Sunday, March 27, 2011

Join the No Kill Revolution-Make a difference

The time is now for me to start taking action with this No Kill Revolution. I'm trying to find out as much info as possible to get this going. THAT will make me happy and make me feel good about myself, because nothing else is right now,-that's for sure. Nothing. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and like nothing can help all these animals from sure-death. It's just SO NOT fair, or right. So many little personalities that no one will ever know. Ever. That makes me so ill, little Munky, my feral little kitten, what a big personality she has. She is so sweet, and cute, and lovable, and smart,....shall I go on? I could. The same thing with Jake, (the white puppy pit,) he's so sweet, and content, just to be in his crate, and have toys, and food, and some love, that's all. They all deserve a chance,....they all do. ALL. Every last one of them. Its sickening just thinking about all the little lives that have been lost. It makes me hopeless and sad, and depressed on top of everything else in my life. I've been more depressed than ever. I cry myself to sleep sometimes even. I feel so emotional it scares me. Sometimes I can't hold it in, I can't. I've convinced myself to see a psychiatrist finally. I HAVE to talk with someone, I have to. I'm scared for myself, I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth,.......and yes, I've let my husband know. I'm NOT going to do anything stupid, I just need to vent and let things out, I think, - that's all.

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