Monday, March 14, 2011

Keeping ya posted-that's all

Off today which makes for a happy me. Ran some errands today, and bought groceries to make a nice shrimp and pasta or rice dinner. Sitting here, and Munky and Sugar are both napping right here in front of me, husband is outside cleaning the pool, and I'm watching/listening to the NHL GM meetings. Very interesting, soothing, and quiet right now. I wish I could go to Boca to where they are having these big meetings for the NHL, and hangout and meet, listen, and learn about all the things they are trying to do. I just don't want another lockout,.....EVER. Anyways,....mailed some money to the damn P.O., and got some pictures developed from my camera from our Family Reunion last Nov. I'm going to send them to my mom. I miss her so much. And a friend of my parents posted some old pictures on FB of some trips they took with my parents when my dad was alive. So weird seeing pictures of him,-how I miss him. He'd be so enthralled with all the technology going on now-a-days, what with Ipods, Ipads, small laptops, Iphones, he'd be in heaven with it all. He had a computer in the '60's for god's sake!!! Can you believe how ahead of his time he was? He actually helped set up a computer system for Coco Chanel in the late 60's,(my mom just told me that.) Can you imagine? That's like my father and I rolled into one. I love all the new tech stuff, but it all becomes obsolete so fast, I just can't justify spending money on any of it yet. I mean I have two great laptops right now, and a decent Blackberry cellphone, and that's all I need really. I mean I sell stuff on Ebay, and that's the only way I can justify having the internet on my cellphone. Other than that, that's all we have. I actually feel behind the times with just the things we have. Silly isn't it? Anyways, I just know if my father was alive right now, he would be in his glory. Ummm,.....nothing else really planned. We have to go to our condo on the beach to see how the renters left it. We finally got them to leave after not being able to pay us rent for almost three months. So much for trying to give them a chance. We paid their electric bill too. Oh well,....we live and learn. It's spilt milk right? So that's what we have to do tonight,....go there and check out how they left the place. My husband is trying to figure out if we should rent it again, or just try to sell it. If we do sell it, we will probably never have another place directly oceanfront again, it will definitely be out of our reach, it's kinda a big decision. We're mulling it over. Keep ya posted.

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