Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wish I never knew

I've been working for two weeks straight,....without,....a,,,.......I want to put forks in my eyes, - I'm so freakin' tired. I did help this mother and son today that I met at work last year, and they are having a rough time of it,...and they still adopted two cute little kitty siblings from the Humane Society, and the kittys started eating everything they possibly could in the house. Plastic bags, towels, sheets, clothing, socks,....I mean everything, and I was so heartbroken that they might die from this awful thing they started doing, that I made an appt. at a vet's office, and we all took them and I paid for them to have everything done from shots, exam, and everything to figure out what could be wrong. So hopefully all is well $200 later. No shopping for me this week, but it was definitely well worth it. They are beautiful kittys. Beautiful. And so sweet. I loved them the second I laid eyes on them. So we are all happy now. Very. But just watching people on the news with animals just puts the fear of god into me. How anyone could EVER hurt or be mean to any cute kitty is absolutely beyond my comprehension. ANY ANIMAL. I will NEVER understand, or think its okay. NEVER. I will forever say it again and again,...animals are by far, better than people will ever be. I love animals far more than I like people,....true story. I HATE people. They are ignorant, and destructive, and greedy. HATE. THEM. ALL. HATE 'EM. Thank you very much. HATE the very air they breathe. I would much rather spend the day with my little peanuts, than be around any person any day. After volunteering for almost a year at a No-Kill Cat Shelter, I came home crying almost every single goddamned day. From asshole people, and seeing what they do to these beautiful intelligent creatures. Made me sick, and if I stayed any longer, I woulda ended up in jail. I swear I would've killed someone it was so sickening. Thank God for places like that. The last straw was them bringing in this sweet kitty that was found nail-gunned to a wall in a deserted home. AND, make matters worse, they figured out who did it, and wouldn't tell me. That's when I knew I had to stop volunteering there. I waited till the kitty was nursed back to health and was positively okay,...but I couldn't understand them not letting me know who did it. I knew that was it for me. See how disgusting people are? I want to do to someone what they did to that kitty. Tenfold. Believe me,....I have fantasies about it. If I ever caught someone doing anything at all to hurt ANY animal, they will wish they never met me,...thats all I can say. I swear it til my death, thats for sure.

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