Thursday, October 18, 2012

You get one thing done, and there goes the other

Okay, today was finally my d-day. I got to the gym after much procrastination, and I worked-out. Finally. I missed it. A lot. It felt great too,....altho,....I could feel my over-weight-ness on me. I now knew how others felt when I was in the gym working-out, in total shape, and they were trying to get to that point. Now I'm the one,...but I won't let myself feel inferior. I won't. I belong there just as much as the others who ARE in shape. I WILL get there one day. Definitely. I just feel so good that I worked-out. I'm sore already, and I love that feeling,...I've soooooo missed that feeling. I can't say it enough. Altho at the risk of really not being on good sides with my hubby right now,...I'm glad I went. I don't know. We haven't been getting along lately, and I don't know why. We are so not running on all cylinders, I said,...we haven't been getting along at all,......and I don't like it. Well I'm not going to harp on it. That's the last thing anyone wants to hear about,- is all that crap. It'll pass. I'm just glad I got to the gym. Can't wait to go tomorrow. Keep ya posted.

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