Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nothing much

I felt like I didn't have a day off today. We got U-Verse installed, and they called at 9:30 AM to let us know that they will be working outside to install the necessary wiring, etc. and then at 1 o'clock they came and left around 6 o'clock. Poor Munky was so scared, she hid under the bed the ENTIRE time. I felt so bad,....she didn't eat, play, nap,-nothing,-poor thing. She finally came out about an hour and a half after the guy left. I took her outside for over an hour,...she had fun. Hopefully that made up for some of that. So yeah,....that's all we did all day, husband and I. My next day off is Sunday, and I'm ALREADY looking foward to it. Spend the day at home doing nothing but sleeping late, playing with the kittehs, and laughing and spending time with my hubby. THATS nice. Still keeping in touch with K9 Rescue, and finding out that the white pitbull is doing great, needs some love, that's all, but he's enjoying being with other dogs, and loves his crate and new toys I got for him. I really wish we could've kept him. And now I have another lady coming in saying she might have to give-up her toy chihuahua Mimi. She's gorgeous, but this one I will be definitely keeping myself if she does have to give that little peanut up. I have to. She is gorgeous. We'll see,....I'll keep ya posted.

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