Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Surprised Kitty (Original)

This is the sweetest, cutest, most adorable thing I've ever seen. I'm so in love with this kitten, and the total innocence, and cuteness. THIS makes me totally happy watching this, and knowing that people are this kind, and sweet and gentle. I honestly find it hard to believe that this exists, but I'm happy it does, the little that there is.

Moments at a time

Today is Tuesday, and from the second I got in from my walk with Munky on Sunday night, and got in my jammies, I haven't gotten outta them. And,- I'm happy about it. I have no problem with it. Been reading up on the No Kill Revolution. This is going to be my platform from now on. This has to happen EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE. Every little life being saved helps. Yes, it can, and will happen,....one day. I have to keep telling myself that. I need something to keep me going, and moving foward. My sister-in-law is coming for dinner tonight, and I'm cooking chicken, so we'll see if I stay in my jammies still. I'm watching Isaac Mizrahi on QVC with the coolest stuff. I love him. He's a fun person to watch, and listen to, and I love his 'style'. (I miss his show that used to be on E!) LOVED that show. Anyways,~I'm thinking of calling into work tomorrow. I want to just chill. And I will. So here I am, thinking, waiting, hoping, and writing this. I am going to try to start thinking better, TRY TO at least. I just read Jennsylvania's blog, and she ALWAYS cracks me up. Her writing to me is like crack! I can't get enough of her sense of humor. I die laughing with her antics of her animals, husband, cooking, and late-night-drunk-internet-shopping. I am in hysterics for days thinking about something I read on her blog. Too funny. I check EVERYDAY to see if she has a new post. My husband thinks I'm crazy sometimes when I read her stuff, and giggle myself into a laughing asthma attack. (Not to mention I keep her books next to my bed and read them over and over. They are THAT funny and interesting,-at least to me.) So, I'm having a good day today. I'll write more later.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Join the No Kill Revolution-Make a difference

The time is now for me to start taking action with this No Kill Revolution. I'm trying to find out as much info as possible to get this going. THAT will make me happy and make me feel good about myself, because nothing else is right now,-that's for sure. Nothing. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and like nothing can help all these animals from sure-death. It's just SO NOT fair, or right. So many little personalities that no one will ever know. Ever. That makes me so ill,....my little Munky, my feral little kitten, what a big personality she has. She is so sweet, and cute, and lovable, and smart,....shall I go on? I could. The same thing with Jake, (the white puppy pit,) he's so sweet, and content, just to be in his crate, and have toys, and food, and some love, that's all. They all deserve a chance,....they all do. ALL. Every last one of them. Its sickening just thinking about all the little lives that have been lost. It makes me hopeless and sad, and depressed on top of everything else in my life. I've been more depressed than ever. I cry myself to sleep sometimes even. I feel so emotional it scares me. Sometimes I can't hold it in, I can't. I've convinced myself to see a psychiatrist finally. I HAVE to talk with someone, I have to. I'm scared for myself, I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth,.......and yes, I've let my husband know. I'm NOT going to do anything stupid, I just need to vent and let things out, I think, - that's all.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Its not all black and white I know

Well~last weekend I made some phone calls and saved that gorgeous, white, pitbull puppy from the Humane Society. I hooked him up with a no-kill K9 Rescue organization, and all went according to plan. I even donated $100 to help the little guy get new toys, food, bed, and other stuff. I was so happy and relieved. I couldn't have lived with myself doing nothing about him. It would've haunted me forever,-that puppy had such soulful eyes, he looked right thru me. So beautiful. Just glad he's in good hands now. Nothing else new really,...working, and still hating the world. My husband gets off probation this month,....and that's one good thing. The less he has to worry about, the better. That makes me happy too. So I'm thankful for the little victories I have in my little life, and these two things ARE victories to me. Yay. I feel like there is so much to be done, that it's overwhelming. I don't even know where to begin to get help with animal shelters, and the horrible acts that take place in all the little shelters that people don't even hear about. It makes me sick. Makes me HATE people,(just adds fuel to the fire,) I HATE people for so many reasons towards there actions and feelings towards animals, it's beyond words. Animals are so superior to us, and we could learn so much from them if we just stopped, and paid attention, but we are too quick in our own greed that we just use them for whenever we feel like it. Too bad it's this way,....if it were reversed, I gurantee we wouldn't be in the position that we put animals in.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

For the moment I'm happy

Okay, so they called me today! Yippeeee!!! I'm SO RELIEVED,...I had nightmares all night about that pup being put to sleep at the Humane Society. Thank goodness they didn't give him away yet. There is a God. (I think.) Anyhow~after 5 o'clock today we are going to meet up and transfer the pup to a foster home. I really hope I can visit him and help out in some way. I should be adopting this baby,...but I guess it's not meant to be,....yet. I am just ecstatic that I'm being able to do this for this baby. Just like me finding little Munk. I thank goodness everyday I found little Munk, believe me. My husband loves her so much,....she is the child we never had, that's all I can say. Her AND Sugar both. I love them like children. Anyways,....I'll write more later after I get this guy to his next home. I'll even try to post a pic. (He's SO BEAUTIFUL.) You'll see. See ya later. I'm happy for the moment.

Another day in paradise

Sitting up watching the "Last Samurai", and my husband is cooking soup for us. My husband played poker tonight, and didn't do well at all. (He's not a happy camper.) Munky is sitting outside in the front screened in area in the dark,(she loves that.) I think she pretends she's a big cat, and watches stuff. The moon is gorgeous out tonight. I actually have the weekend off,(for the local art festival going on. I missed it last year,-and I was very upset about it.) Anyways,~gonna go tomorrow, AND try to get some stuff done around the house. Some much needed cleaning. It's 3am, and you'd think it was 3 in the afternoon the way we are. We are such night people. I don't know if I'll ever be otherwise ever. Thank goodness my husband is the same exact way,....we have so much fun sometimes just hanging out, playing with Munky,watching movies, and going and getting breakfast, and staying up all night. By the time the sun comes up we are ready, very easily, to curl up and go to sleep,-FOR THE DAY. Yaay us. So it's little things like that, that keep us happy, and united. We love the same movies, we "get" the same stuff in movies,....like "strength and honor" in "Gladiator", and "I'll make you famous", from "Young Guns", and I could go on and on, but you get the idea. And today I did something that hopefully will lead to something really good; this couple that are customers at where I work got a 4month old white pitbull puppy, and they really wanted it, but ended up getting evicted from their apt.(go figure,) so they actually thought about giving this gorgeous pit puppy to the Humane Society,....are they freakin' crazy?! So I made some calls and found this K9 No Kill organization, and called and they will take the sweetie-pie puppy that I was crying for days about going to the Humane Society,.....thank goodness he will go to a nice foster home, and hopefully, eventually get a great forever home. I just wish the forever home could be ours, but my husband says NO, so NO it is. I'm just glad I could do something for him. Maybe I could even visit and play with him. How I'd love to have him. I'll keep you updated on how it goes,.....hopefully tomorrow I'll get that phone call. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer they call me and haven't given him away to you know where. Please Lord.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Keeping ya posted-that's all

Off today which makes for a happy me. Ran some errands today, and bought groceries to make a nice shrimp and pasta or rice dinner. Sitting here, and Munky and Sugar are both napping right here in front of me,....my husband is outside cleaning the pool, and I'm watching/listening to the NHL GM meetings. Very interesting, soothing, and quiet right now. I wish I could go to Boca to where they are having these big meetings for the NHL, and hangout and meet, listen, and learn about all the things they are trying to do. I just don't want another lockout,.....EVER. Anyways,....mailed some money to the damn P.O., and got some pictures developed from my camera from our Family Reunion last Nov. I'm going to send them to my mom. I miss her so much. And a friend of my parents posted some old pictures on FB of some trips they took with my parents when my dad was alive. So weird seeing pictures of him,-how I miss him. He'd be so enthralled with all the technology going on now-a-days, what with Ipods, Ipads, small laptops, Iphones, he'd be in heaven with it all. He had a computer in the '60's for god's sake!!! Can you believe how ahead of his time he was? He actually helped set up a computer system for Coco Chanel in the late 60's,(my mom just told me that.) Can you imagine? That's like my father and I rolled into one. I love all the new tech stuff, but it all becomes obsolete so fast, I just can't justify spending money on any of it yet. I mean I have two great laptops right now, and a decent Blackberry cellphone, and that's all I need really. I mean I sell stuff on Ebay, and that's the only way I can justify having the internet on my cellphone. Other than that, that's all we have. I actually feel behind the times with just the things we have. Silly isn't it? Anyways, I just know if my father was alive right now, he would be in his glory. Ummm,.....nothing else really planned. We have to go to our condo on the beach to see how the renters left it. We finally got them to leave after not being able to pay us rent for almost three months. So much for trying to give them a chance. We paid their electric bill too. Oh well,....we live and learn. It's spilt milk right? So that's what we have to do tonight,....go there and check out how they left the place. My husband is trying to figure out if we should rent it again, or just try to sell it. If we do sell it, we will probably never have another place directly oceanfront again, it will definitely be out of our reach,....so it's kinda a big decision. We're mulling it over. Keep ya posted.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How boring am I?

Well,well,well,....I'm not going to complain today about anything that I had to do, and anywhere I had to go. I'll just say I had a very full day. Went to Salvation Army and looked at furniture, came home and went out to breakfast. Came home and watched 'Robin and Hood', and then took Munky for an early walk, while my hubby took a much needed nap. (He's been fighting an infection for about a week now.) Came in, and watched some more TV, played with Munky some more, and then we watched 'Crazy Heart' with Jeff Bridges,...OMG,...I loved, loved,loved it. My husband,-not so much. Jeff Bridges is freakin' HOT. Yes, even in that movie. ( I tend to go for that look; Sam Elliot, Kris Kristofferson, etc.) So yeah, that's my kinda look that I like. (Grey hair, blue eyes, and facial hair.) I really loved it. I mean my favorite still is, and always will be Russell Crowe,....because my husband looks just like him only a big muscleman,...but wow, Russell is a hottie. Soooooo,....nothing else new. Somehow this week my husband's insurance policy that we have thru my work was terminated. Yep. Made numerous phone calls to everyone, everywhere, and it all came down to a computer mistake. Jeez! I was almost in tears when I found out. Canada can't come quick enough. Other than that,-nothing else new here. No shopping,...no eBay,....no nothing. I'm so boring. Okay,....I guess I'll be getting ready for bed now. Maybe jump on Facebook and see what my nieces and nephews are doing up in Ga. Half my family are all on there, and that's how we keep in contact,....it's really nice. So I'm off for the long nap of the night. Me and Munky,...my husband, well, he's already sound asleep in the chair next to me,-poor thing, he's so tired. Goodnight from us.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Throw me a line

I had a decent day starting out, until I realized we had to mail out Property tax checks for over $6000 in total. Not happy. I almost had an aneurysm. So what is my answer to everything? GO SHOPPING!!! Yep. Started out just wanting to walk around the mall to calm my nerves and forget about those damn taxes, and 4 hrs. later and $5oo I was walking on air, only to come home to my husband telling me more bad news; the renters we have aren't going to be able to pay us the $3600 they owe us. (Thats what happens when you try to give people a chance and be nice,).....NEVER again. So, now we have to look foward to getting them out of there,....not a fun thought at all. All our beautiful furniture, and framed pictures, and stuff are all there,...while we live in a half-empty house with no furniture, pictures on the walls, or anything,....it gives me an upset stomach just thinking about it. I had a breakdown when he told me,....I crawled into bed crying my eyes out thinking of all the stuff we are going to have to do and go thru now to get these people out. Nightmare. I can't handle one more thing in our lives that goes wrong. I am so on the edge,-that no amount of shopping, blogging, or sleeping,(or whatever, ) will help me feel better. So now what do I do? One day at a time,-I know. It just seems to all gang up on us. When does it get better? I never remember everything being this hard. I love to laugh, believe me,...but its kinda hard when all this happens in one day, and I can't do anything about it. There's no saving us. At least thats how it feels.