Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Too angry

I'm working SO DAMN MUCH I honestly don't know what day it is or the date even. I just can't seem to get myself together enough to do anything worth while. Can't clean, can't do anything it seems. I can barely make myself shower everyday. I know I'm depressed and need a good swift kick in the ass, but nothing is forthcoming. Do I care enough to do something about me? No. Do I care enough to try to apply for this other job in a doctor's office to make something a little better? No. Do I care enough to try to clean the house before my poor husband goes bezerk from me NOT cleaning or doing anything? No. The few things I do care about is walking Munky every nite, her a good life,....trying to make a difference and saving some poor animals that otherwise wouldn't have a chance in hell because of some disgusting people. How I hate people,.....I hate them with every breath I take. I swear it. I even saw on the news tonight about some disgusting animal shelter in Medley, Florida and how horrifyingly, inhumane, they are when they put the animals down. Let me get ahold of that guy they showed killing them. I swear with all my might, just give me one measley little minute with that pig of a person, and he will feel pain like he's never felt in his life. I swear it. One minute. What a piece of shit he is. How that man, and whoever else worked there could let that happen and can live with themselves, I will NEVER know. NEVER,.............NEVER. How? Please explain this to me,...PLEASE. How can people do that? How? It's disgusting,....just unbelievably disgusting. It makes me want to be violent towards them, and do horrible, painful, things to them. Like in that movie 'Law Abidding Citizen'. I mean that's like my fantasy, only whoever hurts animals,...and rapists. Trust me. I'd LOVE it. Thanks for letting me vent. I needed to I'm so angry and horrified. I really need to go talk to someone, I know. I will, I will.

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