Friday, October 26, 2012


Okay, I can't seem to get this picture I saw from Pinterest outta my head. I like, have to have this look. Maybe I'm crazy,....but I can't seem to stop being OBSESSED with it,....and getting this look on me. (Only I'd do it with some sort of denim shirt.) And I'm willing to go in debt to do this,-THAT'S HOW OBSESSED I AM WITH THIS PICTURE. How can I be like this? Do other people (girls,) go thru this? I can't stop thinking about it, when I found that Givenchy bag on eBay and HAD to have it,...or the "shoe myth" Manolo Blahniks from SATC, those too,....I mean is there something really wrong with me that I can't get this picture outta my head?  I have to get this look at any cost. I do. And I don't care what I have to do to get it, and soon as possible. Soooo,....just putting it out there. Cause I'm crazy,...I'm in my crazy place,...and don't know what to do. I'll show you my look compared to this one once I get it. Contrast and compare. How's that? Over the edge or what? Okay,.......I'm going back in,.........eBay, Pinterest,.....I'm outta here,....

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