Monday, April 11, 2011

It's all I can do

Well I'm on the new laptop, and learning all the different ways of this one. Not used to it yet. I have no pictures on here or anything. Watched 'Jonah Hex' tonight, and I loved it. (Regardless of what Josh Brolin thinks of Russell Crowe,) I still like him, and his movies,(AND his father. Wow.) Got up around 2 o'clock today, -it was nice. Played with Munky, took her for a walk outside, and it was so damn hot out, I had to bring her in. (She was panting and breathing so hard and fast,-I think it was too much for her, so I got scared and brought her in the house.) She literally drank water for about 30 seconds. Thats long when you think about it. Anywho~I took the cutest pictures of her too. I'm so excited I have this laptop, it's really NICE. (I love the all white.) I just downloaded Skype too, so I can talk and SEE my mom. I miss her so much. I HATE that I can't go and see her.(Being with my legal limits and all.) Tomorrow I have to work but it's a short night, and I'm off again on Tuesday,-so yay me! I'm going to go now, I have to go research some psychiatrist info. Thanks for listening.

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