting, gross things. Phobic I tell ya. (The only thing I don't feel bad about killing. Happily.) Anyways~today I'm suppose to make some phone calls, and really that's all thats on my agenda,...Munky is napping in the tent I made on our bed, and my hubby is thinking of going in with her. :) Read the paper today, and saw that someone we used to be neighbors with was in an article; and not for a good reason. He stole a boat, and when he was pulled over for it, he claimed it was his,(which it wasn't,) and then he said he was the actor Sam Elliot, and he was going to Key West to do a part in a film there. REALLY? If you saw this man, you'd die laughing. Does he really think he looks anything like S.Elliot? And why steal ANYTHING? Just sad,...I guess tough times really are making people batty. I feel bad for him,....but it's still no excuse. Oh~ who knows what's going on in his life that made him do something so strange,....who really knows. I miss my mom and sister, and all the animals there. My sister called me twice yesterday saying how all the animals were moping around looking for me. I miss them too. Joey,-their big moon-faced white gray spotted kitteh with big green eyes,....Silver,- their little gray, long-haired,green eyed, sweet, delicate kitteh, Nitro,- all black, sleek, very athletic beautiful girl, Chippy, the little rat-terrier,(he's beautiful and very sweet little guy,) Lacey-, part Siamese, part Bengal, gorgeous blue eyes, she looks cross-eyed, but she is gorgeous, and the sweetest little personality, she is a little lover,....and then there is Ginger, Sassy, and Teddy, the inside/outside doggies. And they have two hens, and a rooster named Pecky. It's pure heaven to me, there is always someone wanting/loving attention, and that keeps me calm, happy, and in a good mood. That much I realize. I came home with a new outlook somewhat. I guess I just realize how good things can be if I want them to. Like I keep telling myself, one can change me, but me. I have to make those changes, and make it work, if I want to get back to how things used to be somehow. Our legalities are finally over,(altho I'm still waiting for that last confirmation letter stating that,) and we can finally move on to the next chapter of our lives, whatever that may be. (And I wish it was moving north to be closer to my family.) I have to remember; one step at a time.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I thought I would I miss it, but I don't

It's Monday morning and a lot has been done concerning my mom. She will be moved in and settled in less than two more weeks. So now we just sit and wait at my sister's,- which is extremely comfortable, and a lot of fun. (Thank god.) I go home today, and tomorrow or Weds. I have a dr.'s appt. for my shoulder. And I'm taking the last few days off before work next Monday. Sunday is the funeral, and my husband and I are both going with my mom for that. The final closure she needs and then it will really hit her, and I told my sister this, so I know they will be there to help my mom with that. I would LOVE to move up here and be close to my mom, sister, and brother. That would be pure heaven to me. I'll have to work on my husband with that. Soooo~ I miss my little Munky and Sugar, and my hubby alot. We sat on the phone last night and talked after watching 'Breaking Bad'. He recorded it so we will watch it again tonight together and discuss what we think is going on. I feel like I'm a million miles from home here, and it's not that bad being away. (Not from husband and kittehs, just that area, and house.) I don't miss it at all, and I genuinely thought I would. (Why I don't know.) All the animals here at my sister's is like heaven to me,...she has one rooster and two hens, four dogs, and five cats, and they have a home to die for,'s on an acre and a half over looking the water, and their house is up on stilts, and it's gorgeous,...hard to explain, but it's very big, and comfy, and home-y. All the animals are happy and well kept,(they told me so.) So yes, it's wonderful staying here. That's all the news on the home front here. What an exciting life I lead.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Shopping and crying alot

Got a lot of things done today. My mom is now a renter at a very nice condo that we found and she happens to have a friend who lives there that was the lady who actually introduced my mom and dad, and got them to go out together. Who knew? Small world,- isn't it? She's still getting many, many phone calls every day from people sending their condolences. She cries a lot. I know that's to be expected, but it rips my heart out every single phone call I hear. (My sister keeps telling me that it's all part of the closure she needs. I don't know. I guess so. I cry too, when I hear her crying tho.) Sooooo~ my niece and I took my mom to the mall to get her a dress for my other niece's wedding this September up in GA.,(which I've finally decided I'm definitely NOT going to.) She tried on a bunch, and found one, but it didn't fit quite right, so we will keep looking. Went and got pizza, and my brother S. came over, and we all had dinner together. It was very nice,....I miss times like that. I LOVE times like that. I want to try to get my husband to move up here. It would be so great if we could. It would be the closest I'd ever get to having my whole family living close by. I would absolutely LOVE it. I love that feeling around the holidays, having everyone together, and knowing they are close by. I love that so much. The only time it was like that was when my father was alive. So, like I said, I am going to try to get my hubby to at least think about moving up here. We'll have to see, I guess. We stopped by CVS, and I found this perfume by Shakira, and I SOOOO LOVED it, so I bought it. I needed something to make me feel better. Anything to cheer me up. You know me, helps for a little while,....just a little. And going shopping tomorrow with my niece at all the thrift/consignment stores here. They are in abundance up here. I love it. I'll keep ya posted, and show you any loot that comes into my possession!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Short news

Still in that numb mode. Got some things accomplished tho for my mom. She has her good moments and bad. She cries a lot when people call to send their condolences. Very hard on her. She's had SO MANY calls, her cell never stops ringing. My sister and I are trying to get so much settled and done up here while we can. We have already found so many condos/homes for her to decide on. We have a realtor meeting with us tomorrow to actually look at a few places. So we will see. I think she is going thru the motions, but won't really grieve until she is settled and alone. That's when it will sink in. I mean my sister and her husband and my niece, plus one of my brothers all will live within 15 to 40 minutes from her. She will have family around, trust me. And on the good side, was officially my last day of probation. 18 months! Good god, it's finally over. That's the good news, and I'm glad there is some for once. I miss my husband, and kittehs. I miss them so much, but I know I need to be here for my mom, and that's all that matters right now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just numb

I'm at my sister's house in Fort Pierce,(FL) and we got here about 10:30pm tonight, and I'm just now settling in. I already miss home, Munky, and my husband. I'm not good away from home. And to make matters worse,.....I woke up this morning to an email on my cell from my mom saying that my stepdad passed away this morning at 2am. Unbelievable. I cried at the drop of a hat all damn day. I cried leaving Munky,....I cried leaving the house my mom shared with him for 15 yrs. , I cried when I drove away from my husband, as he drove home to our house. I've been a blubbering idiot all damn day. I don't have much else to say. I will post some pictures of the home we left in Key Largo, so many good memories. The last time I felt like a little kid anywhere since my dad died was there in Key Largo. Things change,.....but I'm NOT GOOD with change. Not at all. I'll write more tomorrow, when I'm not so muddled and numb. I'll miss you always Red. So will my mom.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I think too much

So today my husband and I went to a doctor about our shoulders, and mine was somewhat dislocated, and the muscles were turning it in (forward) and pulling on neck muscles, and cutting off my shoulder muscles and nerves causing pain and numbness, and joint pain, etc. I got some electro-therapy, and adjustments and I have to go back two more times and I should be good as new. Now my husband is a different story. He's going to have to have alot more therapy. ALOT. His pain is more severe, and serious. But the doc said there is some hope, a shoulder replacement is NOT the only option. (Thank goodness.) Good to hear and hope. So today was a productive day at least. I'm making a doctor appt. for an endocrinologist next. I hope I can find out anything more wrong with me. And I know I HAVE to get back to doing some sort of exercise. Anything at all. And I will in time. My probation will be officially over by August 24th, and that's one less thing for me to worry about. Alot less to worry about. What else, what else? The next few days I will be working 12 hour days until Sunday, and then Monday I will go to my mom's. And like I said I'm looking forward to getting to my sister's and getting her settled and looking for places. Take her mind off of 'things'. Stepdad not doing well at all. He barely recognizes my mom everyday when she visits him now. It's heartbreaking. It really is. Why does there have to be so much pain in life? I don't understand it. I want to take it all away from my mom,.....she's been thru so much in her life. (Not that anyone deserves it,....).......well I could think of a few who deserve it. I can think of ALOT who do,......unfortunately.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More ranting

I am OFF from work the next two days, and I couldn't be happier. Next week I will be leaving for my mom's and then bringing her up to my sister's house. I know it will be very hard for my mom leaving. I don't look forward to that part, but the part where we go and stay at my sister's,...THAT I'm looking forward to. I know it still won't be the best situation, but it will be somewhat fun, and the most important part will be that my mom won't be alone. She will have family around to lean on, and keep her busy. Tomorrow my husband and I go to a new doctor about our shoulder(s). I'm actually looking forward to finding out what the heck could be wrong with my shoulder,....I need some sorta relief, something, anything. Other than that, nothing else really new and exciting. The weather here has been dark and stormy everyday for about two weeks. I love it. Nothing I love more than being home when it rains, and getting under the covers with the kittehs, and watching TV or playing with them to take their mind off of being scared of the noise. (Altho Munky isn't scared of thunder, but Sugar definitely is. My lil babies.) Soooo,.......keeping up with the news, and all things techie. I think I've finally decided to get a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet instead of an Ipad2. I've read and talked with so many 'computer' people, and all have said that the S.G. is the better thing to get for your money right now. The only thing I'm not thrilled with is that it doesn't support Skype, and I definitely want that for my mom and I. I'll have to look into it, and figure something out. I might even get a S.G. cellphone. I'm thinking tho still. I have to wait before I do this til my contract runs out with AT&T first. THEN, I'll be on it in a flash. Anywho,.......I'm still reeling from Sunday night's 'Breaking Bad',...and the news that the next season will be it's last. NOT HAPPY. I guess they want to go out on a high note being that ratings are the highest it's ever been, and viewers are glued to the show, and they are making critics very happy, so yeah, I guess going out a winner in all ways has alot to be said for it. I guess I'm greedy and I want it to go on for more time, that's all. I really connect with Jesse Pinkman on the show. I know that guy, my husband and I have been friends with people like him, and I wanna protect him/them and tell them it will all be okay,....but I'm not so sure,(just like in the show.) I'm very protective of people I'm friends with and like,...and don't get me started with the kittehs,....they are my children, and I would do ANYTHING to protect my lil babies. My husband calls me mama bear sometimes because of how I am. I read the paper and the horrible things that people do to kids and animals, and I'm repulsed. I can't even imagine those things, I would end up in prison if I caught someone doing something to ANY animal/kid like I read about. I would. I've already almost punched an irate, elderly man for almost running over a mother duck and her babies one day on my way to work. If I hadn't pulled my car over into his opposite lane, and blocked him(because I saw that he looked like he wasn't going to stop,) he would have ran them over. He got out of his car yelling at me, and I got out and grabbed him by the collar and told him to get the f away from me and the ducks, and he could go around the block the other way, cause I wasn't moving my car. He cussed and yelled at me some more,and said 'it's ONLY ducks, they are everywhere', and finally backed up and went another way to wherever the piss he was going. I was so close to punching him in the face, and I never thought I could be like that. I shouldn't have even put my hands on him truthfully, and I know that, but the thought of what he would've done is disgusting and inexcusable, and I probably would've beaten him severely, or no man, my adrenaline was too much and I just didn't care about anything but keeping those ducks safe. Yeah,....I was an hour late for work, and when I got there I broke down and cried. Called my husband, he calmed me down,...but still. I was so upset of what could've been, it makes me sick. People make me sick, and what they do. I have to go now and calm myself,...I get too fired up over this stuff. I need to just be alone with the kittehs to make it all go away, and make it all right again. Sorry to go off like that.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

WHY do we have to work?

Saturday,*sigh*....and I have two more days of work, and I'm off for two days. Gawd. It feels like eternity. My laptop is acting up, and that makes me nervous. You never know when something will go wrong with computers, wrong move, and kapooie, your done. So,- went shopping yesterday,...I went to Macys and got some dresses just in case I go to my niece's wedding after all. I bought like six dresses, and I will try them all on, and return the one's that I don't like/don't fit. I had to be at work, so I had no time to try things on really. (Hey, I shop whenever possible.) Still saving for an Ipad. Can't wait to get my mitts on one. Looked at them at Sam's Club, and that just made me want one more. Altho,~ I've talked to a few people who are 'into' computers, and they all told me to get a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet, it has alot more features and you can add space to it if needed unlike the Ipad. I did some research and came up with two cons of a Galaxy; it doesn't support Skype, and it doesn't have a USB connector thingy, altho you can buy an adaptor for it. So there,...I will see when I have that money together what I end up getting. Sooooo~ that's all the fun stuff here. I'm off to work in a few hours,-yipee. (Why can't we all not have to work? Why?)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My little opinions

I'm going to do something different and tell you some of my favorite things, since we all were talking about it where I work. It's fun to me to hear the difference in what makes people happy,(and what doesn't. Maybe I should have been a sociologist like my sister-in-law.) So here goes:

napping and sleeping,
rainy days,
Jamey Johnson and country music,
cowboy hats and boots,
red hair,
coffee any way possible,hot,cold, frozen,
high heels,
eBay, and any shopping,
goatees and glasses on men,
gray hair and blue eyes,
ANYTHING Canada/Canadian,
Krispy Kreme doughnuts,
chocolate bacon bars,(from WholeFoods)
staying in hotel/motels,
family reunions,
Barbara Streisand anything,
ALL animals,(goes without saying really,...)
kitteh purrs,
and last but not least,
french language books, cds, anything!

Things I'm NOT FOND OF:

crude/foul language,(no cussing)
meat cooked well done,
mushrooms,(even the smell when they cook,)
mayo,sour cream, cream cheese, any cheese,
yogurt, and creamed anything,
unsupervised kids,
stitches, staples, and needles,
roaches, palmetto bugs,(I'm phobic about them,)
loud car radios,
cops,judges,lawyers, ins.companies,
doctors, surgeons,banks, and hospitals.
Oh, and Jersey Shore anything,-especially that Snooki thing.

That covers some of the stuff,...I'd rather think of the stuff I love,...I start thinking of the stuff I DON'T like and I go off on tangents. I get all fired-up and my husband has to calm me down. So yea,...this is just my opinions,.....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Almost there,....

It's Tuesday nite, and it's been a long, but mostly fun day thanks to my husband. Started the day with going to probation,'s my second to last time going,(THANK YOU GOD.) Came home and took a llloooonnnggg nap with Munky. Got up and watched some news on TV,....feel asleep again while my husband napped with Munky. :) We both finally got up and went and walked around Sam's Club, and looked at everything; from Ipads, to jewelry, to cookbooks. It was nice, fun and relaxing. We genuinely had fun being silly, and looking at everything. We went and ate some Nathans hotdogs, and then got up and walked around some more. Ended up buying some king-size,Tempurpedic pillows, and some steak, and left. It's fun when we do stuff like that to me. We hardly ever do anything anymore, but when we do, we have lotsa fun, and laugh and giggle like little kids. Came home, and watched Zombieland for the gazillionth time. We love that movie. Munky and Stripe are outside fed and happy meowing at each other and being cute together. I really keep telling my husband that we should get another kitteh so Munky can have a playmate. She always tries to play with Sugar, and alotta times he just wants to eat and relax, but occasionally he will play with her, and they have a ton of fun. It's so adorable when they play. They play tag, and run from room to room, it's very entertaining to watch, and I do, - believe me. So yeah, it would be fun to have another kitteh for her to hang with and befriend. We'll see I guess. Getting ready for another week of work, and then I'm going down to Key Largo to pick-up my mom, and take her to my sister's house in Fort Pierce, and we will both stay there, and we will look for houses for her to buy or rent up there. I just want her to be comfortable and happy, and settled. I know she's not very happy, but she will be relieved when she gets settled. I'm kinda looking forward to seeing and staying at my sister's house with my mom. I know it's not the ideal situation, but I plan on making it as fun as possible for everyone, regardless. Why be depressing? We all already are, why make it worse,-right?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Little boring life

Okay, I'm off the next two days, and came home from work last night and had my sis-in-law here with my husband, and we watched 'Breaking Bad'. O. M. G. I was crying my eyes out by the end, and I think this season is already almost over. I think there are two more shows left,...which fills me with dread. We than resumed watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees, which made me ecstatic. (Hate the Yankees, right up there with the Detroit Red Wings, - except for Stevie Y.) So, a good nite was had. Munky was busy playing and running around when I got home. She was in and out all night. So cute. She loves to fall asleep in the small screened-in enclosure at our front door. So cute, she just sits there staring out into the grass, and watching whatever comes by,...frogs, lizards, bugs, other kittehs, occasional raccoon. I check on her endlessly, and when she wants in she scratches the door, and I go running to let her in no matter what I'm doing. My little peanut,...we will be taking our walk today after the sun goes down it's so hot. She likes the warm weather, but not this warm. She's napping on our bed right now. (This is here down time.) Sooooo~ my husband just left to get another MRI on his shoulder,.....and we are going to make an appt. with another dr. for both of us next week before I go to my sister's with my mom to get her set-up up there. I have no idea how she will handle it when she really does leave that house. I know it will be very emotional for her, that's why I'm glad I will be with her for support. It will not be fun. I will be with her for the first week, or two, and after that, I will play it by ear. See how she is, what kinda state of mind she's in. I keep remembering when I left the place I lived in when I was split up with my husband, and even tho we were getting back together, it was still very hard and emotional giving-up that place. Alot of things took place there, big changes happened for me, and it held alot of emotional triumphs for me,....very hard to move out, and leave. It was an extremely beautiful, comfortable, home-y kinda place. Everyone loved it that had been there, (my mom, sister, brothers, friends, etc.) Very comfortable, and in a very upscale, quiet, beachfront neighborhood. I really did love it,....for the exception that the condo association there was a true nightmare, being that there was less than 20 units there, they were always in everyone's business.Too much pettiness and jealousy among people too. (So many pros and cons of living in condos, versus a home.) At the time, it was exactly what I wanted and needed. Other than that, other plans for anything on my days off. Next week tho I am going to try to get my husband to take me to the Palm Beach Zoo. They had two or three new tiger cubs born, and I'm dieing to see them. Something fun to do, among the everyday other stuff, ya know? He's dieing to go horseback riding, so I will make plans for that too in the very near future. So I'm off to do some cleaning and run some errands. I'll keep ya posted with my very boring little pathetic life. Ho-hum.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ball O fun

Working today from 4-11pm, and ALLLLLLLL day tomorrow. ICK. Don't ya ever wonder if it's worth it? Don't ya feel like you're on a hamster wheel going nowhere? *sigh* Oh well. Another week, and I'm off to help my mom, a way I'm looking forward to seeing her, but not like this. And I'm hoping I get to a chiropractor before I go up to my sisters. It seems the longer you spend time with someone, you become mirror images, and therefore, when they hurt, you hurt, and for some reason, I have had the worst shoulder pain you can imagine. Now my husband has no cartilage in his right shoulder, and we have been trying to figure out ways to lessen his pain, and doctors to go to. This has been going on for years,...yes, he's gotten an MRI, and yes, it's legitimately bone on bone, but we both agree that he shouldn't get a replacement surgery. Meanwhile with all this going on, I now have my right shoulder in pain, and can't figure out why. I don't sleep on it,......I just dunno'. I'm just in alotta pain, and it's making me cranky and always in a bad mood. (I can't imagine how my husband does it, always in pain, and dealing with it.) So, that's another thing to add to our list of things that have to get done. This Tuesday I have to go to probation, and it's the second to the last time I will have to go, and I will be done with it. Done. I can't wait. I'm telling ya,.....I won't know how to be,.....sounds crazy I know, but true. I can't think about it til it's done. Soooo,....that's all the fun in my life right now. Just a ball 'o fun we are here. (whoo. hoo. *sarcasm*)