Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shoulds, and shouldn't's

Every morning I get up and put on CNN or CMT,(Country Music Television.) Big difference, huh? When is it news when people very obviously have to get their 5 minutes of fame? It's just so ridiculous. Young people feel so entitled,...and I don't understand what for. I mean, they all think they are going to 'be famous' for nothing. What? How? and Why? When I was a teenager all I wanted was a new pair of Levis, for my hair to be straight and frizz-free, and for everyone to like me. I was so horribly shy, I could barely walk into a classroom. I wanted to be invisible. I idolized my sister, and I loved animals. I would say that's pretty normal somewhat. Now-a-days teenagers are hell-on-wheels. It really amazes me how kids today grow-up. I wouldn't want to be a teenager for all the money in the world,---nor have to be raising one. I just hold my breath everytime I talk to my sister and my 15-year-old niece comes up. She is so good, but for how much longer, scares the living hell outta me. No lie,....I'm holding my breath. Teenage girls now-a-days are like little sex kittens practically. I mean have you seen high school girls? I NEVER looked like that in junior high or high school. Jeez! You have to worry about them in school, at home, on the computer, at the mall, at their friends house,.......I mean when does it end? I don't think I could handle it. (Obviously thats why I don't have kids.) I mean I honestly think I would be in the 'looney bin' if I had them. Nothing and no one would be good enough to be around them, teach them, or come near them. Yep,---thats how I would be. They would never leave my sight, they would be home schooled, and chained to my side. I'm ridiculous about my cat like that, imagine me with kids!?! I would be put in a insane asylum. I just can't handle the thoughts of 'what could happen',.......makes me crazy just thinking about it all. All the violence, all the horrible stuff that people do to each other just makes me scared, and mean. I've been thinking of volunteering again at some sorta animal place,.....but I'm afraid to get involved again,....I don't want to get MORE cynical about people than I already am. Last time I volunteered at a local No-kill cat shelter I was wreck. The stories and conditions these poor little kitties came in to the shelter just made me sick to my stomach, and put me over the edge w/ hating people. The horrible, horrible things that were done to cats horrified me to no end. I watch those ASPCA commercials and honest to god I cry everytime. I want to save every single one of those poor things. I really do. It's just so hard to get involved again. Should I or shouldn't I? I just don't know.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Helping out where I can.

Wow, here I am again trying to help someone AGAIN. Remember when I wrote about the homeless guy w/ the jaywalking ticket? Well, I paid it today,....yep, the day before it was due, and just in time. Thank goodness. I'm so glad I did it. This poor guy is so scared to go to jail. Whether he's telling the truth or not,....I wanted to help him. I couldn't in good conscious not help him. I would've never been able to forgive myself. And as for the girl at work who has all the problems? Well,...I've been trying to help her too. (Not bad for someone who claims to 'hate' people,....and pick animals over people ANY DAY.) It's harsh I know, but it is the truth. I have to be honest, I spent half the afternoon, and most of the evening online collecting phone numbers, and locations for this poor girl to call and/or go to in case her husband decides he doesn't want her to live there again anymore. And as for their child,(can you imagine?,)......her husband gets up early to go to work and takes the child w/ him and drops him off somewhere that my co-worker/friend has no idea where, or with who it is. I think I would go ballistic on this guy. What a friggin' idiot he sounds like. (And yes, I KNOW there are two sides to every story,....)
......she can't leave and leave her child there, would be abandonement, wouldn't it? Legally? I don't know, but I got some phone numbers for her to call and hopefully get some sort of legal advice, and help. I hope she uses it. I told her I could only do so much and then it is up to her. So,........
....home life for my husband and I has been uneventful which to me, is great,-just how we like it. Nice and calm, and uneventful. (Some people may say 'boring' but thats just how we like it.) We've been watching playoff hockey,...which I LOVE. (Even tho my first picked team,-Montreal Canadians, are already out,) I'm still enjoying the games. Now I will just root for ANY Canadian team. The Cup needs to see Canada again.So,-we did go see the new Russell Crowe movie 'State of Play' and it was GREAT. (Just as I knew it would be.) I want to see it again even! (He is still SO THE MAN.) We'll see tho. My brother and his wife are coming down from Georgia in two weeks, and staying at my mom's condo for the last time. We will all get together and help move all the furniture out of there for her. It'll be fun even tho it is moving. Nothing else new. (How boring am I?) Still working like crazy, but getting used to it a little more. Got some more furniture,....a dining room table, a console table, three barstools,....we still have a bedroom set and a few other things that we will get in time. I kinda like the empty house look. Well, I will try to write more, I know I have been slacking-off, but I will post more. (I think I even saw that I have one follower, I promise I will post more. Yeaaaa. Thank you to whoever that is.) I'll write again very soon.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Should we all be worrying?

You ever wonder how people raise their kids when they are not a conventional family? I know I do. Yesterday I met a man who's wife is a stripper,(he told me so,) and his 16 yr.old daughter (who was beautiful,) didn't blink an eye. I mean nothing against strippers,.....I have ALOT of friends who are and/or were strippers at one time or another, but not when they have an impressionable, beautiful 16yr.old at home, and dad is telling people like he's proud! Am I being over-sensitive? I mean, what kind of message does that send to a teenager? They already have so much to deal with and contend with,....too much now-a-days I would say. (But what do I know.) It just scares me a little when dad is crowing about it to everyone and anyone. Who knows,....and he wasn't a nice-looking, together man either,....he looked like a homeless man,-poor thing,-he doesn't work, and I just don't get it. I don't know,...he's not young either. (Neither is his wife.) It just scares me for this young,impressionable girl. What kinda person will she grow-up to be? What kinda values? It really does scare me to no end. I have been thinking and thinking about it. I mean,-my mom worked full-time, went to night-school, took tennis lessons, and still cooked dinner every night for five kids,.....that's how I grew-up. I guess I could call myself EXTREMELY LUCKY,-right? I didn't even know what strippers were when I was 16. I didn't. Honest to God. I mean, I'm not as innocent as that sounds, but I'm not worldly either. I just know that I don't think that that situation is a healthy one for the teenager,........and it actually worries me. Should it?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Missing it all.

I have been doing nothing but working and sleeping, and eating when I can. You'd think I'd lose weight or something,....but nooooooo. Work has pretty much taken over my life it seems. I'm not sure how much of this is good or bad, but I think for the time, it's helping me,......I don't have time to think of what could and couldn't happen the next time we have to go to court,....or what happened to us last year,....or any of the other unpleasant memories, or worries that I normally would have. I'm too damn exhausted. The one day I had off last week we went furniture shopping ALL DAY,....found a couch that we might buy. Had some fun driving around too,......found some beautiful teak outdoor furniture for our patio at Ikea last night,(late after work.) I can't believe I'm still awake right now! And this week is a new Russell Crowe movie 'State of Play' coming out,....and it's usually a ritual for my husband and I to go see whatever Russell Crowe movie comes out on the first night. He usually gets tickets for the Muvico in Boca Raton, and we go to the Premiere theatre and get balcony seats, (loveseats with drink holders, and martinis/wine being served.) He knows how much I love going there, and we pretty much know that any R.Crowe movie will be worth it to see,....and I'm not sure we will be able to go this Friday,-I WON'T BE AWAKE,(OR I MIGHT FALL ASLEEP-GOD FORBID!) We have been doing this since 'Gladiator', I CAN'T MISS this one. It will break my heart,....really. (Kinda like I was when my picture didn't come out of Jamey Johnson and I from my Blackberry. I was, and still am, crying about it.) Anyways,....not that ya'll even care,....but my mom is about to sell her condo (on the ocean) that she has in Tavernier. It's kinda sad,....we've had it since my dad died, and she bought it and kept it for all us kids to be able to come and stay and visit her. She is finally selling it, and it feels a little scary. Like something is about to be over,....forever. We still can go see her, mom and her 'boyfriend' live together in a big beautiful house on the water, it's not like we have no place to go and stay to see her,.....but it's just weird,....that's all. I guess I should be happy that it's one less thing for my mom to have to worry about and the upkeep and all,-right? Tell me I'm right. Anyways,'s always some uphevel in everyone's life, right? Yeah, well. So here's a picture taken from the condo balcony of the water. Nice farewell. I miss it already. (I know how spoiled I sound. Sorry,---I can't help it, but I'm sad.)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Too much,-too cute.

I don't have too much to say right now. I had the day from hell today. Court, horrible workday, and thank goodness it's over. Came home from work, and my husband was in a good mood and my kitty was napping in our bed,.....all is restored. I'm happy now. (It doesn't take much.)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


So,'s well past April Fool's Day, and I guess the joke's on me. My job is going well, my mom is doing better health-wise, and my husband is really trying,.....what's up? It's too good,......THAT'S what scares me. Next week is another court date for us, and I'm holding my breath. Will it stay good, or go oh-so-bad? Do I hope for the best, but expect the worst? Or do I just stay positive and not think any other way? Not be realistic? I'm kinda at a loss. I feel somewhat numb the closer the day gets. Makes you thankful for alot of little things in your life,.....or at least me it does. I watch so many people just going thru the motions,.......are they really ever thankful? I mean I'm thankful I have a decent job now,....and for a beautiful, kitty who is going thru his teenage years like a child right now,....and for being healthy, and for going to sleep at night next to my husband,and holding his hand as I fall asleep, in a home I love. I'm thankful for the cute little backyard we have that I think is my own little piece of paradise,-with the privacy palm trees, the pool, and beautiful tropical feel it has. I'm thankful for the very air I breathe sometimes,....I'm thankful for the almost empty house we live in, and worry about the stupid penthouse condo on the beach we can't bare to go back to, even just to pack it up. I want the rest of everything to fall by the wayside. Even people I used to know when I worked in the bar,......I can't bear to see or run into any of them. I'm just not the same person anymore, and I don't think I've come to terms with it,because I don't live that life anymore, or I'm not like them anymore. I don't know what makes some people tick, but I'm always curious. I'm thankful for my 2001 Lexus that I bought outright at the time, that still looks brand new-even if it is almost 10 yrs.old. I'm thankful for my sister-in-law who might as well be my sister, because she is a godsend. I'm thankful for going on walks in our neighborhood at night with my husband and kitty, and looking up at the moon, and breathing in fresh air, and seeing the beautifully lit cross of the church one block away. I'm oh-so-thankful for being able to talk to my mom and sister everyday. I'm so thankful for my next-door-neighbors who seem more like family than just friends, and for the other great neighbors who all came together years back when we had a horrible hurricane, and was without power,water, or food for almost two weeks, and we all gathered in the street every night to BBQ so we all would be able to eat. I'm thankful I had some great memories of my father and our family at very happy times together,-some people never know that in their lifetime. I have some of the best friends ever, best times, and some unbelievable, unforgetable, memories in my lifetime, that no one could ever imagine. I've been blessed to have met some very famous people and got to hangout with some, and have stored in my memory some great stories. U2, Matt Dillon, Mr.Brady (from the Brady Bunch,-I can't remember his name,-sorry,) Rod Stewart, Living Color,Marshall Tucker Band, Mike Ashely,-(bodybuilder,) Alex Rodriguez, Tom Berringer, Dan Marino,(NOT a nice man,) OJ Simpson,(yes,after the murder, and NO, I was NOT nice to him,) local sportscaster Joe Rose,(IGNORANT man,)my favorite athelete Patrick Roy,(very kind,nice, gracious man,-Xtremely CUTE too,) numerous wrestlers; Steve'Stone Cold' Austin, (awesome guy,-even hungout at our condo with us,) Undertaker,(nice),Mr. Perfect,(VERY NICE man,-he had dinner with us even!,) the Road Warriors, (my fave, and very nice,) and many,many others I can't even remember right now,.....but it's all great memories,.....lucky that I've been, and now sometimes I just wonder if this is all just some story I don't even really understand, I mean. It's something else sometimes, isn't it? Be thankful for every little thing, me,.......I know I am, and forever will be.