Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Still in my depression. The only thing that made today different was going out with Munky for a walk, which was absolutely wonderful. The birds, ducks, lizards, frogs,...it was Wonderland for her, and she was in total heaven! We were outside for almost 3 hours,-it was great. Nothing else new,....I had to check in here. The Boston Marathon bombing really shook me up. Scared me beyond belief. This world is such a crazy place. I'm not so sure I'm wrong in how I feel about it, BUT,...people sure came thru when they were needed most on that day. It's a true miracle only 3 people died.(AND I DON'T TAKE THAT THREE LIGHTLY EITHER.) I'm just trying to understand the WHY of it all, along with millions of others. My husband grew-up in Ipswich, Mass.,....and ever since going to two of his high school reunions, I've wanted to move up there. It is like another world. The people are so wonderful, and friendly to each other,...the food and restaurants are absolutely AMAZING,....and the history, the beaches, Boston shopping, not to mention the Red Sox, Fenway Park, and my favorite sport-the Boston Bruins,....all unbelievably spectacular. I couldn't get enough. I honestly would have moved up there 15 years ago if my hubby had said OK. I've never seen the change of seasons like the little bit I did when I was there, and it was like nothing I had ever seen before. GORGEOUS. The down side? Every single person my husband went to school/college with all had degrees and no one could get a job. They all worked blue collar jobs to just work. That sucked to hear. I mean actual lawyers driving Frito Lay trucks doing deliveries just for a job doesn't cut it. So yeah. We never moved up there. So the Boston Marathon bombing was quite a shock and thankfully everyone we know up there are all accounted for. Good bless the people up there, all who were involved, there, and who helped when it counted. Boston Strong. That's how they are. They won't ever back down. They never stop. They never surrender. BostonStrong. (Wish I was one of them.)