Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I just can't think about it

So last night my hubby and I were watching "Blue Bloods" on  DVR,...and a commercial came on that I did a double take on,(even tho we usually skip the commercials,) and so did my hubby. I saw a picture of Russell Crowe flash across the screen,...OH YES,...Russell Crowe,...only the other man of my dreams,....he has another new movie coming out, (besides Les Miserables with Anne Hathaway that I could take it or leave it,) but if he's in it for more than a cameo which I believe he is,...I will see that also. But FIRST will be "Man with an Iron Fist",...and gawd, I can't wait. I love, love, love, every movie that he's ever done since "The Insider". He is just so unbelievable talented to me,...and yes, I know he has a temper to go with that,...but so what. He's smart, talented, and up to a week or two ago, he was happily married with two kids,...and I loved that about him. He seemed like one of those guys that took marriage very seriously, and would do anything to make it work,(how I am, and more people should be now-a-days.) I guess his career is more important, and for that I am very let down and disappointed in him,...cause being a happily married family man is very attractive. (Not to have an affair with,...I DON'T mean it that way.) I just love that someone's happily married. Same thing when I found out my favorite athlete got divorced after like 16 years of marriage. (Patrick Roy.) It honestly broke my heart. I don't get it. It makes me crazy when I think about it. How could someone give up after all that time? When do you stop saying,..."I did that with him," or "oh, I went there with him"? It would never end. And they both have kids together, much worse could that be? I mean,...I don't care how "amicable" it is supposedly, just breaks my heart all the way around. Mind you I'm not being judgmental, I'm really not. My husband and I both came from parents that were together til the day they died. My parents were so lovey-dovey it was kinda gross growing up with that. Now I look back and think how cute it was. How lucky I was,and they were. You don't see that today,.....I almost think it's more common to come from divorced parents,....and again,...I can't imagine. I don't know,'s just kinda sad. I mean you can't grow old and have your "career" take care of you and keep you company,-right? So on that note,...I will proceed to Pinterest,..and go have some fun and forget about all the divorces and break-ups. Too sad, and disturbing to me. Besides, I have to think about who he's going to date next. Ewwww,.....
 P.S. Gawd he IS GORGEOUS tho. THAT'S A MAN. Whew!!!

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