Sunday, January 30, 2011

All in a days work

My computer has not been working for over two weeks now, and can you believe it? My husband (of all people!) talked with someone at the gym, and told him what to do to get it started again, and it worked! I would've never believed it was something as easy as it was. Never. (And my husband doesn't even know how to turn a computer on.) Yep,-really. Anywho!-sitting around right now doing some laundry, and my little Munky is fast asleep on the chair next to me. My little peanut. We were outside tonight for over an hour,...she finally got herself up in a tree.(She's been trying so hard to learn how to climb a tree, and couldn't. Poor thing.) Tonight she finally got her little body up and in the tree. She fell out mind you and then hissed at me when I went to see if she was okay, but I think it only bruised her little ego.(You know how kittehs are.)I was so happy for her. She acted like it was nothing tho.Silly lil kitteh. Got on Facebook, went thru ALL my emails. God it's great having the computer back again. Everything else on the life-front is the same. Still hating our legal problems, not interested whats-so-ever in the Super Bowl again this year, haven't won the lottery, and haven't been shopping in WAY TOO LONG! I'm jonesing to be honest, but I need a new anything like I need a hole in the head! I just can't. At least not until I start selling again on eBay. THEN I will shop again. (Let there be shopping!) Well,...on that note,...I will say goodnite, and I still have to fold laundry-ICK.

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