Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our little moments

Tonight Munky and I took our nightly walk when I came home from work, and we saw a shooting star. It was so cool,....and even cooler when I saw it and looked at her and she was staring at it in the sky. She had this look like 'what was that?'. It was the cutest moment. She kept looking at me and then up at the sky where she saw it, and then back at me. So cute. I love our little moments together. I guess this is how someone is with a child. I'd rather it be a kitteh. Much rather. Anyways~today at work was so endless. Why do we have to work? Why? It is so useless. I just want,-once again,-to say, 'I wanna be a kitteh!' I wanna sleep, and eat and play, and sleep some more, eat some more, play some more,...and thats all. I'd be happy. Yup, that's all it would take. (Not much. At least I think it's not asking for much.) Is it? I dunno'. This weekend is The Superbowl, and I'm NOT excited. I don't even care to tell you the truth. I guess I'm going for the Packers. I dislike big Ben there. So yeah, going for the Packers, but I won't lose sleep over it. It's not like the Stanley Cup or anything. So this Sunday I might be meeting my friend at Cheesecake Factory again at a mall closer to me this time. I'm excited to go. I really want to go to the David Yurman outlet store. Could you imagine? That's like having a Loree Rodkin outlet. Never in my wildest dreams. Anything is possible tho, - right?(I'll keep you posted.)

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