Monday, November 5, 2012

Just lurking

Okay, I'm busy working a lot, and working-out a lot now. I don't have a lot of down time, but at least I'm back lifting weights again. It's slow,....but I'll get back into it totally again. I can feel it in me. And more good news on the real estate front for us. We have a closing date with "Big Ang" for Nov.15th,...and it can't come quick enough. One more step to moving outta South FL. (*sigh*) I've been going crazy on Etsy and Pinterest now. I've kinda left eBay in the dust for awhile. I've been buying turquoise bracelets like crazy to get that look that I'm totally obsessed with. I can't stop myself either. I'm on my 3rd bracelet and found two rings I'm in love with. We'll see. Maybe I'll take a picture when I'm done and you can weigh in if it's worth it, and if it looks like I'm trying too hard or it looks cool. Oh! Who knows! (I certainly don't.) Nothing else new. Took the kittehs out tonight,....beautiful night, but still too warm out. I want the 40's and 50's again. Anything. Well-this is short and sweet,....but I'm off to do some browsing. See ya!

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