Saturday, February 28, 2009

Everyday life.

Well,well,well, up this morning to someone banging on our front door to sell something. Now can you believe the nerve of some people? I mean c'mon now! Barely 10AM, and I know its not the crack of dawn, but still. I got up, and my husband ended up getting up earlier even and went to our neighbors, kid's soccer game. We have so much fun w/ them. It's nice to know that there is still some people in this world that are just normal, and fun, ya know? I mean we don't have kids,(except our kitty,) but we have so much fun at their soccer games. I see the attraction.(I never did really, before.)Besides, I adore these two little girls. I was glad my husband went tho. He needed to get outta the house.(He used to be a P.E. teacher at a private school, but wasn't making enough money, so he took a night job doing security at bars, and thats how we met.)SO~ I have to work today, and I'm still enjoying it. Still can't get used to no time for myself tho. Thats going to take a while,-I have a feeling. I feel like all I do is work and sleep and thats it. Is that how it goes? I can't remember. When I last worked, (bartending) I worked from 6PM to 3AM, so working daytime hours actually seems longer to me now. Does that make sense even? I can't figure it out. Anyhow~Monday, I think, will be the beginning of getting the granite countertops installed. Can't wait! After that we have to start installing closet 'stuff', because right now we have our clothes on the floor, in overnight bags,(garbage bags even!,) and in our one dresser in our bedroom.(My husband has my dresser from when I was kid,-he wanted it, so my mom gave it to him. Cute,huh?) It's NOT fun living like this. Even starting a new job and trying to keep your clothes nice, it just doesn't bode well. (Picking stuff out from garbage bags, overnight bags, and keeping track of everything, is NOT a great way to start out your day.)So closets are next~~~DEFINITELY. Well,...I guess I should get ready to go to work soon. I'll try to get some BEFORE and AFTER pics up this week of the countertops and lack thereof. See ya soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Missing out

I have no idea what to write today. I haven't written in a few days because work is kicking my ass. (I guess I'm not used to the schedule yet.) I hate when I get up in the morning and I look over and my husband and kitty are all snuggled in and sleeping away, and I'm getting up to go to work,...I get jealous and resentful. I can't help it. I wanna just be able to nap and cuddle the day away w/ them. (I know that's unrealistic tho.) Hey, I'm lucky I got three years to do that already,....some people will never have known time like that. So I do count myself EXTREMELY lucky. I just have to keep remembering it,-thats all. Anyways,-I saw Jamey Johnson on the Tonight Show last night, and I was so in awe,...and thats all I will say about him. No one's reading this,-probably because I scared away you-all w/ my stalker-like raves about him earlier. Sorry 'bout that. (Not that I didn't mean every word, but I will stop. I just love the guy tho, he is AWESOME and thats it.)

ANYWHO,~I made a big,fat lasagna this morning. Being that we STILL DON'T HAVE A COUNTERTOP, therefore no kitchen sink,so it makes it kinda hard to cook and clean and prepare. Yea, that I'm working, my husband finally got going on it and this week it will be installed. It's like pulling teeth w/ him!!! He is so hesitant to do anything at all now-a-days, I don't know what to do anymore. Things w/ him have been tense and we have been just passing time, as they say. Now that I'm working full-time, I hardly get to spend any time at all w/ him or my kitty. I see my kitty already bonding even more w/ my husband. I get a little jealous, but I'm glad. It's really cute actually, kitty just adores him. When he leaves the room, Sugar will run after him and then sit and wait patiently,....SO CUTE. I do feel left out tho. I'm very conflicted w/ work. I'm so lucky to have gotten a great job, full benefits, etc. but I want to be able to spend some time w/ them like before, and I know that just can't happen. (NOT that it's the same, but now I know how a parent feels leaving their child,~like they will miss something cute, and a moment you can't get back.) I feel like that ALOT now, and it hasn't even been a full week of work yet! Jeesh. What's next?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Face your Fears, You WON'T regret it

Just read on another blog about someone not being able to do anything alone. Got me to thinking,.......I used to be like that. I mean I really was like that in a 'very bad' way. I was so scared of everything. Honest. I mean, at the time,...I was bartending at a job that I knew backwards, and fowards, up and down, could do w/ my eyes shut, and there I was in my element. Take me out of there, and I was a frightened little child. And believe me,...I could get into it w/ the best of these people; drunk old men, attitude-y, young girls, friends of the owners who felt entitled, name it, nothing got TO me or BY me,....and one day, boyfriend (at the time, of 14 years,)decided to leave me for his ex-wife,...and just caught a plane and left for three months. Yep,....I was stunned. (Trust me on this.) At the time, I could'nt even DRIVE BY MYSELF,(and I literally lived 4 minutes away from work.) I was a mess just trying to get in to the car. Well, make a long,(sad,) story short, (and happy) again,.....after 2 years apart,....we got back together, and we are married, (and seemingly, the positions in our relationship have reversed.) When he left,....I had to move out and LIVE ALONE for the first time in my life, and I was 38 years old!!!!! After one horrid, asshole guy I fell for, and one boyfriend,~who to this day is one of the best guys I ever dated,~ was done,....I learned to live totally alone, alone,....go to restaurants and/or meet friends at a bar alone, (I am always early,) and sleep alone,....VERY LONG, HARD process this was. Thank God for my mom and sister, and three close friends who really helped me out almost every single day, and every single night. It was so TORTOREOUS (?spelling?)for me, I was scared of my own shadow. But I did it, and after my (now) husband came back and we struggled to work things out,....we are both VERY HAPPY together,....we have hashed it out. Now I don't want the point of this to be my then boyfriend,(now husband) leaving me,'s the being alone part that I'm trying to tell ya about. You really have to take baby steps with this. And each step will make you that much more confident, and stronger, I go anywhere, and do anything by myself. I think my husband is a little nervous about me being like that,...but he lets me go do whatever, when I feel like it, and vice-versa,....we have a great relationship, and always did,....even when we weren't together,....but the point is,....sometimes you HAVE to make yourself face your fears, and you'll see it's not that scary. I was FORCED to face my fears, and I wouldn't trade one second of pain or scared-ness I went thru,....NOT ONE,.....because it made me who I am right now. And I am happy with who I am right now,-more so than ever. Honest.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things I Dislike,....

Well, enough about all my un-reality w/ my obsession (now) w/ Jamey Johnson. I'll stop w/ all that,~ I promise you. I shall go on and not mention him anymore. Ummm, here is everything that I dislike: (if you even care.)And don't forget,...this is just MY opinion.

1) Loud, crude language,(ESPECIALLY in front of kids.)

2)Mushrooms, any which way. Even the smell of them when they are cooking,-god they are awful.

3) The whole wearing the pants below your butt thing kids are doing now-a-days. It REALLY bothers me because of how stupid it looks, and it is,....I just REALLY hate it. Makes people look ignorant. (Just my opinion tho.)

4)Speed metal music.

5) Someone driving erratically and irresponsibly.

6) Anyone who hurts or abuses animals, or who even stands by and lets it happen. Oh no,...I would SO BE PUT IN JAIL for beating someone senseless if I EVER witnessed something like that.

7) People who think they are above everyone else.

8) Air-blowers, know, those obnoxiously, LOUD, useless, things that lawn companies use to move debris from one stupid spot to another. Yeah, HATE them,...I think they should be banned,...I'd like to torture whoever invented them.

9) Violent, tortureous (is that spelling right?) TV or movies. (Comes to mind is the movie 'A Clockwork Orange', HATE it, it's disgusting.)

10) People who don't put their weights away in the gym, or spit their gum in the water fountain, or leave sweaty towels on gym equipment, or.....shall I go on? You get what I mean.

11)People who sing to their Ipods out loud in public. (Are you kidding me?-they think they sound good. It's ridiculous.)

12) Traffic jams. Dead stop traffic jams. SO AGGRAVATING.

13)Ex-President Bush,(the son) of a bitch. sorry.

14) Hair on/in clothes, in socks, in sheets, on the floor, (even if it's my own.) It totally grosses me out.

15) Donald Trump, Sarah Silverman, Paris Hilton, Clay Aiken, Lynn Martinez,(local newswoman in Fort Lauderdale,-she's God-awful, and annoying,) Mike Tyson, Star Jones, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Dominic Hasek,(hockey goalie I despise,) Howard Stern,Charles Barkley, Bill O'Reilly, Sarah Palin, Skip Bayless (on ESPN,) and Michael Vick. I DESPISE these people, they are a disgrace to whatever they represent,....I don't understand why they are famous or well-known. It's pretty sad that these people are so well-liked, it just goes to show where everyone's head is at now-a-days, the toliet.

16) ESPN,...used to be all I watched. Now it might as well be called the NBA/NFL channel. They messed-up a good thing.

17)Smelly cigars.

18) People who don't supervise their children in public. The things I see parents let children do and getaway w/ now-a-days just kills me. I am so apalled,...and it's not the poor kids fault,'s the ridiculously, stupid, mind- numbing parents. Plain ignorance, and laziness. My parents had FIVE of us kids, my grandparents living w/ them, living in a house that was gutted and being renovated while living w/ all us in it, and my father working (literally) THREE jobs, and us kids in public NEVER did anything like what I see now, AND I had a great childhood. We weren't kept under wraps or hidden in a backroom somewhere,...we had FUN. Never did we run around restaurants, tell our parents what to do, throw temper-tantrums, scream, whine, yell at them for something we couldn't have, or ordered surf-n-turf for dinner. Yes, ALL of these things I have personally witnessed out in public. It really makes me wonder about the next few generations,.....Really,........It scares me actually.

19) People who feel entitled.

20) And last but not least,....I'm sure you already can guess,....having to listen to ANYONE talking on their cellphone. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOUR CONVERSATION. Go sit in your car till you are off the phone,...YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT, TRUST ME ON THIS.

It's not like you are Donald Trump or something.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I MUST be crazy.

Well, I have had two whole 9 hour days of work, and I am so dead,....mentally tired, physically tired, a little stressed,-even tho I had a great, fun day at work today. I love the new job, and I've picked it all up on the second day. I worked almost all day by myself and only made two mistakes, so I can't complain. (And neither can my managers.) They were extremely happy w/ me today. This job is already a piece of cake. Other than that we STILL don't have a kitchen countertop. Altho my husband talked w/ the fabricator yesterday and today, so maybe Monday,(I'm off the next two days already,) we can get this countertop finalized. (GOOD Lord PLEASE.)We also got the blinds put up in the rest of the house, no open windows. Nice.~~~~~ and can you believe I'm STILL all in dreamland over Jamey Johnson? OMGoodness. I can't wait to see him again. (He was THAT great,~~~besides those looks of his.) La-La-Land I'm in. ANYWHO~in celebratory fashion of being a working woman now, I went on eBay and found an AWESOME deal on a navy Chanel purse and bought it. A little happy-for-me-present. I feel great. Now if I could get more tour dates for that man. I think I'm a little of-the-edge.( And of course I didn't tell my husband about the handbag.) I AM over-the-edge, aren't I? Someone please let me know.

Oh, and tomorrow will be the 'Things I DISLIKE'. Uh-huh, I know your waitin' for that, aren't ya?

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm STILL mesmerized.

Yup,...still thinking of how much fun last night was. My husband just told me he talked w/ one of His, (Jamey Johnson's) band members and they will be playing down here sometime soon again, at the Dade County Youth Fair, and opening for Willie Nelson at the Hard Rock. Yup,....I'll be planning.


Well let me tell you about the best night I've had in SOOOO LONG,...and I don't mean like that. Last night I BEGGED my husband to take me to this concert an hour and a half away, and someone he hardly knew. (I know ya'll probably don't like country music,...but I LOVE country music since Kris Kristofferson. I threatened my husband that I would go alone,~so of course he went.) Soooo,.....we went,....and saw Jamey Johnson,...he sings that song called "In Color", that's so popular right now.He started writing songs for George Strait, Trace Atkins, and Joe Nichols. Hit songs too.We saw him at the Martin County Fair in Stuart, Florida, and OMG!, he played for over 2 hours,....he played his heart out,....and what a voice he has, he knocked my socks off! I was so starstruck. Even my husband was VERY IMPRESSED, and NOTHING and NO ONE impresses him,-trust me. Jamey Johnson even stayed and signed autographs, and took pictures w/ everyone who stayed in line waiting. OF COURSE I stood in line,...are you freaking crazy?!,....he is mesmerizing,....he has the clearest, lightest blue eyes I have ever seen on someone,(and they were NOT contacts.) Oooh, he is SO INTENSE looking, and mean-looking, (the look I LOVE.) He shook my hand, signed my CD, and took a picture w/ me, ~genuinely nice~, and handled everyone great,~from grandmas,to little kids, young girls, to young cowboy guys. I was so IN AWE. I took a picture w/ him and I shook so hard when he put his arm around me, he kinda looked over at me, and smiled, and told me to 'calm down' and he actually pulled me in closer to him. OMG, I wanted to die! (You'd think I was a 12-year-old girl seeing the Jonas Bros. or somethin'.) All the way home I was so starry-eyed, my husband just laughed at me. Wow. I can't wait to go see him again,.....I think he is just the cat's meow,...and I mean, MEOOOOOOWWWW. I'll write again about the first day on the new job, another time, and after I'm out of dream-Jamey-Johnson-land. (Big,HEAVY sigh.) Mesmerizing.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's all about me

Okay,'s 10 HONEST things about me RIGHT NOW;
1) I like living in a house w/ hardly any furniture. (Much easier to keep clean, and not so overwhelming,-which leads me to downsizing when I do move all my clothes,shoes and purses over here finally.) AND all the little do-dads, NO MORE. I want it to be very sparse.
2)I'm sitting in my jammies watching "Bring It On" waiting for my husband to arise, so we can go finalize our granite countertop today. (And wishing I had some cookies or cake to eat for breakfast.)
3) I still DESPISE people talking on cellphones everywhere, and anywhere.(They are NOT that important.)
4) I wish I could eat oreos, and drink Lemon Drop Martinis(from Cheesecake Factory) for dinner every night. No lie.
5)I have been in South Florida for my whole life, and I am NOT thrilled w/ the weather. (I HATE to sweat.)
6) Even tho I really LOVE to sleep,(and be home) I love to be busy all the time, and get things done. I feel like I'm really getting 'stuff' done, ya know?
7) I secretly will be relieved if I DON'T get this job that I have been gunning for. I know that's awful to say,~especially now-a-days,-people would do anything for decent jobs,~but I want to do something I really enjoy, NOT get the job just for the benefits, locality,and to make everyone else happy.(I know how spoiled I sound right now, and I AM SORRY, but I can't help how I really feel.)
8) I secretly wish sometimes I was an NHL hockey 'enforcer'. I'd LOVE to be able to just drop-the-gloves, and go bezerk on someone that deserved it.(My husband finds this very strange. and yeah, I told him.)Altho I'd REALLY LOVE to be a hockey goalie, HANDS DOWN. For years that has been a wish of mine. It just really appeals to me,-don't ask me,-I don't know why!
9) I REALLY would NEVER want to be famous. Absolutely NOT. Does NOT appeal to me one bit. I think it would really push me over the edge,-if you know what I mean. (the sad thing is, I really mean it literally.)
10)And finally,~Things I absolutely LOVE: ALL animals, Canada, butter-tarts, chocolate, shopping, eBay, sleeping/napping, goatees, shoes that make me feel sexy, mani/pedis, blue eyes, cold rainy days, baking cookies or cakes, reading anything by Jen Lancaster, laughing, people-watching, recycling, President Obama, family get-togethers, the beginning of vacations, having something work the way it should, found money, rare steaks, Lemon Drop Martinis from Cheesecake Factory,Jamey Johnson;his music,songs,voice,eyes,-just HIM,someone who makes perfect sense, easy driving directions, free anything, Russell Crowe, my IPod music, writing a blog, AND having someone read/follow it, Patrick Roy, watching ANY kinda hockey, old Barbra Striesand movies, a friend who has friends who can get just about anything you need help w/ done, giggling w/ my sister, watching Friends,Burn Notice or Breaking Bad, great-fitting jeans, P!nk, watching baby animals do anything, learning something new, watching Howie Long on football Sundays Fox show, Ralph Nader, anything and everything Toby Keith sings,does,says, watching Mark McGuire or Ken Caminiti play baseball, sunsets over the water, and late-night food delivery.
***Next blog, I will get into what I dislike. (Bet ya can't wait for that.) And do you even care?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yeah, I'm old.

Just watched 'American Idol' and I SOOO LOVE Danny Gokey,...I vote for him to be the winner. I WANT him to be the winner. What a voice,...I already went on ITunes, and bought his song. He reminds me of a young Taylor Hicks, who I SO LOVE!!! (My blog,~my taste, OK?) Anyhow~picked out granite today,....had to practically force my husband to get out of the house. (At least I did tho.)Bordeaux Sunset is what it's called. Pictures will be forthcoming when it's done.~ So,~tomorrow we will hopefully get everything finalized. I'm excited,...and can't wait. A kitchen sink will be in my future,(never thought I'd be so excited. Usually it's over shoes,handbags, or jewelry!Never a kitchen sink!) Anyhow~ today is my sister's birthday, and I called and left her a 'happy birthday' message. I wanted to talk to her, but I'm sure she's out enjoying her b-day. Well, I guess that's about all for me. (I know I'm old, when the highlight of my night is watching American Idol!!! But I love it!) See ya tomorrow.

This is why I don't drink

So,....I had a few cocktails the other night, (hence the absent blogging,) and somehow, someway, that I cannot for the life of me figure out, I tried to blog, and I instead I SOMEHOW CREATED ANOTHER BLOG. I don't know how. How retarded could I have been? (Don't answer that.) So, the other day, unknown to me, I wrote (supposedly) on here, and ended up writing on THE OTHER BLOG,(called My Faux-Paws.) So strange,....I wish I would've done some cool stuff, like decorating my blog, etc. etc. -you get it,....but NOOOOOOOOOOOO,....created another blog. How aggravating,....I wanted to somehow mesh the two, and couldn't figure out how to get that entry on HERE. If anyone knows how I could do it, PLEASE let me know. Maybe if I had more drinks, I could figure out how to do it and put it back, but I won't risk it. No. Thank. You.(Besides,~I'm out of Tylenol.) Anyways,....still have no kitchen counter, but hopefully tomorrow that will change,....going to look at, and hopefully get going on our granite. I'm so-keeping-my-fingers-crossed,....please let it go smoothly. Also, went on a second job interview this week,~same company,~ and I think I will be hearing from them by tomorrow or Weds. that I'm hired for sure. I'm excited, and I'm dreading it both. I'm so used to having MY time for whatever I want; spending time with my husband, my kitty, and taking off to my mom's whenever she needed me,....I'm so lucky to be able to have had all that time, be able to have done whatever I wanted for the last three years. So, now I'm spoiled beyond anything, with the worst thing you can be spoiled with, in my opinion,....time. Time to do whatever you want, however you want, is so intoxicating. It really is. I guess that's what people work all their lives for. For that time. Now I hate to not have it. But again, I'm lucky I'll have a job, unlike alot of people right now. Maybe I'm just lucky,~ period.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Steal My Sunshine? Yeah, right.

Just found this video on YouTube, and forgot how much I ADORED this song,....(I even put it on my Ipod!) Corny, I know, but I need as much upbeat-ness in my life right now as I can get. It's almost 2:30AM, and I'm at my mom's and stepdad's house in Key Largo. I finally got here today to see my mom. She is feeling much better, (and obviously out of the hospital.) I HAD to come see her, killed me to not be w/ her when she was in the hospital,-but my sister came and stayed for a few days, and so did one of my brothers, so,-I guess, she wasn't alone,-but I'm still beating myself up. Anyways, I said, I found this song, and there you go.
I can't sleep tho. Too worried. About everything,.....the house w/ no kitchen countertops,....our legal 'situation', mom's health,....I don't even want to say it,...but I keep thinking how things could be so much worse,....and I know that they sure could be. (I just don't want to jinx myself here.) On the bright side, I was driving here today,...the job that I applied for called and left a message saying that they want to schedule an interview. I'm glad,-I was starting to think I was un-hire-able. I really was getting a complex. I mean, I look at some of the places I applied at, and some of the people working there,-whew!-it was scary that they got a job and I didn't. I mean really. Trust me, I'm not tootin' my own horn here by any means,-but I'll tell ya,....I was damn right pissed-off, and at a loss for words. You should see some of these people,....just the way they dress, I would think they would never get hired in a million years! I mean isn't that a big part of getting a job? First impressions? I mean, c'mon! They look like homeless people some of 'em. I won't name names, but I'm NOT kidding.Oh well. That company sucks anyways,...I just saw on the news that they were laying off 6,000 people, so karma is a bitch now, ain't it? (Boy, I'm full of myself , ain't I?) It just really GOT TO ME,~that's all. I'll rant on to no one some more tomorrow. Still loving this song tho,....

Monday, February 9, 2009

What do you think?

I'm taking a little advice from a blog that I read (and love;) Jacks,Yurman, and Bobbi Brown. (Instead of writing and complaining about my angst ridden life right now. Believe me,~you'll thank me.) Anywho, it is:
***Make a list of all things you can see right now.
My kitty, my husband smoking a cigarette(blech) in the garage,(he opens the door so we can talk.)The TV, and everything in our family room and (counterless still!) kitchen.
***What were you like when you were five?
Well, I really don't remember too much from when I was five, except I was a very sickly kid, and in-and-out of the hospital alot. I also would come home from school and run by the TV that my brothers and sisters were watching, because I HATED this show they all LOVED called Dark Shadows. It would make me cry and haunt me to this day with seeing weird eyes in dark windows.(Not too bad for someone who doesn't remember too much.)I was also PAINFULLY shy. Painfully.
***What are you wearing right now?
A t-shirt from a gym my husband and I used to own(Flashdance style,) grey sweatpants, white platform sneakers,and headband. (Scary picture, ain't it?!)
***What is the one thing people don't know about you that you would like to share?
That I love to know what and how people think. That I would NEVER want to be famous, and that I think I really am mentally ill sometimes. (Honest.)
And I know that was more than one thing,~sorry.
***What's the last thing you read/or are reading?
The Sunday paper-The Sun Sentinel, and blogs.
***Do you nap alot?
Oh yes, it's one of my FAVORITE pastimes,-especially curled-up w/ my kitty. I LOVE to sleep.
***Who was the last person you hugged?
My husband this afternoon,-for like the zillionth time today (after court.)
***What was the last thing you ate today?
Some reheated leftover pizza a few minutes ago.
***What was the last thing you said out loud?
"Are you hungry little man?" to my kitty after he woke-up from a 5 hour nap! (God I love him.)
***What websites do you always visit when you are online?
ALWAYS Ebay, CNN,my Hotmail, Jennsylvania, and the rest of my favorite blogs.
***What was the last thing you bought?
A cherry wood house clock, a kittybed for my mom's cat, and some Chips Ahoy, all from Target.
***What are you listening to right now?
President Obama's press conference.
***What is the best piece of advice you've received recently?
To stay calm no matter what from my husband's lawyer this morning.
***What is your favorite weather and why?
Cool, (as in 50 degrees,) and sunny or rainy, either, I'm not picky.
***What time do you usually get up?
Around 9:30-10AM.
***What is your most challenging goal right now?
Keeping myself together, and sane, while my husband goes thru our legal problems, and while my mom is sick.
***If you could have a TOTALLY paid for, FULLY furnished, ANYWHERE in the world home, where would it be?
On ALOT of acreage, but w/ water on it, in Georgia, Tennessee, or Canada somewhere.
***Favorite vacation spot?
Ipswich, Massachusetts.
***What is your favorite children's book?
Thumbalina(?) spelling?
***Name one thing that you just can't resist, no matter how bad it is for you?
Shopping and chocolate anything!

And here's a few more,....
***What 'look' is your 'type'?
Blue eyes, flat-top,muscular, goatee, and glasses.(Happily for me, I just described my husband,-except for the glasses-which he needs,but refuses to get!)
***What thought haunts you to this day?
Putting my parents thru hell, and being mean to them when I was a (bratty) teenager.
***What famous person do you think you look like or your mate looks like?
My husband has been told numerous times he looks like Russell Crowe, (and that works out great, 'cause he's my FAVORITE actor!)Ooh-wee.
***If you won the lottery, what would be the first five things you would buy?
A home for my friend Cole, whatever my neighbor Karen needed, anything my family needed, new Chanel purse, and some Loree Rodkin jewelry.
***Who are your mentors?or idols?
My husband, parents, my sister Missy, and Patrick Roy.
***What kind of car do you drive/own and WISH you could drive/own?
I own a Lexus ES300, and I wish I could own the new Cadillac XLR.

And that's about all you probably can stand to know right now. Pass this all on to your blog and add your own questions. Let me know how it goes.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well,...I won't hold back from reality today. I can't. It's hit me full force,....not only do my husband and I have ANOTHER court date on Monday morning,....he might be taken into custody. To top that, sister called me this morning from the hospital where my mom has been in ICU AGAIN,...and told me she has some sort of cancer called Myeloma(?) I will be looking it up on WedMD right after this. My life right now feels like a bad dream. It's surreal. I'm so down, kitty and I sat around the house all day just napping together and watching TV,...neither of us feeling like doing anything. (My husband kept busy washing both our cars, and cleaning the pool.) He's trying. I am so blind-sided,....I'm even waiting for a call about whether or not I get this job I applied for last week. I can't even imagine trying to work w/ my mom in the hospital, and my husband in jail. All I know is I'm hoping against hope that things will be okay,....they have to be,....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Taking a break

I'm taking a break from my 'real life' today and going to tell you to go check out a blog I just found that for some reason I find SO ENTERTAINING, funny and I can't get enough of! Ya'll,....check out Too damn funny, (and a little scary!!!) Hard to believe people can be that airheaded, and unthinking(?) A nice break from what's going on in my life right now. (I won't bore you w/ the gory details.) Hard to believe,......check it out,~you won't regret it, AND you'll get a good laugh.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sweating bullets.

Today was kinda a wash-out. My husband and I waited around until 5:30 for a guy to come out to give us an estimate on granite countertops. NO PHONE CALL,...nothing. We called him three times. NOTHING. How can someone in business be like that? How? I mean,....not a phone call or anything?! Whatever. That's just bad business, and plain rude. Our whole day was shot. Sat around, waiting, and got absolutely nothing done. The only good thing we did was go to our neighbor's kid's soccer game. (They won.!!!)We got out, and forgot everything, and had a good time for a little while.~~~We have a meeting w/ our lawyer tomorrow morning about our impending court date Thursday morning. NERVES, NERVES, NERVES. My husband is a big, cranky, grouchy, bear right now. (Thats appropriate because my nickname for him IS Bear.~ I've called him that for years!~) Anyways,---this weekend my sister-in-law and I will be going to our condo, and packing-up as much as we can physically manage to do in a weekend w/out killing ourselves. (Just trying to keep my husband from any extra stress, or worries. It's the LAST thing he needs.) His sister is the best person I have ever had in my life,(not counting my family.) She takes charge, and will show you, help you, find out anything for you, teach you whatever it is you need. I am SO LUCKY to have her close to me in our current (legal and otherwise) situation. SO LUCKY. My kitty has been a little restless the last couple of days,....I think he senses our agitation about our legal issues, because it's there. I feel it every second of every day, and every night. It's just something that is ALWAYS there, like a giant pink elephant in the room that no one talks about. It is so hard not knowing what will be your life in the coming months. We might be fixing this house up for nothing and have to leave and go to Canada at the drop of a hat. Nothing like having that hanging over your head. But my sister-in-law is all knowing, and MY sister knows, and if anything were to happen, or have to happen fast,....they both would know about it all. Makes life that much more precious. Trust me on this,.......
I've been trying not to think about all this stuff for months, since it all happened,....and I do anything and everything to NOT think about it. And then one little stupid thing will go wrong, and my husband and I go off like its literally the end of the world. (Stupid I know.) I just try to remind him that it still could be worse. I mean,'s hard telling someone that in his spot. He is the best man I have ever known, and ever will know. I have always thought that, even in the beginning, when I thought we would never end up together.(Thats when I had 'I Remember You' tatooed on my outer calf, and we weren't even together than.) He truly is one-of-a-kind. No one has his integrity, honesty, and stays true to his word like him, IN ANY SITUATION, and EVERY SITUATION. He is truly my Gladiator. (He has STRENGTH and HONOR tatooed on his outer forearms, that I find extremely sexy.) So much for my secrets,......