Saturday, March 19, 2011

For the moment I'm happy

Okay, so they called me today! Yippeeee!!! I'm SO RELIEVED,...I had nightmares all night about that pup being put to sleep at the Humane Society. Thank goodness they didn't give him away yet. There is a God. (I think.) Anyhow~after 5 o'clock today we are going to meet up and transfer the pup to a foster home. I really hope I can visit him and help out in some way. I should be adopting this baby,...but I guess it's not meant to be,....yet. I am just ecstatic that I'm being able to do this for this baby. Just like me finding little Munk. I thank goodness everyday I found little Munk, believe me. My husband loves her so much,....she is the child we never had, that's all I can say. Her AND Sugar both. I love them like children. Anyways,....I'll write more later after I get this guy to his next home. I'll even try to post a pic. (He's SO BEAUTIFUL.) You'll see. See ya later. I'm happy for the moment.

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