Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another day in paradise

Sitting up watching the "Last Samurai", and my husband is cooking soup for us. My husband played poker tonight, and didn't do well at all. (He's not a happy camper.) Munky is sitting outside in the front screened in area in the dark,(she loves that.) I think she pretends she's a big cat, and watches stuff. The moon is gorgeous out tonight. I actually have the weekend off,(for the local art festival going on. I missed it last year,-and I was very upset about it.) Anyways,~gonna go tomorrow, AND try to get some stuff done around the house. Some much needed cleaning. It's 3am, and you'd think it was 3 in the afternoon the way we are. We are such night people. I don't know if I'll ever be otherwise ever. Thank goodness my husband is the same exact way,....we have so much fun sometimes just hanging out, playing with Munky,watching movies, and going and getting breakfast, and staying up all night. By the time the sun comes up we are ready, very easily, to curl up and go to sleep,-FOR THE DAY. Yaay us. So it's little things like that, that keep us happy, and united. We love the same movies, we "get" the same stuff in movies, "strength and honor" in "Gladiator", and "I'll make you famous", from "Young Guns", and I could go on and on, but you get the idea. And today I did something that hopefully will lead to something really good; this couple that are customers at where I work got a 4month old white pitbull puppy, and they really wanted it, but ended up getting evicted from their apt.(go figure,) so they actually thought about giving this gorgeous pit puppy to the Humane Society,....are they freakin' crazy?! So I made some calls and found this K9 No Kill organization, and called and they will take the sweetie-pie puppy that I was crying for days about going to the Humane Society,.....thank goodness he will go to a nice foster home, and hopefully, eventually get a great forever home. I just wish the forever home could be ours, but my husband says NO, so NO it is. I'm just glad I could do something for him. Maybe I could even visit and play with him. How I'd love to have him. I'll keep you updated on how it goes,.....hopefully tomorrow I'll get that phone call. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer they call me and haven't given him away to you know where. Please Lord.

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