Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moments at a time

Today is Tuesday, and from the second I got in from my walk with Munky on Sunday night, and got in my jammies, I haven't gotten outta them. And,- I'm happy about it. I have no problem with it. Been reading up on the No Kill Revolution. This is going to be my platform from now on. This has to happen EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE. Every little life being saved helps. Yes, it can, and will happen,....one day. I have to keep telling myself that. I need something to keep me going, and moving foward. My sister-in-law is coming for dinner tonight, and I'm cooking chicken, so we'll see if I stay in my jammies still. I'm watching Isaac Mizrahi on QVC with the coolest stuff. I love him. He's a fun person to watch, and listen to, and I love his 'style'. (I miss his show that used to be on E!) LOVED that show. Anyways,~I'm thinking of calling into work tomorrow. I want to just chill. And I will. So here I am, thinking, waiting, hoping, and writing this. I am going to try to start thinking better, TRY TO at least. I just read Jennsylvania's blog, and she ALWAYS cracks me up. Her writing to me is like crack! I can't get enough of her sense of humor. I die laughing with her antics of her animals, husband, cooking, and late-night-drunk-internet-shopping. I am in hysterics for days thinking about something I read on her blog. Too funny. I check EVERYDAY to see if she has a new post. My husband thinks I'm crazy sometimes when I read her stuff, and giggle myself into a laughing asthma attack. (Not to mention I keep her books next to my bed and read them over and over. They are THAT funny and interesting,-at least to me.) So, I'm having a good day today. I'll write more later.

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