Friday, April 15, 2011

Bad day

Yesterday was hell day at work. I came in to our Regional Mgr. having a closed door meeting with our GM and by the time he left, he was tranferred. 12 yrs. there, and gone in a second. I cried my eyes out. I honestly don't know if I want to stay there without him there. I am so angry,(even more-so,) and frustrated. On a slightly better note, I have a dr. appt. (psychiatrist) on Tuesday. FINALLY. I need it. Things are so overwhelming to me no matter what it is, good, bad, or otherwise. I need some kinda relief. Maybe this will help. I just know work won't be the answer with our GM gone. He was the best boss I have ever had. Honest to god,-he was fair, patient, hard-working, and never asked you to do anything he wouldn't do himself. And if you called in sick, NEVER got mad, he always said, 'that's life'. Maybe Monday I will put in some job applications to some places. I would never leave a job without a job,(as tempting as that may be,) I wouldn't. I slept like a rock last night,-my head was pounding, and I haven't been sleeping good for the last three nights,....but last night,-didn't even wake up once-that tired. Yea,-tired. Munky is being all cute and lovable next to me right now. She's so wonderful,....I can watch her clean, play, run, and hunt, and be entertained for hours. So cute, -my little peanut. She makes everything okay for me in my little world. She's my little savior,-keeps me hanging on. I'm so lucky to have her.

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