Monday, January 31, 2011

Okay to NOT SO okay

Sitting here watching 'Sex and the City' while my husband's at the gym. I really love watching this show. There is one episode I really love. I always felt like I was Carrie's character and my husband was Big's character. That was so us in almost every way that was in the show, except I learned alot quicker to not push my (now) husband to marry me. (We waited 14 years!!!) So yeah,...I was okay NOT being married. I love how he loves her, how she loves him, all the episodes my husband and I've been thru,.....all the fun, all the not-so-fun, ALL OF IT. I wouldn't trade any of it. So I love my girlie-time, too...I'm going to color my roots, watch more SATC,Friends, and The Nanny, and up until a little while ago, when I found Munky in the garage mezmerized by something that I finally saw was a palmetto bug, I was going to do laundry. NOT NOW. Oh God no way! I hate those things. I literally become hysterical when there is one in the house. (In the past, I've actually called my husband at work to come home and kill a palmetto bug in the apt., slept in my car because I couldn't catch one in the house, and slept on the couch for three months when my parents found a nest next to my bed in a pot of a fake palm tree someone gave me to decorate my room. Yep.) I HATE them and I'm deathly scared of them. No lie, no holding back, I'm a big baby when it comes to those things,.....and stitches,....I can't deal with stitches. Getting them, seeing them get done, even on TV, or in the movies, I can't watch, I get really skeeved-out. Even seeing them AFTER they've been put in. Eeeewwww. Oh no way.I just can't. I wanna toss my cookies totally. How I ever got piercings,(nose and bellybutton,) and tatoos,(3), and then get two removed, I will NEVER know. (Getting them removed is the MOST PAINFUL thing I've ever felt. O.M.G. Not exaggerating one bit,-I wish I was.) I still have one last session to go for the last one to be totally removed, and I've been putting it off for two years now. My husband goes with me,....but I can't lie,'s excruciating. You smell burnt skin, and it oozes and it's a big open sore for at least a week. It's gross. Thank goodness it's on my back,and I don't have to see it, or can't see it, believe you me. Because I couldn't take it.( I'd still have those ugly-ass tatoos on me.) Yup. I sure would.

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