Thursday, October 11, 2012


Today I'm suppose to go and sign up, and start working-out at the gym. After almost 5 years of NOT WORKING OUT,...and  almost 25 years OF working-out, I am. D day. I'm scared, anxious, excited, and nervous all rolled into one. I can't wait to feel sore, lift weights and challenge myself. I can't wait to feel that feeling of being strong again. And on another note,...last night we were watching the Oakland A's and Detroit play, and we were in the last inning, and Oakland got a hit, and our TV/cable,...whatever you call in now-a-days, went out. My husband got so aggravated,...he went and grabbed a beer,and went and sat in the pool. I was on the phone with AT&T for over an hour. So needless to say,...they are coming today to 'fix' it, and come to find out while on the phone, the box in our cardio room isn't working either. And to even top that off,...2 mins. after I got off the phone with them, my husband came in,....and played around with the TV and got it working. Can you imagine? After over an hour of this tech guy telling me to try this, that, and the other, husband comes in, pushes two buttons, and BAM! it's working. Wonderful. (The other TV box is out tho. So they still have to come today and fix that.) I hate waiting for service people to come out to the house. And the way Munky is, it feels me with MORE trepidation than ever. And on a fun-er side,..we went and saw Taken 2 last Monday night. I loved it, but I'm partial,..I loved the first one. Made me look at Liam N. in a whole new light. Handsome and very attractive. Wow. The meaner and more capable a man is, the more he becomes attractive to me.(Hence my husband, one time one of the meanest bouncers/security guys in Coconut Grove.) Yup. Actually had an initiation at U of M one time to" get a picture with the mean bouncer at.....," as one of the things they had to do for the new football team members. I thought that was great. I know it sounds crazy, but I really find stuff like that attractive. My husband liked no one at all, but he liked/loved me, yeah,....and here we are 23 years later.(*happy sigh*) Still love him, like him, and think he's wonderful like there's no one else. And he can be meaner than a snake to people when they deserve it. Just what I like. Any who~ I'm off to do some eBay-ing, and my new obsession,...Pinterest. Yeah,.....I'm losing it. (Wish me luck on the gym thing.)

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