Monday, October 1, 2012

This is how I used to be now

Nothing new going on with me. How boring can I get? Just working,...paying bills, and checking things out on eBay. Altho now I've started on Pinterest,...and I'm addicted. I just can't seem to get the button downloaded,(uploaded,-whatever,...) to my header, so I can't cruise say,...eBay or Etsy and "pin it", when I find something I like or think is pretty cool. I'm so tech challenged. I'm lucky I've gotten this far. So,.....still driving a lot to work. Nothing new on the condo,....and still sitting here in this house. It's not looking like we'll be outta here by July(2013,) to be honest. We're hoping that with "season" around the corner, we'll be getting some interest in the place. I mean we're down to $220,000 for a penthouse condo on the beach, with views of both the ocean AND inter-coastal. It's large almost 1600 sq.ft. so it's not tiny or anything,...TWO balconies,...granite counters in the kitchen,stainless steel appliances, marble flooring in the entryway and bathrooms,...tons of huge closets,....24 hrs. security, covered parking,...a gym, sauna, pool directly on the beach,...I mean you can't beat it, WHY? WHY IS IT NOT SELLING? And just so ya know, I refuse to live in a highrise,...and they don't allow any animals, so it's out of the question for us now. Besides,...I couldn't take Munky outside ever,...and she'd have nothing to look at,...and we wouldn't see Sugar anymore, NO,'s outta the question. It has to sell. It has to. I'm going nuts here. What the hell are we going to do? I'm still not working out either and it is starting to really affect my hubby and I. I mean,...he's getting mad at me because I'm NOT working out, but it's hard,....I dunno'. Work and all,....I mean other people work full time jobs, and work out and have kids, and busy households,...and they find the time. I just can't seem to get motivated,....or find the energy,...or even care,.....I'm having a hard time dealing with things. I mean,- I miss working-out, I miss lifting weights,...I miss that feeling of being and feeling strong(er.) And the soreness,...I loved when I felt sore,....I knew I did something right. I miss it,....but apparently not enough. Not enough to get my fat ass in the gym. So I guess I'll be one of those that talks about,..."I used to be in shape",.........god I hate people like that. I know now how it happens tho,'s called 'Life'.

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