Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hanging onto Thanksgiving

I'm at my sister's house in Fort Pierce, and right now I can't sleep. We have a houseful here, and I'm sleeping downstairs on the couch with their little dog Sassy that I'm in love with. Thanksgiving here was wonderful. Family, friends, good food, lotsa fun, and laughing. My mom went home with a big plate of food happy as a clam. My hubby, SIL, and I got home about 3am on Thursday night. I got up about noon,(I was off from work,) and had 2 messages on my cell from my sister. I didn't listen to them because I was getting ready to call her, when my cousin texted me to call my sister and that it was an emergency. I did, and my mom had a stroke Friday morning. As quick as I could, I called work, packed a bag, and got in the car, and drove the almost hour and a half drive back up here to Fort Pierce, and to the hospital. It's not so good. How can things be so fun and great one day and the next so horribly wrong? My hubby stayed home to take care of the kittehs, and hopefully for our condo closing on Monday.(I don't know when I'll be coming home.) I'm staying here as long as I have to, to help my sister, and spend time with my mom at the hospital. She recognizes us, but doesn't know where, or why she is at the hospital. It's so hard to see her like this. She's always been a very busy woman. Even in her 70's, she's planning trips, going to the movies, out to lunch with her friends, playing bingo,...getting manis and pedis,....she does it all, and has fun, and I always loved that about her, and now to see her like this, so incapacitated just kills me to no end. It's so damn heartbreaking. I don't know how my brothers will take it. Since my dad's been gone, my brothers are especially close to my mom even living far away. My one brother will be coming tomorrow morning, and we will see tomorrow how her tests came out. What the prognosis is. OMG, now,...because you just don't know. You really don't. I am so thankful we all had a great day on Thanksgiving. I just hope it all ends up good somehow.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm thankful

My computer right now is on the edge of crashing. I'm having all sorts of problems with it, and it's not fun. (Can't live with 'em and ya can't live without 'em.) Drive's me nuts I'm telling ya. Still going crazy on Etsy now. Haven't been on eBay in awhile,.....Etsy has taken over along with my other obsession of Pinterest. Scary isn't it. As much as I love my laptop,...and not being impressed at all with an Ipad that I have,...I will still get on the damn thing when my laptop is acting up like it has been,....hence typing on an Ipad IS NOT the way to blog,....let me tell ya. I just won't do it. So that's why I've been absent, and also working a lot, and working out a lot too. Going to the gym faithfully. My eating habits are not that great yet, but I HAVE stopped drinking soda altogether. (That's a miracle in itself.) I am SO ADDICTED to soda it's sic. But it's been almost a month now with NO SODA and I'm not gonna lie,'s really hard. Some people it's alcohol, some drugs, = SODA. Coca Cola. OMG,....I could just shoot it in my veins and I'd be happy. Jeez! I've lost almost 10 lbs. already,....but I do have to really get ahold of my eating sweets too. Anyways~ tomorrow is Thanksgiving, FAVORITE holiday,....I wait all year for Thanksgiving. No presents to worry about giving, and wrapping,...and decorating, and all that garbage, pressure. Just good food, family, friends, and naps,...maybe some football,....more food, more naps,...LOVE LOVE LOVE. How can ya not? I mean really. How can you not like Thanksgiving. All my favorite stuff rolled into one. Now Christmas on the other hand I could do without. Don't get me wrong,...I love surprises and presents as much as the next person,....but to have so much pressure put on you for Christmas is too much for me,...and the older I get,....the more I dislike the whole thing, and what it's turned into. The whole Black Friday thing,....and all that crap disgusts me. It's just too much for me,....I say we just have two Thanksgivings and be done with it. That's what I'm most thankful for,....having Thanksgiving at all with my family, and friends,...people I love,.....great food,........and my kittehs, and hubby. Yeah,...I'm getting better little by little.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Went to the gym today early (for me,) and did some cardio and I watched the (damn) news, and had to see some guy caught on video sic-ing his dog on a cat that ended up mauling him to death and when the cat tried to get away he stepped on it. I love ppl. *(Total friggin' sic asshole)* So that really pissed me off for the rest of  my workout, not to mention my day. (The great news is he got prison time, - which really isn't enough for me but I'll take it.) Then,....I get done with my workout, decide to go to Starbucks and get  a coffee which was great,..some guy sitting outside with his gorgeous Great Dane was a real treat. That dog was so beautiful,...I couldn't stop staring. So-somewhat in a better mood I get in my car to drive home, get on the road, and this sweet lil duck was trying to cross the road so I stopped pretty far away from the lil thing, and no one had a problem,...but this MFer of a person coming the other way wasn't going to, as I was watching I thought for sure he was going to run it over, so I pulled my car into the on-coming lane, beeped my horn, and got out ready to frigging punch this idiot. Some young guy too. Rolled his window down and says to me, 'it's just a duck',....I tried to pull him thru his car window and went off yelling at him. Called him every name in the book, and was still yelling that he was afraid of a girl as he was driving away trying to get away from me. What a coward  and poor excuse of a human being. (I yelled that too.) I was livid,...I got home and just cried. I've been doing so much better lately,...but days like this just makes me want to give up trying to like ppl. I HATE the very air they breath and I'm ashamed to be apart of them. What pigs. I swear I would've been arrested if that guy had gotten out of the car. The poor lil duck scooted across the street by less than an inch of his lil life,...poor baby. I can't imagine all the stuff that happens that I don't see. Makes me sic. I'm still seething about it. I went out early with Munky today and we sat outside in quiet, cool afternoon in the yard just being happy and looking at bugs and lizards. Sugar ended up finding us, and I sat out with him after Munky wanted to go in. He was especially cute with me too. They make my life balanced. I see them, and I'm around them , and I forget wasting all my time on being mad and pissed off, and I'm just happy with them. Watching them play or watch everything outside. They are so cute and beautiful and smart. I can't imagine when we get a dog. I'll be so in love with him too. Animals can teach us so much if we just use common sense and shut up and pay attention. Believe me. Sooooooo ~ I'm still working on getting my turquoise bracelets from Etsy, cool,...on Etsy ppl let me put stuff on layaway which is great and can get a little much for me. I will end up putting everything on layaway if I can. I have three things on layaway and have paid one thing off already. It is great but dangerous for me. Nothing else new. I AM really EXCITED about next week being Thanksgiving. My FAVORITE holiday of the year. LOVE Thanksgiving. It always goes by too fast for me. Thank goodness the company I work for closes on Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day every year.First time in my life that I've had those days off for sure and I'm glad to get those,...believe me. All this crap about Target and Walmart starting their Black Friday at 8pm on Thursday Thanksgiving night is bull. Total jerks to do that. Can't these ppl just have a nice quiet day with their family and not have to worry about going to work?! Really? They can kiss my ass. I won't be shopping there anymore. DONE.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

And again

Well,....this Monday (which is Veteran's Day,) will be my/our 6 year WEDDING anniversary. I truthfully count since our first date as our anniversary which was 1/21/90. So yeah,...we've been together for a long time. Longer NOT married than married. So in honor of our anniversary, I'm taking three days off ; Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. And because they really need me on Weds.,- because that's when we get humongous shipments in,...I'm working on Weds. and than Thursday I'm off again because of the "closing" with "Big Ang". Whopee. I'm just damn happy we are selling that place. We made our last $512 maintenance payment a few days ago,...and god willing, we will be done with that place. I'll be so happy. One step closer to moving out of this armpit of South Florida. I'll be doing a happy-dance on Thursday. Yeay baby!!! Other stuff,.....just happy too on how the election turned out and that is all and as political as I will get. (thank you god, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you ) 
So I found two turquoise bracelets on Etsy that I've fallen in love with and am making payments on to help my obsession pin from Pinterest that I'm trying to acquire. So I'll be up to three bracelets, and two rings, I'll need to get at least three more bracelets. I've so fallen in love with turquoise again. When I was a teenager you couldn't give that stuff away and now look. On eBay some sterling/turquoise pieces were going for thousand$. I was in shock. I'm telling you,.....if you keep your jewelry and shoes and some clothes from when you were a teenager, it all comes back in style sooner or later. (Altho the saying goes if you are old enough to have worn it the first time you are too old to where it now ,-or so I've heard.) I don't care tho. It's too pretty not to wear it now. I'm freakin' 46 not 86!!! I'm gonna wear it damn it. Anyways~
the other thing is us going to see "Man with an Iron Fist" with Russell Crowe,...AND his divorce that has broken my heart. I can't even begin to think of him dating someone else other than his beloved wife Danielle. They are soooo perfect together. Why? Why? Why? But the movie I will say again was GREAT. I LOVED it. If you liked "Kill Bill" you will really enjoy it. I actually want to go see it again. Russell Crowe who plays Jack Knife,...makes me purr in this movie. You'll get it if you see it. Anyways-I'm off now to go hunt down more stuff on Etsy or eBay,...or to pin more stuff on Pinterest. I'm pathetic aren't I?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Just lurking

Okay, I'm busy working a lot, and working-out a lot now. I don't have a lot of down time, but at least I'm back lifting weights again. It's slow,....but I'll get back into it totally again. I can feel it in me. And more good news on the real estate front for us. We have a closing date with "Big Ang" for Nov.15th,...and it can't come quick enough. One more step to moving outta South FL. (*sigh*) I've been going crazy on Etsy and Pinterest now. I've kinda left eBay in the dust for awhile. I've been buying turquoise bracelets like crazy to get that look that I'm totally obsessed with. I can't stop myself either. I'm on my 3rd bracelet and found two rings I'm in love with. We'll see. Maybe I'll take a picture when I'm done and you can weigh in if it's worth it, and if it looks like I'm trying too hard or it looks cool. Oh! Who knows! (I certainly don't.) Nothing else new. Took the kittehs out tonight,....beautiful night, but still too warm out. I want the 40's and 50's again. Anything. Well-this is short and sweet,....but I'm off to do some browsing. See ya!