Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm thankful

My computer right now is on the edge of crashing. I'm having all sorts of problems with it, and it's not fun. (Can't live with 'em and ya can't live without 'em.) Drive's me nuts I'm telling ya. Still going crazy on Etsy now. Haven't been on eBay in awhile,.....Etsy has taken over along with my other obsession of Pinterest. Scary isn't it. As much as I love my laptop,...and not being impressed at all with an Ipad that I have,...I will still get on the damn thing when my laptop is acting up like it has been,....hence typing on an Ipad IS NOT the way to blog,....let me tell ya. I just won't do it. So that's why I've been absent, and also working a lot, and working out a lot too. Going to the gym faithfully. My eating habits are not that great yet, but I HAVE stopped drinking soda altogether. (That's a miracle in itself.) I am SO ADDICTED to soda it's sic. But it's been almost a month now with NO SODA and I'm not gonna lie,'s really hard. Some people it's alcohol, some drugs, = SODA. Coca Cola. OMG,....I could just shoot it in my veins and I'd be happy. Jeez! I've lost almost 10 lbs. already,....but I do have to really get ahold of my eating sweets too. Anyways~ tomorrow is Thanksgiving, FAVORITE holiday,....I wait all year for Thanksgiving. No presents to worry about giving, and wrapping,...and decorating, and all that garbage, pressure. Just good food, family, friends, and naps,...maybe some football,....more food, more naps,...LOVE LOVE LOVE. How can ya not? I mean really. How can you not like Thanksgiving. All my favorite stuff rolled into one. Now Christmas on the other hand I could do without. Don't get me wrong,...I love surprises and presents as much as the next person,....but to have so much pressure put on you for Christmas is too much for me,...and the older I get,....the more I dislike the whole thing, and what it's turned into. The whole Black Friday thing,....and all that crap disgusts me. It's just too much for me,....I say we just have two Thanksgivings and be done with it. That's what I'm most thankful for,....having Thanksgiving at all with my family, and friends,...people I love,.....great food,........and my kittehs, and hubby. Yeah,...I'm getting better little by little.

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