Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Throw me a line

I had a decent day starting out, until I realized we had to mail out Property tax checks for over $6000 in total. Not happy. I almost had an aneurysm. So what is my answer to everything? GO SHOPPING!!! Yep. Started out just wanting to walk around the mall to calm my nerves and forget about those damn taxes, and 4 hrs. later and $5oo I was walking on air, only to come home to my husband telling me more bad news; the renters we have aren't going to be able to pay us the $3600 they owe us. (Thats what happens when you try to give people a chance and be nice,).....NEVER again. So, now we have to look foward to getting them out of there,....not a fun thought at all. All our beautiful furniture, and framed pictures, and stuff are all there,...while we live in a half-empty house with no furniture, pictures on the walls, or anything,....it gives me an upset stomach just thinking about it. I had a breakdown when he told me,....I crawled into bed crying my eyes out thinking of all the stuff we are going to have to do and go thru now to get these people out. Nightmare. I can't handle one more thing in our lives that goes wrong. I am so on the edge,-that no amount of shopping, blogging, or sleeping,(or whatever, ) will help me feel better. So now what do I do? One day at a time,-I know. It just seems to all gang up on us. When does it get better? I never remember everything being this hard. I love to laugh, believe me,...but its kinda hard when all this happens in one day, and I can't do anything about it. There's no saving us. At least thats how it feels.

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