Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This really isn't me

New laptop, and loving it! Took Munky and Sugar outside for over an hour, and we ran around, chased lizards, chased each other, and just plain had fun. Came in and now I just downloaded a bunch of pictures, and I'm watching "Eat,Pray,Love". I LOVE Javier Bardem. THATS a man. Anyways~I had an opportunity to meet someone I kinda made friends with at work, and I ended up backing out. I can't go out and meet them after work. I'm not ready to do it. I got scared, cancelled at the last minute, and came home and played with the kittys. My husband had a bunch of errands he had to do, and afterwards I told him if he felt like it, to go to the casino, and play some poker. (That always makes him happy, and if it makes him happy, it makes me happy.) Besides~ I like having the house to myself, just me and the kittys. (Thats why I'm watching this chickflick.) I ate cookies for dinner, and drank Coke all day. (Not good for someone who is borderline diabetic.) My other girlfriend just got back from Brazil, and hopefully we'll get to meet up and have lunch, and go shopping. (That I WON'T back out of,-that's for sure. I miss her way too much.) We are,(or were) really connected when I lived down in the Grove. One of the hardest things I've ever done was moving away from one of the best, closest, girlfriends I've ever made. We thought the same, loved the same clothes, shoes, wine, and both even weightlifted like maniacs.(Only problem is she still works-out, and looks gorgeous as ever,) and I, well~you've read,....I gained 4o lbs. in the last 4yrs. and I can't seem to get my fat ass out of bed to do anything that remotely resembles any form of exercise. I also can't finish a thought. I started working full time from not working at all for three and a half years straight. I still haven't bounced back, or snapped out of it. 4 years! Where am I? What happened to me? This isn't me. I just don't know where I went. I don't.

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