Saturday, October 20, 2012

Feeling very anxious about it all

Okay, second day at the gym today and it was great. I'm so sore it hurts to move, and I love it. I've missed this feeling so much. Tomorrow morning I have to bring my car into the shop to be serviced. I hate Lexus dealerships. Hate the whole damn thing,...but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Some light came on two days ago when I was driving, said "TRAC OFF". Whatever that means. So into the shop it goes. It's been due for an oil change anyways. I just hope there is nothing seriously wrong with it. (*Keeping my fingers crossed.*) I'm off this Sunday,...and I'm so happy to have it off. Things at the new location are so much more relaxing,...and just plain better. I have to admit, I like it,......even the drive is relaxing. And nothing happening on eBay,...and yes,....I'm still TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH PINTEREST. Totally.
I just can't stop. Who the heck thinks up these websites? And why can't I think one up? People make a ton of money on all these things, and I can't get thru taking my car to the shop. I have thought up two apps that I would like to talk to someone about,....but I don't know if that's such a good idea. I'm a little embarrassed about showing someone my (maybe stupid) ideas. I've never been very confident about my writing or anything of that nature. It seems too personal. Too close. Too much to reveal. I don't know. And on another note, I was coming home from the gym and some moron came so close to hitting a duck crossing the street I almost followed them, and started a fight. Thank god I was quick enough to pull my car across two lanes to stop them from hitting it. I'd much rather have me and my car hit, then the duck,...than I could really go nuts on someone. I've been trying my hardest to control my anger, and issues. I think I'm doing pretty well, long as no harm comes to any animals whatsoever in my near presence. I WOULD GO BALLASTIC ON ANYONE WHO DOES ANYTHING TO ANY ANIMAL EVER IF I COULD. I WOULD ACTUALLY ENJOY IT TRUTHFULLY. That I don't think I'll ever be able to control. And on that note,....I'm off to bed. Very anxious about taking my car in. Keep ya posted.


Denise Hicks said...

I just stumbled on this blog and thought...well we have 3 things in common: love cats (I have 2), blogging and Pintrest LOL. So, hello and I will be back.

Denise Hicks said...

I have a Pintrest account too. I went "hog wild" and pinned a lot the first few weeks but one day I got a pop up window that told me I was posting too much!

So I quit pinning stuff!
Yet I do see many people who look as though that is all they do all day is PIN!

Also, I enjoy bing social...I want to read something and have a "conversation" I enjoy the interaction and PINTREST really did not have that for me.