Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How boring am I?

Well,well,well,....I'm not going to complain today about anything that I had to do, and anywhere I had to go. I'll just say I had a very full day. Went to Salvation Army and looked at furniture, came home and went out to breakfast. Came home and watched 'Robin and Hood', and then took Munky for an early walk, while my hubby took a much needed nap. (He's been fighting an infection for about a week now.) Came in, and watched some more TV, played with Munky some more, and then we watched 'Crazy Heart' with Jeff Bridges,...OMG,...I loved, loved,loved it. My husband,-not so much. Jeff Bridges is freakin' HOT. Yes, even in that movie. ( I tend to go for that look; Sam Elliot, Kris Kristofferson, etc.) So yeah, that's my kinda look that I like. (Grey hair, blue eyes, and facial hair.) I really loved it. I mean my favorite still is, and always will be Russell Crowe,....because my husband looks just like him only a big muscleman,...but wow, Russell is a hottie. Soooooo,....nothing else new. Somehow this week my husband's insurance policy that we have thru my work was terminated. Yep. Made numerous phone calls to everyone, everywhere, and it all came down to a computer mistake. Jeez! I was almost in tears when I found out. Canada can't come quick enough. Other than that,-nothing else new here. No shopping, eBay, nothing. I'm so boring. Okay,....I guess I'll be getting ready for bed now. Maybe jump on Facebook and see what my nieces and nephews are doing up in Ga. Half my family are all on there, and that's how we keep in contact,'s really nice. So I'm off for the long nap of the night. Me and Munky, husband, well, he's already sound asleep in the chair next to me,-poor thing, he's so tired. Goodnight from us.

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