Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hanging onto Thanksgiving

I'm at my sister's house in Fort Pierce, and right now I can't sleep. We have a houseful here, and I'm sleeping downstairs on the couch with their little dog Sassy that I'm in love with. Thanksgiving here was wonderful. Family, friends, good food, lotsa fun, and laughing. My mom went home with a big plate of food happy as a clam. My hubby, SIL, and I got home about 3am on Thursday night. I got up about noon,(I was off from work,) and had 2 messages on my cell from my sister. I didn't listen to them because I was getting ready to call her, when my cousin texted me to call my sister and that it was an emergency. I did, and my mom had a stroke Friday morning. As quick as I could, I called work, packed a bag, and got in the car, and drove the almost hour and a half drive back up here to Fort Pierce, and to the hospital. It's not so good. How can things be so fun and great one day and the next so horribly wrong? My hubby stayed home to take care of the kittehs, and hopefully for our condo closing on Monday.(I don't know when I'll be coming home.) I'm staying here as long as I have to, to help my sister, and spend time with my mom at the hospital. She recognizes us, but doesn't know where, or why she is at the hospital. It's so hard to see her like this. She's always been a very busy woman. Even in her 70's, she's planning trips, going to the movies, out to lunch with her friends, playing bingo,...getting manis and pedis,....she does it all, and has fun, and I always loved that about her, and now to see her like this, so incapacitated just kills me to no end. It's so damn heartbreaking. I don't know how my brothers will take it. Since my dad's been gone, my brothers are especially close to my mom even living far away. My one brother will be coming tomorrow morning, and we will see tomorrow how her tests came out. What the prognosis is. OMG, now,...because you just don't know. You really don't. I am so thankful we all had a great day on Thanksgiving. I just hope it all ends up good somehow.

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